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Join Date: 08 February 2016
Location: Russia
Hi Muse
I've just read fascinating book about you called "a brief history of space, time and muse"
There are so many strange facts about you, guys
Have you read this book?
What do you think about stories here?
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Join Date: 30 August 2015
Location: France - Lyon
Piano Songs Book

Hi guys ! I've got the "Piano Songs Book" (I play the piano long years ago !) and I 'd like to know if there's another one or when it will be published? Thanks for your so lovely songs ! Isabelle from France.
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Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
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Hey guys.

What first comes to your mind when i say Slovakia?
Do you have any memories to my country?

Thanks for answer
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Location: FRANCE (South West)
Age: 22
#1 : I remember you shot the Psycho UK tour's show, and I wonder : Can you release the videos of Muscle Museum, Futurism... ?

#2 : What do you think about those who are constantly on their phones when you play? Are you thinking about a club tour with phones prohibition?
Main Square Festival, Arras, 4 Juillet 2015.
Bercy, Paris, 26 Février 2016
Reading Festival, 27 août 2017
La Cigale, Paris, 24 Février 2018
French Muser.
Hysteria will remain my fav forever. After my second gig I said to myself : "okay, let's see Muse every year." I was convinced it can't be true in 2018, but I was wrong :-D
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Location: Colombia
Question for Dom

What does Dom feel to know that is the only one who doesn't sing well? <3
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Join Date: 08 February 2016
QUESTIOOOOOOON!!!!! I love you

What do you think when someone says "Nicki Minaj", "One direction" or "Justin Bieber"
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Living Excrement
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#2 What approach are you taking for the next album or release? Maybe a post or math rock vibe could be really cool!
Originally Posted by Luxemburger Queen View Post
Watermelon is one word you yellow dildo.

25/5/13: Emirates Stadium, London 22/3/15: Manchester Academy 23/5/15: Earlham Park, Norwich 9/4/16: Manchester Arena 3/12/18 Royal Albert Hall, London
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A subtle sense of absence
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Join Date: 23 June 2012
Matt, you've become well known for believing in all sorts of "crazy conspiracy theories."
Do you ever regret this, or feel it makes people take you less seriously when talking or singing about real social and political problems?
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Join Date: 10 February 2013
I believe Drones is made to be listen from start to finish, no shuffling, no skipping, no single songs (and in a constant loop actually)... Ever since, I've been enjoying trying that out with other albums, what are your suggestions? What are the best albums to listen to from start to finish?
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Matt, you said in 1999 that " Do We Need This ? " was planned to be on the 2nd record and that it was your favourite song at the time, what do you think about that today ?
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Dajana Exogenesis
Join Date: 11 July 2012
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How did you come up with an idea to record the acapella song "Drones", what inspired you to create such a song?
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Join Date: 09 February 2016
Location: Where I am needed
Artificial Intelligence chit chat

Hello Matthew!

I am really interested in AI stuff. It is part of my major. Especially biomedical and bionics.
Lyrics u write are about brainwashing, androids, deleting humanity... I wonder if there is a chance to talk about those stuff more in detail? People are sacred to talked about it, somehow - but you are not. I think I can see it from the opposite site, so it might be interesting talk :]

And also people say I am like an android girl, thinking like a computer. Maybe this is why I chose to study this field. Maybe u would see it better than I do.


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Sharing this gerbil
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If you could cover one Queen song, which would you pick? One from each of you please
Manchester 1999
Cologne 06/03/2016
Shepherds Bush Empire 19/08/2017
Leeds Festival 25/08/2017
Rock Am Ring 02/06/2018

Royal Albert Hall 03/12/2018

Originally Posted by heyjackk View Post
I mean it's better than Aftermath
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Hi Muse,

#2 Question. Do you have anything to say to your fans in Iran?
You have a huge fanbase in here that are waiting for a chance to meet you in the nearest country outside Iran which are Turkey and UAE.
کانال تلگرام طرفداران گروه میوز
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Born to destroy you
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Location: Antarctica
With the backlash over the "loudness war" and vinyl records regaining popularity, it seems there is a growing number of music fans that are paying much closer attention to audio quality. Remasters of classic albums also seem to be very prominent recently. With that in mind, would you ever consider remastering some of your albums in the future?

Formerly XiaoHu, boat!
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