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Join Date: 16 April 2010
Location: auckland
How has Muse impacted/changed your life?

If no, why?
If yes, how? In a good/bad way?

Personally, Muse has done so many good things in my life.
- My ears can enjoy the melody and the intelligence of the instruments coming together, while my brain can pick apart the lyrics and analyse the deep meaning.
- Their songs have such raw emotion and important themes, and I believe some of the songs helped me to express my own frustrations in life in a healthy way
- The resistance was partly inspired by a book I believe- 1984, which as a result, I read, and started my obsession with meaningful books and my interest in world issues, governments and corruption, etc.
- The lyrics in some songs (like butterflies & hurricanes) made me realise how I can and should achieve to my full potential, as everyone should aim to be.

That's all I can think of right now, ahh I need to study for my mid-terms!

Sorry this is so long! This is my first thread, and well, I wanted it to be thought-provoking!

...I think Muse has just made me appreciate music and life more. So WBU?
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I have butt
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Red and blue-dyed hair acutally look cool now.
Originally Posted by Futurellama View Post
Jesus Christ I really wish I could suck my own dick right now
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Pwoper Brisboardian
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Muse cheer me up in any situation. Doesn't matter what song, or what has happened, if I hear Muse, my life is okay.
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let's start over again....

Pwoper Brisboardian
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Bass playing crazy man
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For me they've given me massive inspiration for loads of things. They have music which suits any occasion and it's sort of become a ritual to listen to them whatever mood I'm in.

They've also given me much amusement with their antics and endless quotes :')
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Muse music has given me cause to not study much, as I am listening to it, talking about it on here or youtubing it. It has also shown me what proper music is, not manufactured mainstream shite, but music with depth and lyrics with emotion and intensity. It has also inspired me to look for other bands/artists which aren't in the mainstream so I can investigate properly talented musicians more

I love Muse.
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From being a fan of muse I have actully learnt quite a bit... Everytime I hear a word I don't know like 'exo...' (yeah I carnt spell it), I'll look it up because I like to understand what they are trying to say.

And like lolren said I love Muse

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foco fino ar cielo
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Bad way 'cause I annoy my friends and parents almost everyday even if it's got better...
They've done a lot "on me": music is my life now, I joined a board for the first time ever...I'm perving about a drummer on a messageboard for god's sake!, I'm learning how to play guitar, I spend a lot more money and lots of other things...
And I think loving Muse makes me love Matt...I don't know what I would have thought of his looks if I didn't know who Muse were...
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Location: Madrid, Spain
I've been singing in some bands, my job is too related with music, I'done rock radio programms, and I have to say that I never liked all the songs from a band before. I think is beautiful to evolve and grow up, and accept the person you are with a company as good as Muse. I can remember concret moments in my life through the bands I was listening to in those moments. It's so simple. It's so comfortable to know, really know, that in the same world exist people that feel, express and think in the same way. Bridges are built to connect parts of all, and I think Muse actually is connecting people all over the world. I'll always remember this moment of my life, with the launching of The Resistance, as the moment in which I revealed my truly me, the moment I saw that we are not alone passing through life

When I'm in front of the microphone, and finally find the note I was looking for, I just vanish myself, feeling this bliss, and you know you are not there, you are really in your own version of the paradise. I met Muse, and now I know that we are paradise's neighbours. There are so many songs that are really important fr me, beacuse the sensations, because the lyrics, because the infinite details that they have shared with us. At the end, what thay have transmitted me is the feeling that no one in this world is alone, that everyone loves, suffers, everyone have dark thoughts and feelings, but finally, the hope and dreams we have is what define us as human beings, what really matters is to fight, no t to win, just stand uo, and try

It's difficult for me to express that, but, I was getting mad with my life and my past, but now, I've calmed down, and I'm happy. Muse has given me the understanding, the peace i needed and I can only feel pleased to them, because of the big effort they're doing. They work everyday thinking too in our happiness, they just want to move us. I just walk along the streets with Muse in my earphones and then, everythings around me, just turn into an infinite landscape where I can run freely I'm sure that if God could listen to Exogenesis, he would save us, because this music proceeds from the human emotions

