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Originally Posted by ultraviolet003 View Post
I'm going to introduce my dad to muse pretty soon and I'm not sure wheather or not to start with live at wembley stadium or OoS. My dad has a tendency to like complex music more than simple pop stuff so OoS would be probably be a good album to start with for him. He also likes to watch live concerts so he can see what their actually doing. He's always complaining about how in todays rock music there aren't any piano solos anymore and the bass playing is usually lousy, so I'm hoping that I will expose is ignorance about current rock music by showing him muse.
If he wants good bass and piano, then New Born or Butterflies and Hurricanes on HAARP
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Hmm.. I guess my infatuation with Muse began when they played TiRO at Live 8. Before that I didn't really like Muse to be honest, but it seems I got wiser

So, I would propably go with that one. It has some of the raw quality to it that Muse are just able to perfect and at the same time it's catchy and very easy to love. Afterwards I would probably pick Knights of Cydonia and then gradually move to some of the more falsetto-dominated stuff
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I would let them listen to Newborn, Bliss and Knights of Cydonia.. if they didnt like them after that i'd give up on their taste in music ~humph~

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Originally Posted by Laurens.. View Post
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If they want a lesson in how the guitar is supposed to be played, then I'd hit them with some Plug In Baby. If they want to be eased into it, then probably KoC or SBH.
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Originally Posted by MUSESTL View Post
If he wants good bass and piano, then New Born or Butterflies and Hurricanes on HAARP
I've decided that I'm going to start with OoS so he can hear new born first since that is my favorite muse song then I'll show him HAARP.
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i would recommend Feeling Good, TIRO, Hysteria and Stockholm Syndrome as a start. if he liked them i would make him listen to all their songs!
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How about some B-sides like easily or crying shame? both great songs
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If you were to introduce muse to a friend.Which song would you show them

I would first show them Stockholm Syndrome Live at Wembley,then probably Resistance,then Exogenesis Symphony.But there's so much amazing stuff,I don't what else.
Originally Posted by CZSR View Post
Casuals? Casuals?? CASUALS??

You mean that people who listen Madness and Resistance in the place of Megalomania and Exogenesis? I pretend they don't exist.
Originally Posted by JJTheMuse View Post
Trust, it's "a fucking".


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Uprising... definitely... Might as well add up Hysteria for the later.
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Maybe Butterflies & Hurricanes - not sure there's another song that contains so many aspects of what makes Muse Muse. Probably wouldn't consider it one of my favourite 20 Muse songs however.
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New Born, Plug In Baby, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Map Of The Problematique, MK Ultra, Reapers.

That's a good education.
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The first 5 are something close to what I started with.
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I'd refrain from overly falsetto songs, my experience is that people are weirded out by it on first listen. I mean I showed shrinking universe to one of my female friends and she covered her mouth and started trembling as a reaction. pretty wtf, yeah, but there you go
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I was hooked by Muse by Supermassive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia, before The Resistance era. When i started digging in their discography, Butterflies & Hurricanes and Blackout were also highlights.

The first album i was aware Muse was releasing was The Resistance, and since the first moment i loved Exogenesis.

So in my case, i'll pick these 5.

Supermassive Black Hole
Knights of Cydonia
Butterflies & Hurricanes

The pure awesomeness of HAARP helped, too.
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