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Burn The Action
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Originally Posted by Joseph. View Post
Well I'm an extra large so there's not a snowball's chance in hell.
Haha ah well
O2 Arena - 13/11/09
Wembley Stadium - 10/09/10
Wembley Stadium - 11/09/10

MEN Arena - 01/11/12
Emirates Stadium - 25/05/13
Emirates Stadium - 26/05/13

Etihad Stadium - 01/06/13
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Exclamation T-shirts for sale!


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Muse French Magazine

A special music magazine with article of Muse on cover :

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don't ask
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Hi, I'm selling my (brand new) messenger bag. I bought it at the Manchester gig -- it's the same one on the online store. I haven't used it since I've been back and I probably won't ever will. It's just not a size I can really use (but it looks so good, which is why I couldn't resist buying it ).

Anyway, I'd kind of like to sell it to somebody in the US so they can get something w/o getting screwed by shipping fees from the .mu store. If not, that's ok. I'll sell it for $38 US OBO.

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Selling my signed Muscle Museum Clear Vinyl and Signed EP

Hi everyone, I'm selling my signed Muscle Museum Clear Vinyl and Signed EP on ebay in case you are interesested. Both rare items as u know x

The Vinyl ends in the morning......


And here is the EP


Both genuine, selling cos I need the cash
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Anyone interested in my Resistance Deluxe w/ 5.1 disc (#3520)? If so, feel free to PM me with offers. When making an offer, keep in mind that it's an out of print limited edition and in excellent condition. Vinyls have never been taken out of their sleeves. Photos can be provided based on the offer. Naturally I'm not going to take the time to do a bunch of pictures for someone who offers me $10, lol.
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Funniest Muser 2012
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Eh, taking pics is so annoying indeed
Originally Posted by LiT View Post
" Did you ever struggle in lessons at school and then feel annoyed at the kid next to you who was absolutely nailing everything?" - I was the one who nailed everything.
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Originally Posted by FabriPav View Post
Eh, taking pics is so annoying indeed
It's not that it's annoying, it's because I don't have the means to even take pictures without making a trip to borrow a camera. It's not worth the trip without any offers.
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So, I'm considering selling up...

It's been a while since I posted here, so my apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area. I used search but couldn't find a similar thread.

Anyway, I've been a fan of Muse since the 90's but over the last year, I'm losing a little love for them. I'll always be a fan of the older stuff, and I love some of the newer stuff (Panic Station is orgasmic!) but a majority of T2L just isn't for me. Sooo, on to the matter at hand. I've decided it's time to sell my collection. The above, combined with looking for a new house, has made my mind up for me. That's where I need your help.

I used to be an eBay whore when it came to Muse but nowadays, I haven't got the foggiest what things are worth and the best place to sell such a collection. What I need to know is a rough price I can expect someone to pay for my collection and the best place to sell it. eBay, on here, on a music website, individually, as a collection etc.

So, here goes, this is my collection. Hopefully some of you will be able to help me in valueing it.

Showbiz 12” Vinyl (WB Reissue) [SEALED]
Origin Of Symmetry 12” Vinyl (WB Reissue) [SEALED]
Absolution 12” Vinyl (WB Reissue) [SEALED]
Black Holes & Revelations 12” Vinyl [SEALED]
The Resistance 12” Vinyl [SEALED]
The Resistance Boxset [SEALED]
Exogenesis 12” Vinyl [SEALED]

The Resistance CD [SEALED]
Supermassive Selection CD [SEALED]
Random 1-8 [SEALED]
Dead Star / In Your World Japanese CD [SEALED]
Butterflies & Hurricanes CD + Umyx

Hyper Music Boxset [CDs are SEALED]
Showbix Boxset [SEALED]
Absolution Boxset [SEALED]

