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Shrinking Universe
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Originally Posted by Shadows_on_Cydonia View Post
Considererd: Sing for Absolution, 2+2=5, Space Dementia, City of Delusion, Stockholm Syndrome
Even if this had been a joke it wouldn't have been funny anymore
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calm a llama down
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10) B&H
9) Invincible
8) Stockholm Syndrome
7) Showbiz
6) Futurism
5) PiB
4) New Born
3) Bliss
2) KoC
1) Citizen Erased

One word describes this list . . . EPIC!!!!!!
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Groupie Absolution
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whers the love for Dark Shines!
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1 Unintended
2 New born
3 Time is running out
4 Blackout
5 Feeling good
6 Hyper chondriac music
7 Rule by secrecy
8 Invincible
9 Microcuts
10 The gallery
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New Born Lee
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Thread redundancy ftw.
it's a pikachu dabbing because fuck you
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D'oh Lord....this is hard.

1. Shrinking Universe
2. Hyper Chondriac Music
3. Eternally Missed
4. New Born
5. Plug In Baby
6. Hysteria
7. Futurism
8. Space Dimentia
9. Citizen Erased
10. Apocalypse Please

After about....20 minutes of thinking...
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Your Muse Top 10 songs!!!

Which is your top 10 by muse?

Mine is this:
1-Time Is Running Out
3-Plug In Baby
4-Hyper Music
5-Citizen Erased
6-New Born
8-Supermassive Black Hole
10-Micro Cuts
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Mine would have to be:

(I no particular order.)

Space Dementia
New Born
Soldiers Poem
Muscle Museum
Take A Bow

I can't really decide though
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-Time is running out
-Citizen erased
-Crying shame
-Micro cuts
-Dead star

And ect, but those are my top ten xD lots of b sides lol
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Couldn't even imagine a favourite one, even 10 seems impossible!
But as I'm the master of Possimpible, I'll give it a try! (not in order)

- Space Dementia
- Citizen Erased
- Do we need This?
- Apocalypse Please
- City of Delusion
- Cave
- Hate this & I'll love You
- Supermassive Black Hole
- Futurism
- Coma
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This is really hard. But I'll have a try...

1: Space Dementia
2: Bliss
3: Citizen Erased
4: Futurism
5: New Born
6: Stockholm Syndrome
7: Dead Star
8: Muscle Museum
9: Sunburn
10: Hate this and I'll love you.

But this list changes every day...
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sound awake
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Hmm, in no particular order:

- Map Of Your Head
- Bliss
- Citizen Erased
- Knights Of Cydonia
- Stockholm Syndrome
- Hysteria
- Megalomania
- Dead Star
- The Groove
- Easily
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in no order

new born
space dementia
citizen erased
apocalypse please
stockholm syndrome
map of the problemtique.
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In order like:

1) Cave
2) Showbiz
3) Map of Your head
4) Citizen Erased
5) Eternally Missed
6) New Born
7) Plug In Baby
8) Time is running out
9) Uno
10) Execution Commentary.

But i love them all really

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Static Shadows
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Use search.

1) Hyper Music
2) Dead Star
3) Bliss
4) Stockholm Syndrome
5) Plug In Baby
6) Citizen Erased
7) Fury
8) Map Of The Problematique
9) Super Massive Black Hole
10) Hysteria

Still so hard that it changes every time I try to do it though! New Born, Micro Cuts, Spiral Static, Screenager, Space Dementia, Darkshines, Megalomania, Ruled By Secrecy, Agitated, Showbiz, Take A Bow, & Sunburn could just as easily have been in there.

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*insert awful uno pun* , 1.guiding light , 2. feeling good , 242351234512512341234 , 3. neutron star collision , again? , another top 10 , but i cant count to 10 :( , definately. , hooray for exo politics , it's not so easily chosen , love muse much? , none of them , teh fail tag ---> , toada sucks!

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