Their talents are the precioust present that music has given to me. I'm just waiting for the moment to go to the Madrid stadium and share all these feelings with thousands of people. It's gone be a big beautiful moment, we are the butterflies armee that could cause a big hurricane only being there together!
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I Belong to Muse.
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Age: 22
Muse helped me find who I was. Before Muse, I wore popular clothes, listened to popular music. I look back on that time in shame. I didn't know who I was, but since Muse, I have discovered a whole new part of myself. I read books constantly: Sci-fi mostly, but also non fictional science, Richard Dawkins, and even political books. Muse made me curious, made me go out and attempt to understand the impossible. As well as teaching me to wear what the hell I liked.
They also taught me to love music again. Ive always played the piano, but I hated it. I now play the piano, clarinet and Im trying to play guitar, and I play constantly. Each second of my life is filled with music, whether it be rock or classical (both of which, I love, because Muse allowed me to dare to discover other genres).
Muse have also taught me to follow my dreams. I want to be an actor, but coming from a middle class background, my family discouraged it, wanting me to go the acedemic route. Muse taught me that I should use my life wisely, and make it count, because life is short. So Im going into acting, and though the odds are stacked against me, I believe that if I am determined and commited, like Muse were as teenagers, I can achieve anything.

I have also found my soul mate. I only met her through Muse, and I owe everything to them for that.
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Oh my God.. before Muse i didn't really listen to music, if anything it was pop music. ew.
I'm quite sad to say that i found muse when the twilight soundtrack was given to me for my birthday 2 years ago.. sorry.. I kinda fell in love straight away with Supermassive Black Hole.. i then bought The Resistance and was "Omg, i love it"
Muse make me feel happy, not a lot of things can do that but i won't go into that...

My "obesession" (as my friends call it) started in january this year.. i just don't listen to anything else

I love the Showbiz album.. i don't know why some people call it crap ¬_¬

ok, i'm done now sorry for wasting your time
Matt <3
4/9/10 Manchester <3

^^ Muse! 4.9.10! best night of my life ;D ^^

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Muse have had a HUGE impact for my life. In a good way, of course.

Muse is the best music I've ever heard. And Matthew Bellamy's voice, ah. It makes me cry at the times. Muse just sounds so good. I can almost feel Matt's, Dom's and Chris's presence when I listen to Muse.

I don't know if I've listened Muse too much but nowadays Muse's music is the only music that makes me really enjoy myself and gives peace etc.

And in my personal life, I fell in love with Muse again (last time I was this excited of Muse was when I was about 16 years old). And of course I fell in love with Matthew Bellamy. Hih. Im my life I've had a really strong crush with a boy I know. But he doesn't like me. So, after felling in love with Muse and Matt again I got over my really hard and uneasy relationship with that boy.

I think Muse's gig here at Finland will have a very strong impact to my life. I don't know how, but it will.

Thanks for being alive MUSE. Loved you yesterday, love you today, love you tomorrow, will love you forever ('cause Love is Forever, right?).
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The first time I listened to muse it shocked me, it was nothing like anything I had ever heard. Ever since then I have been amazed and absolutely overwhelmed by the music they bring to me.

I suppose they have opened my ears to music I would have never listened to before, which in turn has me happier and feel more fulfilled. The massive and amazing fanbase they have has also made me feel as if they set me apart from the crowd. I've spent my money on guitars CDs and tickets as well.

Like alot of people here I think that their music is really special, I haven't heard anything like it. Everything about them makes me amazed; their music, their live shows, their fanbase and even them as people.
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The muse and the members of muse have inspired me in a lot of ways

- I can say the alphabet backwards now
- I'm better at guitar and piano than my friends who actually took lessons just because I obsessively learn muse/muse related things (smug)
- I started reading again, non-fiction books that have to do with history or theories about space and evolution.
- I've learned to be way more open minded, I can easily accept people/ideas that a few years ago I would have been offended by, or just have disregarded.
- I have a compulsive urge to travel, meet interesting people, and do outlandish things.

Maybe these things were always sort of inside us, but it took a muse to bring them out, and I swear there's no better

Why? We were sick of drinking cider and getting beaten up.

Matt: Supermassive made me want to sing in a silly high voice and dance around.
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Bliss :)
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Muse were the first band that really excited me with their music.
And they have helped me to develop a better taste in music (my taste isnt perfect, but it is shitload better then it used to be!).
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I have butt
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To be more serious....Muse is the one bad who I've found I can consistantly enjoy; because they're changing but not changing too much. Like, they're not staying in the same mold of music, but they're not radically changing it either. It's just....nice. I love it.
Originally Posted by Futurellama View Post
Jesus Christ I really wish I could suck my own dick right now
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change , impact , life

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