Knights Of Cydonia CD
Knights Of Cydonia DVD
Knights Of Cydonia Vinyl [SEALED]
Supermassive Black Hole CD
Supermassive Black Hole DVD
Supermassive Black Hole Vinyl [SEALED]
Invincible CD
Invincible DVD
Invincible Vinyl [SEALED]
Starlight CD
Starlight DVD
Starlight Vinyl [SEALED]

Uprising CD
Uprising Vinyl
Resistance CD
Resistance Vinyl

8x Muse Mugs – Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, 4x Resistance
Uprising Teddy
United States Of Eurasia Flag
Muse Sign (approx 30”x15”) from Reading, signs of festival damage but cool nonetheless
3x Wristbands – White, Black and The Resistance
Muse Scarf
The Resistance Puzzle Game (#1051)
Message Board Exclusive Green Shirt [SEALED]
Plectrum Set (1st Issue) [SEALED]
Logo Sticker (White background blue logo)
Plectrum necklace
Alien phone charm
Alien necklack
The Resistance Pen
Assorted unofficial badge collection

I think that's it! So, in short, I'm looking to sell and need your help. I just need a rough value for my collection.
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Have you visted musecollectors.com ? There will definitely be someone who will buy stuff if you post it there!


2010: Helsinki 19/7, Cracow 21/8.
2011: Reading festival
2012: Cologne 20/9, London 26-27/10, Sthlm 6/12, MALMΦ 7/12, Strasbourg 19/12.
2013: London 25-26/5, Manchester 1/6, London 2/6, Nice 26/6, Turin 28-29/6, Rome 6/6, Oslo 24/7 Helsinki 27/7, Abu Dhabi 2/11

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I'm selling 7 Muse t-shirts on eBay. All womens sizes medium to large in good condition. Mostly from 2004-2008 ish.

Take a look if you're interested in owning them - the current highest bid is 99p!

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Vinyl/CDS/DVDS and a Showbiz Box for sale.

Hello People

I'm getting rid of my Muse collection, well some of it anyway. Saving up money to go travelling over the summer and figured selling some Muse things would help me on my way. I have uploaded some things today, and the rest will be going up tomorrow afternoon. Please have a look and if anything tickles your fancy have a wee bid. Buying multiple items will obviously result in combined discounted postage.

Any other questions feel free to ask me on here or through eBay.

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I posted an auction back from 2008, i'm an idiot
Originally Posted by _ View Post
FUCK YOU! we can say what we fucking want about a fucking setlist fucking nazi fuck.
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I posted this some time ago already, still have quite a few things available Muse EP, Showbiz boxset, t-shirts...
02.07.06 - 18.08.06 - 05.12.06 - 16.06.07 - 23.06.07 - 13.07.07 - 24.07.07 - 10.10.07 - 12.04.08 - 13.08.08 - 16.08.08 - 08.09.09 - 18.11.09 - 22.11.09 - 02.12.09 - 04.12.09

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MUSE California Tour Posters

Hello fellow Muse fans! First off, sorry if this is in the wrong area and sorry if this post seems very spam-ish. We know you're all huge fans of Muse so we thought this would be a great area to post about these awesome, extremely rare pieces of art...

We are selling a few official Muse California Tour Posters on our studio website and thought we'd share them with you guys. The Posters are for the San Diego, California show as well as the 3 Los Angeles, California shows. More info on each poster is available below:

Muse San Diego, CA Poster - for sale now!

18” x 24” 3 color screen print on Rainbow Holographic Stock Paper for the January 21st, 2013 show at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA. This poster was initially created for all VIP guests attending the show. This extremely limited Artist Print blue variant is an edition of only 20!

Muse Los Angeles, CA Posters - for sale on Thursday, March 7th at 1pm PST

All 3 posters are 18” x 24” 5 color screen prints on Rainbow Holographic Stock Paper for the January 23rd, 24th and 26th shows at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. These posters were initially created for all VIP guests attending the shows. These extremely limited Artist Prints are an edition of only 20 each!

Thank you guys very much!
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awesome , black box , california , f4dstudios , mark5 , muse , muse magazine , rare , sale , tour 2013

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