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RATM riffs I'd like to see them try:

Bullet in the Head
Wake Up
Tire Me
Calm Like a Bomb
Down Rodeo
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Originally Posted by MUSESTL View Post
What's taking Rage so long? Maybe they're attacking Muse for playing UD?
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They played the Heartbreaker (led zeppelin) riff after TiRO at the iTunes gig. Sounded awesome
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I'm thinking they should play the Nature_1 ending riff at some point. Or have they already done that?
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Kettling by Bloc Party.

Originally Posted by LiT View Post
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Originally Posted by FabriPav View Post
Kettling by Bloc Party.

Would be so weird

But speaking of Bloc Party, I would really like to see Muse play this riff:

A full step higher though, of course, as they don't have any songs in that tuning. Except the Prince cover, iirc.
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I actually thought Muse could do something good with "We're Not Good People" when I first listened to "Four". That, or "3X3".
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Originally Posted by Gohenko View Post
Would be so weird

But speaking of Bloc Party, I would really like to see Muse play this riff:

A full step higher though, of course, as they don't have any songs in that tuning. Except the Prince cover, iirc.
The Prince Cover is in drop C? Sweet.
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Let's Nightdrive.
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Here are my feelings on this subject

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Holy thread bump
I think they should play the heavy section in the middle of toys, toys, toys, choke, toys, toys, toys by Biffy Clyro. The part that goes: 0-0-0-0-0-0-8-7-8-10
One of my favourite riffs
Also Down Rodeo
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Originally Posted by Citizen Erased #01 View Post
So I have left the board long enough to let the idiots have their fun.

Now is the time for some intelligent fucking thought, and to reign it all in.
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Faith No More's "Surprise! You're Dead!" (the riff at the beginning, used perhaps as an improvised lick during Psycho by replacing the 0305030 riff).
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White Heat
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BSSM was one of Chris's favourite albums... and this riff live would be
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Here to Stay by Korn as a heavy outro to something.
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lol , riffs , the 2nd law , the good ones , the white stripes

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