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Count me in for also loving it.
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Only 1 minute in and I can tell I will be skipping this one.
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Probably my favourite in the album xD

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its probably the worst Muse song for me...

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Pwoper Brisboardian
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There's something about the vocals that save it for me. Certainly like it more now than I did at the start, but it's not incredible.
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It's like muse ft. bono

edit: listened with proper headphones and it's not that bad

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Uh oh...

Not gonna listen to it yet but i knew from the first description this would be the bad one
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Honestly they could not have sounded more like U2 if they tried. Like Muse has been 'influenced' by a lot artists over the years but I have never heard a as prominent sounding influence as in this song from U2.
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That Little Animal
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Yeah, it's like U2 wrote it and performed it with some hired help from the Beatles for the backing vocals.

I take back what I said earlier, I will end up skipping this one.
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The solo starts off like the one in Madness.
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-Matt's "umph" after the first verse in Panic Station.
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FAWY is a really good song amongst absolutely amazing songs.

Big Freeze is a pretty crap song amongst a mixed bag of songs.

Speaking in relative terms, I guess it's similar to FAWY. In absolute terms? Not even close
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Hated it at first, but now is starting to grow on me. There's something in the chorus that redeems the song. Definitely better than Guiding Light.
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90's cheese , feel me!! , i am king of the universe , i like u2 , matt wanks bono off , muse doing u2 > u2 , no thanks , poofighters , sucking bono's dick , this is better than u2 , this lectrical storm , u2 b-side , warming up to big freeze , winning! , yeah it's coming our way

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