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Muse Resistance Question

Hi there, I am looking for a copy of resistance in which the lyrics are played by an instrument, preferably violin, instead of being sung. All the instrumentals that I have found are the song just without the lyrics or anything to replace them. I also looked on youtube but found complete covers like them playing the piano in the background with the lyrics melody played by a violin. Anyone know of a version in which the lyrics are replaced by an instrument/violin??

I am a figure skater and I would like to put together a program to skate to this song but it cant have sung word in it and the plain instrumental is a bit mundane without the lyrics. Thanks.
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I'm on my phone so I don't know if that link will copy properly.
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Too answear op question, Vitamin String Quartet have covered 3 songs off "The Resistance". "Uprising", "Resistance" and "I belong to you".

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr8jrP8VoD4
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Don't know if you still need it but I found a group on iTunes called 'Vitamin String Quartet' and they cover Muse songs

The album is called
'Vitamin String Quartet Performs Muse'

And here are the tracks I think they're 79p each or something like 7.99 for the album:
- Resistance
- Uprising
- Knights Of Cydonia
- Supermassive Black Hole
- Time Is Running Out
- New Born
- I Belong To You
- Stockholm Syndrome
- Starlight
- Sing For Absolution
- Muscle Museum

I've listened to Resistance and it sounds really good!
Hope that helped

EDIT: just realised they were mentioned in the above post ^
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All of these can be found on spotify by the way, for free, if you have access to it.


That's the latest one.
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The Vitamin Quartet go further into Muse's back catalogue than Muse do...They make MM sound so cinematic.
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Thank you for linking to those! I have to get them all, they sound fantastic!
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It sounds like something's missing in these. It sounds great, but needs some sustained pure and bass notes in there for support.

I don't know if it's just me, but it sounds like MIDI; it's too precise and quantized. If it isn't MIDI, then it's quite low quality arranging. It also seems to be lacking that professional feel to it. It almost sounds a bit cheap and I'm missing the fullness.

It's not a very complex cover, really. Anyone that knows how to use music software could whip this up in a few hours. I'm not kidding. The VSQ has a nice clean sound, but they don't sound nearly as impressive as some other less-popular arrangements I've heard. It just feels like a mediocre group that got popular somehow, and I'm not exactly sure how.

I'm not saying they're bad at all, no way, I just really don't see the reason why everyone gives themselves blowjobs over this. It just sounds like a fairly good live strings MIDI arrangement of Muse without the drums and effects.

Don't bash me for all this, I'm only speaking what I hear. I probably wouldn't have said this if I didn't see all these fanboyish comments around. I see all these comments saying how musically awesome the quartet is; it's not that hard to slowly separate the harmonies of a song then play it. All you need is to be a pretty decent strings player and time to map our the harmonies you hear. Making it sound expressive is something I don't really hear too much in these arrangements.... By that, I mean this quartet seems to play things the same way with all their songs: light and jumpy and with the same sound constantly. It works for some songs, but they kind of sound the same. And it shouldn't be like that for this song.

I like it, but most of the comments on their youtube videos are over-the-top suck-up comments, calling the people who disagree 'narrow-minded'. There's a reason why people don't like something, and if they have the mind to explain why they don't like it, then they're much further from narrow minded.
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