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I also have a shitty Encore guitar, The G string feels the need to drop nearly a semi tone when you bend it The Bridge pick up died and isn't worth replacing. I'd never sell it though.

Well that was my first electric but my first(and only) Acoustic I definately plan to keep forever because it was bought as a present for me when I first started playing it currently lives in the attic due to very bad neck damage from my younger brother knocking it on the floor alot to annoy me and now when you get around 12th fret on the top strings it sounds all muted and buzzy. It spent my guitar teacher and his friend who is a guitar tech a few hours looking at it and they couldn't come find a way to fix it but it still comes out every now and then for some Karma Police
Originally Posted by Wind Sorcerer View Post
Fuck spellcheck im too stobed for this
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My first guitar was a MB1 so i don't know if I'll ever sell it....
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My first guitar is one of those 'beginner guitars' you know?
A strat look-a-like. Red. It used to buzz, struggled to stay in tune, awful sound.. but i wouldn't sell it. [In my case it'd be giving it away]
I used that thing for about a year. It was so shite, but it made me realise how much i wanted to play. If i could struggle along with that awful thing and not ever loose interest, i knew i'd keep playing.
Plus, i want to start experimenting on it
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My first was a shitty Ibanez starter guitar from one of those packages. It's not worth selling so it's just my beater guitar for throwing around at the more underground sort of shows we play.
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considering the condition of my Ibanez electric, i would be hopefully able to get enough money to get a decent Jackson. In other words yes, I would
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It's 12 amps, 26 big-muffs, 5 overdriven, 2 overclocked, 3 lightly toasted and 17 in tomato sauce, with a dab of HP sauce and some coffee.
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I sold mine easily as it was a putrid pile of GSK. It was a candy apple red gliitered, semi hollow electric guitar. It sounded terrible and felt equally as horrible to hold. It was not a comfortable instrument to play.
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Jacky Boy
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I smashed up my old squier strat at a gig.

Rock and Roll
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Originally Posted by Jacky Boy View Post
I smashed up my old squier strat at a gig.

Rock and Roll
best thing to do to an unused old guitar that you wouldnt want to say bye to

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easily, it is not likely that i will be a big guitar hero or somethibg auctioning his first guitar for millions
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Yes... And i plan on doing so soon to save for a new amp... £30 would be like the perfect amount and I reckon even for a shitey knocked up guitar thats not too bad?
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my first (and only at the moment) guitar is a fender strat replica one...it's a really bright red and it was quite cheap..but it actually plays really really well..it's such a good guitar but evern if it wasn't i'd never sell it! it's lie selling your child!
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Fender tele '72 thinline; I'd sell it easily.
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I used mine as a club, I don't think anybody would want to buy it

It's/was a €100 squire strat, really really dislike strats.
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My sisters Yamaha that I stole for a while i think I would sell
My own, however, is an Epiphone G-400. i don't think i could get rid of it, but smash it? only when i'm big and famous and have 100s of guitars
Originally Posted by _ View Post
FUCK YOU! we can say what we fucking want about a fucking setlist fucking nazi fuck.
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Could never sell my little acoustic It's only a 3/4 size, but works just fine, and I have no need for anything else. Love it to bits!

My first (and only so far) electric on the other hand...Had it for about 5 years, it's falling to bits, loose connections everywhere, have to get the spanner out and screw the jack lead back in every so often, innotation is fucked, pickup switch only works occasionally etc. etc.. I'd happily sell it if I could get anything for it!
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