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Originally Posted by supernova14 View Post
Freddie Mercury(Queen)-Background Vocals & Piano
Most wasted talent in the history of music?
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Mildly amusing title
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Originally Posted by Sippe View Post
Most wasted talent in the history of music?

Originally Posted by Deano. View Post
Matt Berninger (The National) - Vocals
Josh Homme - Guitar
Chris Wolstenholme - Bass
Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) - Drums
Matt Berninger (The National) - Vocals
Matt Bellamy - Lead Guitar + Piano
Dom Howard - Drums
Chris Wolstenholme - Bass + Backing vocals

Disclaimer: a joke
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Andy and The Tuna
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Jim James (My Morning Jacket) - Vocals and guitar
Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) - Lead guitar
Chris Wolstenholme - Bass and backing vocals
Vini Lopez (E Street Band) - Drums
Tom Gray (Gomez) - Keyboard
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY- 10/23/10. Lollapalooza, Chicago, Il- 8/5/11.
Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, MO -3/8/13. BOK Center, Tulsa, OK- 3/10/13
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Josh Homme - vocals/guitar
Matt Bellamy - lead guitar
Flea - bass
Dave Grohl - drums

Rock For People festival 2010, Czech Republic:

Matt: "Czech Republic! I've been waiting for 32 years to come here!!"
Chris(!!!): "31 and a half.."
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Corey Taylor (Stone Sour and Slipknot)- vocals
Flea (RHCP)- bass
Brann Dailor (Mastodon)- drums .
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Crazy welsh muser
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Myles kennedy - Guitar/vocals
Paul Gilbert - Guitar
Dave Grohl - Drums
Chris -Bass


Matt - Guitar/Vocals/piano
Mark tremonti - guitar
Neil peart - Drums
John Paul Jones - Bass
Originally Posted by Sippe View Post
I think I love you.
Originally Posted by Dee3Dee View Post
I think it's amazing how Matt managed to turn cheese into beef. He must be the second coming of Jesus.

Keeper of:
'its our last chance to forgive ourselves'; 'eura sia! sia! sia! sia!'; USoE from teignmouth 5th september;
matt's: guitar strings, red and black coat from q mag cover and iphone;
chris' cowboy hat and doms copy of the resistance from the twitpic
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Originally Posted by Sippe View Post
Most wasted talent in the history of music?
I mean, I want Jeff Buckley to sing too. I would probably switch Jeff Buckley for Freddie Mercury-Lead Vocals and Piano and then just have only Jeff Buckley with the rest of that supergroup in a different supergroup. I just thought it would be epic to have Freddie Mercury and Jeff Buckley sing together.
EDIT: If that was confusing, like this:
Freddie Mercury- Lead Vocals and Piano
Brian May(Queen)-Guitar
Chris Wolstenholme-Bass
Bernard "Buddy" Rich-Drums
Jeff Buckley- Lead Vocals
Brian May(Queen)-Guitar
Chris Wolstenholme-Bass
Bernard "Buddy" Rich-Drums
Originally Posted by ninjabanana View Post
It could be wrong, could be wrong,

It could wrong, could be wrong
Muse gigs: 9/25/10-Staples Center

Keeper of the Citizen Erased outro on piano.
"Erase all the memories, they'll only bring us pain."
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Let's Nightdrive.
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Dick Valentine
Josh Homme
James Murphy
Chris Wolstenholme
Jonny Greenwood
Kjartan Sveinsson
Dave Grohl
Martin L. Gore
Richard D. James


the King wears a King hat and lives in a King House.

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Into the wild
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Jimmy Gnecco - vocals
John Frusciante - lead guitars
Chris Wolstenholme - bass and backing vocals
Dave Grohl - drums and backing vocals
Matt Bellamy - Piano/keyboards
"Money can't buy happiness but it can buy music. Close enough"

Keeper of City of Delusion ~ Space Dementia ~ Cave
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