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this one's optimistic
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Oh, and at the end of Shine, when he sings

"I was the one and only
Take me back again"

is beautiful.
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I am a big hypocrite aren't I? lol

I also love the riff at the end of Agitated on Hullabaloo, and obviously the KoC riff.

And the second I WILL AVEEEEEEEEEEEENGE!!!!!! In City of Delusion. The strings are awesome.
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when the riff for the groove comes in

the pause just before the KoC end riff/solo

the drums in assassin (you know the bit)

intro to new born (live)
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Shrinking Universe and Futurism outro wail
SMBH chorus
The chorus riff in Yes Please
TIRO when he says 'you will ssssuck the life out of me' - makes me giddy matt sounds so sexy!
ALL of stockholm syndrome - Muse sound exceptionally great when they have harmonies, I wish they'd do them more!

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I would have to say mine is glorious. The bit near the beginning where the bass kicks in, and its the 3 rd note chris plays. Not too good at music theory so i cant explain properly. The timing is around 0:30-31. Dunno why i think its so good, i just do!!

And i must not forget the epic piano solo at the end of sunburn!!!...

Those two are my favourites, if i see them both at wembley(17th), i can die a happy man!!
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Old 14-05-2007, 04:56 PM   #66
remember who you were
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and how could i forget the whole intro to yes please - their weird laughing and monkey noises and of course teh sexy riffage!
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Ever since the 28 weeks Later trailer, i've had much appreciation for the Shrinking Universe shreaking. Love the final part of Citizen Erased too. That and the bass riff that kicks in at full speed near the start of Supermassive Black Hole.

"Lips are turning blue. A kiss that can't renew. I only dream of you. My beautiful."
- Sing for Absolution
"Please don't break my ideals, and say what's fake was always real."
- Shine
"I have had recurring nightmares that I was loved for who I am and missed the opportunity to be a better man."
- Hoodoo
"Take off your disguise. I know that underneath its me."
- Megalomania
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there's so many... I suppose the first to come to mind would be the solo from Hysteria. Another one I was listening to today was the part in Recess when the bass comes in.
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Riviera Paradise
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Going into the solo of Fury (the whole song actually)
MOTP entirely
City of Delusion.... "I will avenge"
Sunburn.... Chorus @ the end
Bliss (Long Version) ".... The outro appergio makes me wanna play it over and over again...
Micro Cuts entirely
Citizen Erased.... bridge before outro
Chorus of Hate This and I Love You (Especially the destroy bit...)
Showbiz entirely
Falling Away With You entirely

and so much more....
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Symmetry or BUST!
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End of Citizen Erased
All of Glorious
All of B&H
"Sing for Absolution", right when Matt sings that
Hate This and I'll Love You - "I'm getting strong in every way"
And probably the top- The chant at the end of Knights of Cydonia

so many more though...
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Old 17-05-2007, 01:27 AM   #71
pretend we never met
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i love the first part of knights of cydonia
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Old 17-05-2007, 09:33 AM   #72
not using undertitle atm.
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MOTP's chorus, citizen erased outro, hoodoo's "why?" --- dunno why, i really like Hoodoo!

teach us to cheat.
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Mmm, that will be the dirty sexy riff in New Born, I always sing that riff (when alone of course )
The 'now lets headbang everyone' bit in Knights of Cydonia
All of In Your World, I just love it to bits, would be a very happy bunny if I ever got to see it live
And that bit in Showbiz towards the end with the crashing guitars 'pushing us into self destructionnnnnnnnn...oooh'- yummy.

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The beginning of MoTP just And the solo bit in SMBH I listen to repeatedly Good stuff
Flicking through BH&R yesterday listening to the intros on each song, Muse do have some very good intros that just make you want to listen to the whole song, it's all good
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The beginning of 'Newborn'.

It's actually my cell phone ringtone.

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