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I ate all your bees.
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dreams divide tho
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A subtle sense of absence
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Don't start with that, or I won't be able to listen to Dead Inside anymore again.
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When I listen to Dead inside, I always hear " A Crane in the sky" instead of "the greatest guy" and it's really bugging me!
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Originally Posted by TePineer View Post
When I listen to Dead inside, I always hear " A Crane in the sky" instead of "the greatest guy" and it's really bugging me!
That's always more poetic than the actual line.
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My favourite song, time is running out:

Bound and restricted

Until today I thought it was - BUT IM restricted

Leeds Festival 26/8/11
SECC 24/9/12
Emirates Stadium 26/5/13
Etihad Stadium 1/6/13
Barrowlands 16/3/15
Download Festival 13/6/15
Manchester Arena 8/4/16
SSE Hydro 17/4/16
SSE Hydro 18/4/16
Shepherds Bush Empire 19/8/17

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Sooo not a joke post but does anybody know or have any interpretations of this line from Screenager:

All the scars on your skin: 'Post no bills'

One of me absolute fave songs but that last part's always confused me. I've googled the phrase and I sooort of understand where it comes from but I don't get how Matt's applying/relating it to self-harm? Only thing I can think is that the scars are to the skin what posters are to a 'post no bills' wall, in that they shouldn't be there.
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Could also be that they aren't supposed to be covered up, but that doesn't go along with the rest of the text unless he's saying it's pointless to try.

But since the first verse is talking about a phoney, maybe he's talking about the scars as a cry for attention. You know, like advertisement. Honestly I hadn't looked at the lyrics before and now I'm sitting here wondering wtf he's trying to say I mean it's a really grim song if it's about self harm.

EDIT: Okay after reading the wiki and considering the working title I guess yeah, self-harm is kinda confirmed.

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Never read into the lyrics for screenager much.Though the self harm subject makes sense now that I think of it

also I can never unhear.
"And I tend to lose control" instead of "Last chance to lose control" in Hysteria.
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Sharing this gerbil
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For years I heard it as "I swear to lose control", which makes precisely no sense.
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Originally Posted by heyjackk View Post
I mean it's better than Aftermath
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Man With A Harmonica
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"Must have raised you fast" instead of "Must erase it fast"
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Almost forgot

"Just wanna spoil it" instead of "Destroy the spineless"
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From Unnatural Selection:

"We're not chocolates in the ocean"
but it's
"We're not droplets in the ocean"

You can blame a YT comment for that one
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Yeah but where to dig?
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listening to "Animals" over and over, and I was so convinced "amortise, downsize, neon" isn't a real lyric. and so I was right.

also: never thought they'd have "amortise" in that song as I'd always not hear it right either, idk how

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I once saw a comment in youtube of someone mishearing 'Sense of elation' in TIRO as 'Since ovulation' and can now never hear it as the original again. The hilarious part is that the misheard version actually(kinda) makes sense, for once.
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On MuseWiki it does oddly mention that "since ovulation" was a misprint in some copies of the Absolution lyrics booklet.
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