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Old 08-04-2016, 01:10 PM   #16
Join Date: 08 April 2016
Min....KOC at Wembley. Hated Muse for a couple of years.
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Location: new york
Knights of Cydonia
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KoC I believe back when I was in school on my mates phone... I can remember thinking it was shit because it wasn't what I was in to. How times have changed...
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Supermassive Blackhole was the first one I listened to deliberately. Yep, Twilight.

But when I checked out Starlight I knew I've heard it before. So technically, that's the first song, but at the time, I didn't realize it was them
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Execution Commentary
Stockholm Syndrome
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Been done a million times...but New Born back in early 2001.
Best you've got to be the best.
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Probably Starlight or SMBH.
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Old 10-04-2016, 07:47 PM   #22
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The first song that introduced me to this awesome band (and its still my favourite song to this day) was New Born.
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northern scum
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Plug In Baby on BBC Radio 1 sometime before 2004.
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nerd herd
mince pie
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Either SfA or TIRO on some music channel. Must have been about 2004.
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Old 18-04-2016, 01:49 PM   #25
In Your World since 2002
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Originally Posted by Man With A Harmonica View Post
Whether it was a cover, or plain horrible song, tell us the first ever Muse song you listened to!

Predictions: Anything off Showbiz (Mainly Sunburn), Uprising or Knights of Cydonia

EDIT: LOL, forgot mine, it was Knights of Cydonia. :P
In Your World, around 2002/3. I had no idea who the band were or what the song was called and it wasn't until I mentioned it to a friend who said "sounds a bit like Muse" that I then went out, bought Absolution and never looked back.
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Knights of Cydonia
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I'm fairly certain it was Madness, but for some reason Time Is Running Out felt really familiar/nostalgic/???? when I first(?) listened to it and I'm not sure if I heard it at some point before I really discovered Muse, or if maybe it sounds similar to some other song I've heard?

I'm 99% sure it was Madness, but I might have heard Time Is Running Out before and didn't realize it was a Muse song?
je suis un ananas
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Old 16-08-2016, 06:35 PM   #28
Tuck Norris 85
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My first Muse song was either Feeling Good or Hyper Music in 2001 when i saw it on MTV2's most wanted. Cannot remember which one of the two, i just remember the red room in the music video
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Best n00b 2015
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Supermassive from Fifa 07

That I can remember at least.
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