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Turin DVD - 2009-04-12 [Multi-Cam]

I already know what everyone's thinking; "Oh, ANOTHER multi-cam..." Yes, well, I do this out of mainly boredom, but also because I've been helping out creating DVD's for the fans for quite a while now plus I already have a positively received multi-cam behind me (Wembley 10th).

So yeah, I wanted something to fill my time and wanted something from the towers stage design because we only have a webrip video of that so far, no DVD quality recording of one. So I chose a gig with the best setlist of the tour that I had footage of it offered to me from and there was an audio recording from (I started things going on this before the other nights insane setlist, fyi.. though Turin > Aussie, 'cause of SS and MotP. Justsayin'). Wanted to just do Sheffield last year 'cause I was there, but some guy on YouTube did that but never seemed to finish it s God knows what's happening.

RIGHT. So, explanations aside, if you have any video footage of this gig that you'd like to contribute, send me a PM or reply here and I can get back to you, or you can find me on MuseBootlegs under the same username.

I have one angle with another one on the way (as I understand) that make up the entire gig, so regardless of what I get from you all, there's a DVD coming. It's just up to you how good I can make it! Any help is appreciated!

As with the Wembley DVD, you'll all be thanked and credited as much as I can and stuff. And unlike the Wembley DVD, this wont be my first attempt at a multi-cam so should hopefully turn out even better!

And just to be clear; I'm not jumping on any bandwagon here, like a lot of people appear to be (no offence), I'm deadly serious and can't wait to get this project underway. Not doing it for attention or priase, just for the fans, those that were there those that are curious, and for myself, obvs.

Cheers muchly in advance, Musers. Apologies for my ramblings! Hope you can help.
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Anything new about this project...??
...watching the flashbacks intertwine...
...questions here to stay...
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