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Join Date: 06 July 2009
Location: Seattle
2010-10-11 Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH
U.S. Bank Arena

Recorded by: B.C. (crowbi_wan)
Gear: AT853 SC-ELE > AT ES943 > SP-SBSP-8 (no roll-off) > Sony PCM-M10 (44/16)
Lineage: PCM-M10 > USB > HDD > Sony SF 9.0 > CD Wave > mp3 (192kbps)

We Are The Universe *not recorded
Uprising (riff version) *cuts in
Map of the Problematique
New Born + Microphone Fiend (riff)
Supermassive Black Hole
Interlude + Hysteria + Back in Black (riff)
United States of Eurasia
Feeling Good
MK Jam
Undisclosed Desires
riff + Time is Running out + Heartbreaker (riff)
riff + Dom banter + Starlight
Plug In Baby


Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
Stockholm Syndrome + Endless Nameless (riff)
Man with a Harmonica (intro) + Knights of Cydonia

Notes: Sorry about missing the beginning. I'm occasionally on auto-pilot at
gigs. Thought I had hit record, but noticed my Sony was on record + pause
when I checked the levels at the beginning of Uprising. Other than that,
this is a rather good quality recording. Hope you enjoy it!

Some issues with a virus attacking Google Chrome came up with Megaupload, so I'm going with a few file hosting options this time. It's a jungle out there. Make sure your anti-virus software is current!

Option 1: http://rapidshare.com/#!download|105...C._.rar|118798

Option 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?l9fh6nyco66rz91

FYI, for those that want lossless, I'll be uploading the FLAC files to musebootlegs later on today.
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shadow puppet
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Location: Ontario
Age: 30
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Thanks for this Brian!
8/3/10 - Toronto, 11/10/10 - Cincinnati, 12/10/10 - Columbus, 3/8/11 - Indianapolis, 5/8/11 - Lollapalooza, 26/8/11 - Leeds, 28/8/11 - Reading, 26/10/12 - London, 27/10/12 - London, 30/10/12 - Birmingham, 1/11/12 - Manchester, 3/11/12 - Dublin, 23/11/12 - Łódź, 18/2/13 - London, 25/5/13 - London, 26/5/13 - London, 1/6/13 - Manchester, 4/6/13 - Amsterdam, 14/07/13 - Berlin, 08/5/15 - New York
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less cheeze more 'shrooms
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Thank you so much Brian! You rock!

March 8/10 - Toronto ON || October 11/10 - Cincinnati OH || October 12/10 - Columbus OH
August 3/11 - Indianapolis IN || August 5/11 - Chicago IL (Lollapalooza)

Keeper of: Matt saying "You guys are awesome!" and Butterflies & Hurricanes @ Indianapolis - August 3/11,
"Look to the stars, let hope burn in your eyes" from Stockholm Syndrome
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Age: 35
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This is awesome, thanks for this!

Times Seen Muse Live:
October 11th, 2010, Cincinnati OH

Because you are just too old to feel an earthquake,
Too cool to even care,
But you aren't even listening, so why should I?
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less cheeze more 'shrooms
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~Gretchen~US Bank Arena, Cincinnati,OH 10/11/10~Schottenstein Ctr, Columbus,OH 10/12/10~Verizion Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN 8/03/11~Schottenstein Ctr, Columbus, OH 03/05/13 KEEPER OF:~~RBS at Columbus OH 2010~ ~Muse's Ohio State jerseys during KOC at Columbus OH 2010~~The peace sign Dom made at me in Cincinnati OH 2010~~original Team #domstick
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Jake. From State Farm.
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Thank you!!! My first Muse gig . . . (warm fuzzy feelings)
Keeps:Matt's "Woo!"s @OH 2010 gigs; Dom's "You fucking rock"+ post-gig thankyou @C'bus2010; Matt heading PIB balloons back @GA @C'ville 2010; Matt's look @Tom during 2010 AMA win I've been sigged! Woo!
dead-duck: I'm pretty sure that if members of a rock band want to do something outside their normal music it's required by law that either Jack White or Dave Grohl be involved.
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Thanks SO much Brian!! Woohoo! I don't have to be a pest anymore

FIRST TIMER Cincinnati OH 10/11/10, Having a Second helping at Lolla - Chicago IL. Dessert in Kansas.
And now appetizers in Indy.
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Oh thanks for this!
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Thank you!! I loved reliving the whole night all over again!!
10/11/10 - Cincinnati, OH
3/8/13 - St. Louis, MO
My Keeps
Puppets from the Invicible video; Chris' bassline from Uno; Crowd solo during Starlight @ Cincinnati 10/11/10
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Thanks a lot for uploading this. I haven't been able to get this show out of my head since it happened. Been a huge Muse fan for 4 years and was finally able to go see them.
Cincinnati, OH - 10/11/10, Indianapolis, IN - 8/3/11, Portland, OR - 1/31/13, Salt Lake City, UT - 09/19/13
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