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Bonjour Cat
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Thread starter: You gave that way too much thought. It'll serve u right if you have a dream about that, tonight.
"He wasn't aware of plate tectonics because it hadn't been invented."

"Let's look at something a bit more recent, like the past 560 million years."
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Originally Posted by t3h m4n14c
Is it just me or are the new lyrics almost identicle to plug in baby?
Eh...I wouldn't say so:

"My plug in baby, crucifies my enemy" most definitely isn't "Glaciers melting in the dead of night, and the superstar gets sucked into the supermassive" (Close enough!)
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its about sexual tensions between the artic monkeys mothhaaa and matt, when they met in some crappy discotheque in NY ...im sur3!!!1

no... I think you can interpret everything into this, but I quite like the S&M theory ^^ also think the lyrics arent that serious... and the way matt "screams" supermassive black hole just made me laugh...

but smbh is indeed a very sexy song...!!!
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Why is S&M evil again??
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Originally Posted by fiona_j
Why is S&M evil again??
Haha, you made me chuckle!

I think this songs about matt bellamys inability to stay away from making a pop songs, so he gave in and did! Hence "I'm a superstar sucked into the supermassive"
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Pwoper Wock 'N' Woll
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Originally Posted by Bonjour Cat
Thread starter: You gave that way too much thought. It'll serve u right if you have a dream about that, tonight.
Was kinda thinking the same thing. Strange, but fitting theory lol.

The song has been slowly growing on me and I thought the lyrics were a bit dodgy to be honest, but with this idea, SMBH is genius lol.
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Katiane Carvalho
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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....interesting your psychological theory, I like psychology , but I don't sure if this is really can discouver and understand the mind and the humans feelings. But I respect your opinion, I think it's really a bit interesting. Although, what's the thing is S&M?
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haha, the music video better portray this... matt tied up with britney whipping him, pouring hot wax, and melting ice on his nipples
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opens doors
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lmao this has made my day!
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Max Moon
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This song is basically about a SUPER MASSIVE hole , which kind of is then up to anyone interpretation here
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I'm just a poor boy
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Originally Posted by Pluging
Most ppl are dismissing this song as a poppy song with poor lyrics but i think we should all step back and give the lyrics a deeper analysis.
I believe that these lyrics clearly point towards Matt's love of S&M.
First Verse:
"oooh baby dont you know i suffer?
oooh baby can you hear me moan?
you caught me under false pretenses
how long before you let me go?"
Self Explanatory: Suffering and Moaning!!
and he is clearly tied up/handcuffed.

"you set my soul alight" refers to the burning of his chest with candle-wax. The chest is where many believe their soul is.

1"glaciers melting in the dead of night
2 and the superstars sucked into the Supermassive"

We'll deal with this one line at a time...
1: this is a reference to the black-leather wearing clad dominatrix (supermassive black hole/whore) melting ice cubes onto Matt's sensitive nipples. Note the hyperbole - calling the ice cubes glaciers due to their seemingly large size when compared to his small nipples. This also indicates how painfull the experience was for him.

2: Matt is clearly the Superstar in this line, an innocent abroad who has been sucked into the dark and seedy world of S&M. SuperMassive.

"i thought i was a fool for no-one
ooh baby im a fool for you
you're the queen of the superficial
and how long before you tell the truth"

This is an allusion to the power differential in their relationship - she is the queen(powerfull dominatrix) and he is the fool. Reference to the superficial supports my theory to the deeper meaning to the song. Matt wonders how long before she sells her story to the tabloids.

This lyric seems to have two meanings:

1 Matt here is borrowing a technique used by Kurt Cobain where he pronounces words in such a way as to create an ambiguity in the mind of the listener.. e.g. In the song Lithium Kurt sings "i love you im not gonna cry/crack. In this song Matt's lyrics may say "hole"(see explanation of meaning below) but the pronunciation is also meant to sound like whore i.e. the dominatrix. Supermassive is again a reference to how powerful she is relative to him, to her he is merely a fool to be toyed with as she pleases.

2 This line also reiterates the point mentioned earlier: he has been sucked into the dark and seedy world of S&M (SuperMassive), which is like a black hole from which he can see no escape.
Galaxies away if you will from his normal sexual activities(see previous post http://www.invictus.softmeg.com/foru...p=16046#16046).

You will also note that this song contains a lot more repitition than earlier muse songs. The constant moaning (oooooooh aaah) is merely the cry of a tortured superstar. The recurring glacier and soul alight motifs have been explained already.

I hope you agree with me and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the meaning of the song
I am not wholly sure if this would be the truth, Matt's lyrics tend to be in-your-face more than complex.

But I am actually swayed to your view, as FUCK ME was this a good analysis
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pass the open windows
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Well, if you put it like that ( the analysis of the lyrics)..hmmmm...it's an even worse song then I thought it was..lol...I mean. It sounds slick, easy on the ears..smooth...and not at all like pain..or the love for pain for that matter..
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I got to the part about "sensitive nipples" and was convinced this was a sneaky way of posting graphic Muse fanfiction on the board.

No. Just no.

Originally Posted by Strawberry_Juice View Post
moms pubis
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Originally Posted by Supermassive egotrip
Aren't all of muse's songs about S&M?
Originally Posted by glasskite View Post
Oh man, fb relationship status changes are srs bsns. I once had mine changed to "Engaged" to Inn. Inn who is clearly a girl, her name on fb shows she is clearly a girl. Friends, friends who know I am most certainly straight, and was unlikely to ever give up the cock, were congratulating me on my engagement. Seriously.
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Well, at least this is better than that theory about Muscle Museum been about masturbation... or "mattsturbation".

Dom said once he liked kinky sex, maybe... No, I won't finish this thought.

"... your eyes to the ground and the world spinning round forever..."
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butt sex , lyrics , meanings , muse , smbh , supermassive black hole

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