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Does anyone one know how the Will Call thing works? I purchase the ticket online and then it's shipped to me?
I've read in the Sale terms that for some events you receive the tickets only at the box offiice and you need to present a credit ard you payed with - son no paying with debit cards whatosever?
Help! Thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by nawkaz View Post
not sure if this has been asked before. whats the benefit of having those presale codes? other than able to buy ticket 1 day early than the rest?
Excitement. Earlier joy. Sense of entitlement.

There's not that many people here, so chances of the site crashing due to the demand is less. Also, chances of getting a ticket for the "true" fans is higher cause we don't have to compete with the rest. And also also, if all goes as planned, no touts would have access to the codes and only people who really actually want to go to the gigs get tickets.

But they still always get them somehow...
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Originally Posted by Dee3Dee View Post
Hell, the fact that someone went to a gig doesn't even mean they're a fan. Wembley 2010 was a perfect example of that. Loads of people who came just to hear Supermassive Black Hole and then disappeared (I'm assuming they went back home), people who were walking around with like 15 cups of beer despite already being hammered, old guys who were more interested in groping young girls etc.
I remember reading on the forum about people at the Manch Academy gig who were texting other people joking and questioning them selves about why people would pay £40 to see Muse.
Originally Posted by Luxemburger Queen View Post
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25/5/13: Emirates Stadium, London 22/3/15: Manchester Academy 23/5/15: Earlham Park, Norwich 9/4/16: Manchester Arena 3/12/18 Royal Albert Hall, London
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Tried again and managed to get tickets

The site wouldn't work on my laptop but did on my phone, if that's helpful to anyone with the same problem

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Quick question. I found my presale code, but don't where to find the link for the presale that starts tomorrow... Do I have to be logged in for that or will it just appear on the website? (*feeling stupid atm)
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Go to the tour dates section of the site and find the gig. There will be a 'buy tickets' button. At least, that's where I found it

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Manchester tickets still available on eventim normal price
M.E.N Arena 10/11/2006
Echo Arena 05/11/2009
LCCC 04/9/2010
Leeds Festival 26/082011
M.E.N Arena 01/11/2012
Etihad Stadium 01/06/2013
M.E.N Arena 08/04/2016
M.E.N Arena 09/04/2016
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Iím disgusted, having followed Muse for years and attended most gigs since 2001, since Wednesday a group of 6 of us from all over, who always enjoy a meet up whenever Muse play live have tried to get tickets, both in pre-sale and general sale today. 2 of us canít go on the internet at work so rely on other friends who can when tickets go on sale. Everything sold out quickly and now they are being sold on ticket agencies and EBAY in excess of the ticket price. How the heck can a seller on EBAY have 128 tickets to sell? This issue needs to be visited and addressed by the band as well. These greedy touts, agencies and EBAY sellers are denying genuine fans of the band the chance to go and see them. Tickets are selling for over £135 on EBAY and up to £180 each. This has really angered me today. It has to stop. After a few hours of trying, my general enthusiasm lowered to the point when I finally said 'Stuff Em' If bands can't try and sort out these issues so that their loyal fans can get to see them then they don't care about their fans. I certainly will not be buying tickets from touts and feeding their greed. Time to start going to new artists and music gigs where tickets are not in demand. Sorry Muse but my patience has worn thin this week.
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wow, reading the first few pages of this. six years of ticket rage
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Please keep trying, there are tickets still available on gigs and tours site for o2 on the thursday and the friday at £51 ok they might be high up but you will get to see them, the stage is in the round so dosent matter where in the arena youll still have agood view, tiickets at normal prices are still out there
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Viagogo ticket for Milan, 15/5/2016 show

Hello, everybody. Me and eight other fans will be travelling from Greece to Italy for the Mediolanum Forum/Milan gig on the 15th of May. It will be the first concert that we attend abroad and, thus, the very first concert that we had to buy tickets online for.

The problem is that the other 8 people managed to get standing tickets by using two pre-sale codes last Wednesday (16th of May). I was the only one to be left without a ticket as I was not a member of the page at the time.Hard luck!

Anyway. I said ''I'll try on the general sale, on 18th of September''. I wanted to buy one standing ticket so as to join the others.

Hard luck again! The online sale was supposed to start on 10:00am (local time). I entered the site just 30 seconds later and..meh... all the standing tickets were already gone. Seated tickets only available

Of course I felt very anxious and started looking for standing tickets on other sites.Viagogo was the very first site I came up to. I entered the site, set up an account and bought a standing ticket for about double the price the rest of the group paid.They told me that the ticket will be delivered to me via UPS no later than three days before the event...etc.

The problem is that I had no idea about the whole touting ''business'', the scams it exposes the fans to and the large profits scalpers make from it. If I did, maybe I wouldn't have done it in the first place. So, I apologise to all the Muse fans here for feeding these people with money. I know now.

Yet, what's done cannot be undone.

The other 8 guys told me they will get their presale tickets at the stadium right before the event by bringing id cards with them. Supposing that my ticket is actually a ticket another person (the seller) initially owned and then sold, will I have any authentication problems at the entrance? Will I have to bring any documents (e.g. id cards, credit cards) to the event? Of course I cannot bring the stranger/tout/seller to the event. And I wouldn't like to! How does this thing work?

Thanks in advance. As a newbie, I would definitely appreciate help.
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Seeing Muse twice

Wasn't sure whether I should post here or maybe start a new thread. My question is to those fans who have seen Muse on back-to-back nights in same venue and how much they change their set list. I presume Montreal will get announced with next set of North American dates and last time here they played 2 nights. (I was away but did catch tour in Boston). I'm down for at least 2 shows this time round but was wondering what people have experienced seeing them back-to-back nights. Do they change one or two songs? Is it my chance to see rarities played? Just wondering. My other choice would be driving a couple of hours if they play either Quebec City or Ottawa which would have different vibe and different crowd. Ottawa (if they play there) would be nice because it is a lot smaller building, by about 5,000. Quebec would be interesting because they just opened up a brand new state of the art arena in the last week or so, I don't mind the drive so it becomes what would be best shows so was interested in peoples experiences in seeing them twice in same place. Thanx....
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Have a look at setlists on setlist.fm or musewiki. Sometimes the differences are quite stark, Brisbane springs to mind!
'09 Sheff
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'11 Leeds Festival
'12 Montpellier, London 27/10, MEN Arena
'13 SBE, Emirates 26/5, WWZ, BarÁa
'15 Manc, D/load

'16 Dublin, Manc x2, London 12/4
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Originally Posted by trogette View Post
Have a look at setlists on setlist.fm or musewiki. Sometimes the differences are quite stark, Brisbane springs to mind!
Thanks very much; checked out two Montreal shows I missed last time. One was identical song for song as show I saw in Boston while the other was significantly different
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I want to buy a ticket for Muse concert in Manchester but there is obviously no good seats left. Someone advised me to wait for few days before the concert as they sometimes release spare very good seats close to stage and at front in blocks 115 (the best) and 102.
How likely is it to happen?
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