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Lateralus > Muse's album art
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Originally Posted by Zürischnurre View Post
Lateralus > Muse's album art
Any Tool artwork > Muse artwork.

Especially 10K Days though. The artwork (and packaging) is astonishing.
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The Resistance > Origin of symmetry > Showbiz > Absolution > Blck Holes and Revalations
I also like the artwork for Invincible
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Originally Posted by New Born Lee View Post
I've no idea what the Origin of Symmetry is according to Michio Kaku, the author of the book the title was taken from, so it mightn't be the real interpretation, but that's how I see it.
I did read the book, but instead of explaining it myself I'm gonna quote Matt's explanation of the whole origin of symmetry thing from the muse-official.com because it's so entertaining.
Originally Posted by Matt
so, thought of the day, . . . is , , , , , hmmmmmmmmm.....,..,..,,l;l,,
conciousness is what causes all matter to seek a higher state of order... the reason for
this is entropy (the fact that the universe is gradually dying and cooling) like there was once a big bang from a ten dimensionional sphere ,
fucking blew the lot into 6 and 4 dimensional spheres (we live in the 4 one) and when the electron surronded the nucleoueouos it
became concious and began seeking friends to bond with. eventually big old monster stars became a collective
of many smaller beings, thus the consiousness was passed to the higher state of order.
but then it blew up into supernova thing and born lots of new solars systems like the one we locate on.
but evey element in our body and surrounding land and surrounding solars used to be ultra connected
in a star ages ago, and we like wish we were back there.
what a load of shit.. i know
Originally Posted by CiTiZeN_isErAsEd View Post
I read in a magazine, something about the TR cover art- The tesselation of hexagons being a futuristic representation of a womb, and the guy standing on the beam of light is on his way to inseminate the egg, which, funnily enough, happens to be the Earth.
That makes sense, since exogenesis is about aliens traveling around and starting life on other planets or something like that. At least the theory goes that humans are part alien or something.
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The Resistance has some interesting artwork, particularly on the LP thing if you bought it on itunes.
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Gok? Blit?
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My favourites are the later BH&R-era singles, hands down.
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I love all of muses album artwork(the resistance being the best, and showbiz bein g the weakest).

Only a genius would come up with the resistance album cover.
top 5 album covers
1.the resistance
2.blackholes and revolations
4.origin of symmertry

Live albums
2.hulabaloo soundtrak
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exogenesis album artwork is my favourite
Stockholm Syndrome

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How come the structure on the very bottom right of the OOS artwork is different to the rest. Anyone else noticed this? It always bugs me.
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first tag lol! , fourth tag lol! , radiohead lol! , second tag lol! , third tag lol!

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