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Man With A Harmonica
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What was the first song that got you into Muse?

Whether it was your first Muse song (I have a thread for that too) or a cover, tell us what song first got you into Muse!

I can't really remember but it's probably a song from BH&R
Proudly loves every Muse song (kinda) except for Jimmy Kane

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Vagina Doom
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White Heat
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Blood and Thunder
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Knights Of Cydonia
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Claudia O.
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I heard Bliss on the radio in about 2002, downloaded it plus Falling down, Coma and Plug in baby
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Sharing this gerbil
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Time Is Running Out
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Originally Posted by heyjackk View Post
I mean it's better than Aftermath Get Up And Fight
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Museic Syndrome
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The one the only the favorite.

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New Born Lee
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Supermassive Black Hole. Saw it on a music video channel.

Edit: hang on, this is different from the other thread?

Um, I guess the song that convinced me they were worth being obsessed with was Take A Bow, when I first gave BHAR a spin. I remember listening to the distortion at the end, I was rather naive and had never really heard a song cut to something like that. It was fucking cool.
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A friend of mine that got me into muse said "humans always show interest in what they can't understand"
And what I couldn't understand was "Showbiz"
What is this maniac "Matt" singing about showing all this anger and darkness in his mind so progressively and in a passionate way. So I heard it over and over again till the ending riff stucked in my head and I could recognize the band stile
And since then I'm a Museholic. 😍
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The first song that get me into Muse was "Cut me Down", back in 1994.
Anyone else who discovered the band later is just a poser and NOT A REAL FAN.
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First Muse song I heard was in 2007 or thereabouts, when my brother put BH&R on in the car and Take A Bow started playing. First song I got into of my own accord was Plug In Baby, if my memory serves correctly.
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I first stumbled upon Madness and I hated it because of the "m-m-m-m-mad-mad-mad" part
Later on, I watched Pitch Perfect 2 (solely because I heard Pentatonix was in it...they were in it, but for like half a minute ) and I heard this cover of Uprising and liked it a lot so I decided to listen to the original song and realized I liked it, but not as much as the cover and I didn't feel like listening to any more Muse songs.
I later on stumbled across a Dan and Phil music video for Supremacy, and I LOVED the song and I chose to look up the band, only to realize "wait a moment isn't this the band that made Uprising?" and then went "well they've made two songs I like, one of which I LOVE, let's listen to some more songs by them I guess" and I've been a fan of them ever since
I also later on realized "wait they made Madness too?" and later on "oh I actually do like Madness, oops"
Also, Time Is Running Out sounds REALLY familiar (and.....nostalgic??) and I'm not 100% sure I didn't hear that song at some point before I heard Madness, but if I did, I have no idea when or where it was
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Butterflies And Hurricanes IIRC. I remember hearing Sing For Absolution, Time Is Running Out, and Hysteria a lot around the same time on the radio though, so it was a bit of a combined effort. If only I'd been paying attention to the tour dates back then.
Originally Posted by james90 View Post
That was a bit anticlimactic. Can't you be a little more like Bs?
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