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muse s'amuse
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Sucker punched by UMG in the USA with Origins and in Germany with TUMULT?

Details below.

Maybe WMG should move up the release of Simulation Theory to 2 November instead of 9 November?

Record labels usually do not schedule new album releases from high profile artists in the same genre to compete against each other. For example, Trench by twenty one pilots will be released on 5 October and Delta by Mumford & Sons will be released on 16 November.

Interscope/Universal Music Group just announced this morning that Origins by Imagine Dragons will be released on 9 November. Based on the past album sales history of ID, it is possible the pop/rock band could debut at #1 with projected sales somewhere in the range of 100,000 - 200,000 in the USA with a large portion of that total streaming equivalent album units and track equivalent units.

MUSE could sell in the range of 60,000 - 100,000 equivalent album units as could country artist Kane Brown. Concert ticket/album bundles could increase these totals.

The posthumous album release from emo-rapper Lil Peep could also prevent ID or MUSE from topping the US album chart for a second time.

In the UK, Simulation Theory will be battling for the album chart summit with new albums from Imagine Dragon, Olly Murs, Architects, and the 50th anniversary White Album special edition from The Beatles.

Comparing first week album sales on the US Billboard 200 chart:

#2 Evolve (147k/109k album sales) released in 2017 vs. #1 Drones (84k/79k album sales) released in 2015

Prior ID studio album Smoke + Mirrors released in 2015 sold 172k albums in its first week and moved a total of 195k equivalent units, while debut Night Visions sold 83k albums at its weekly sales peak in 2012

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muse s'amuse
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MUSE are nominated for two 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards. The band have won five MTV EMAs in their career: two in 2004; one in 2006; and two in 2007.

Best Live

Ed Sheeran



Shawn Mendes

The Carters

Best Rock

5 Seconds Of Summer

Foo Fighters

Imagine Dragons



Best Alternative

Fall Out Boy

Panic! At The Disco

The 1975

Thirty Seconds To Mars

twenty one pilots

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muse s'amuse
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Greatest guitar riff of the 21st century revealed:

1. Muse - Plug In Baby

It was always going to come down to this and Seven Nation Army, but Matt Bellamy’s Fuzz Factory-propelled neoclassical freakout clearly continues to enthral guitarists the world over as it lands the coveted number one position – something it also achieved when Total Guitar ran its ‘best riff of the past 10 years’ poll back in 2010.

While echoes of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor prove that sometimes the oldies are the best, it’s Bellamy’s anarchic delivery and keen sense of melody that launch this wiry guitar line into the stratosphere – its ascending harmonic minor hook, embellished with hammer-ons, pull-offs and bends, has made it compulsory learning for all aspiring guitar players.

The Muse frontman may have recently argued that “the guitar has become a textural instrument rather than a lead instrument”, but we reckon knuckling down and penning a few more winning riffs like this could bring the electric back to the forefront once more. Until then, will anything ever topple it?

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muse s'amuse
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Location: United States

United Kingdom iTunes Album Pre-order Bestsellers as of 12 October 2018 four weeks before release of Simulation Theory:

#2 Delta - Mumford & Sons (#2 US, Canada; #9 Switzerland, Italy; and #8 Germany)
#7 ST - MUSE (#7 Switzerland; #8 Japan; #9 Canada; #10 France, US; #12 Italy; #16 Israel, Russia; and #24 Germany)
#6 Origins - Imagine Dragons (#1 US, Switzerland, Russia, Israel; #5 France, Canada #7 Japan; #8 Italy; #9 Germany)

UK Singles Sales Chart Top 100 (Official Charts Company) - Debut Positions

#94 Dig Down (May 2017)
#46 Thought Contagion (February 2018)
#61 Something Human (July 2018)
#64 The Dark Side (September 2018)
#62 Pressure (October 2018)

France Singles Sales Chart Top 200 (SNEP) - Peak Positions

#35 Dig Down (May 2017)
#7 Thought Contagion (February 2018)
#17 Something Human (July 2018)
#29 The Dark Side (September 2018)
#77 Pressure (October 2018)

USA Hot Rock Songs Chart (Billboard) - Measures Sales, Airplay and Streams

#21 Dig Down (Peaked at #93 at iTunes)
#10 Thought Contagion (Peaked at #53 at iTunes)
#19 Something Human (Peaked at #87 at iTunes)
#32 The Dark Side (Peaked at #104 at iTunes) - No Airplay and debuted at #14 Rock Digital Song Sales with 3k units sold
#33 Pressure (Peaked at #110 at iTunes) - Minimal Airplay and debuted at #25 Alternative Digital Song Sales with 2k units sold

Most Top 10 Tracks at US Alternative Radio in the 2010s (Billboard)

11 - twenty one pilots (Holding on to You...My Blood)
10 - MUSE (Uprising...Something Human) - 15 Career Top 10s Beginning with TIRO
10 - Cage The Elephant (In One Ear...Whole Wide World)
9 - Imagine Dragons (It's Time...Natural)

US Alternative Radio Airplay (Mediabase) - Tracking Period Ending 6 October:

635 weekly plays - Something Human (#25 in its 12th chart week - Peaked at #10)
394 weekly plays - Thought Contagion (Recurrent Airplay - Peaked at #1)
149 weekly plays - Pressure (#51 - New Airplay at 26 stations)

Stat du Jour:

Simulation Theory has charted in the Top 200 at streaming platform Apple Music in markets including both Россия and 中国 but not yet in the United States

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muse s'amuse
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“Uprising” -- Billboard’s No. 1 alternative song of all time

This week Billboard celebrates the 30th anniversary (1988-2018) of the Alternative Songs chart. For an extended look behind the circumstances and context behind MUSE's 2009 "Uprising" becoming the most successful song in the chart's decades-long history click on the link below.


MUSE have three songs on the 300 Greatest of All Time Billboard Alternative Songs list: #1 Uprising; #4 Madness; and #270 Resistance


Greatest of All Time Billboard Alternative Artists - UK/Irish Acts Rankings:

#5 U2
#11 Bush
#13 MUSE
#17 The Cure
#25 Coldplay
#27 Depeche Mode
#28 Morrissey
#27 Oasis
#42 Mumford & Sons
#56 The Cranberries
#58 Bastille
#59 Siouxsie & The Banshees
#71 Big Audio Dynamite
#72 The Jesus and Mary Chain
#80 New Order
#92 Jesus Jones
#93 Arctic Monkeys
#94 Elvis Costello


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muse s'amuse
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The night [23 years ago on 11 October] an unknown MUSE played a Cornish nightclub [Berkeley Centre in Camborne] and were terrible [but later got studio time from Dennis Smith to record an EP]...

In 2012, Chris Wolstenholme referred to that early gig in Cornwall in a tweet when asked whether there was a point in their career where they felt like they were going nowhere and were wasting their time: "Maybe playing in the Camborne centre in 1995 to 3 people."


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muse s'amuse
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'Pressure' debuted last week at #29 (Billboard) and at #30 (Mediabase) with modern rock radio stations in Cincinnati, OH; Los Angeles (KYSR) and San Diego, CA; Chicago (WKQX); Minneapolis, MN; Nashville and Knoxville, TN; Austin, TX; Rochester and Syracuse, NY; Eugene, OR; Boise, ID; and Montgomery, AL giving it the most spins. Active rock stations in Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD also gave it a few plays.

It is MUSE's 20th chart hit on the Billboard Alternative Songs Top 40 airplay tally and the first MUSE album [not yet released] to generate four charting tracks at US alternative radio.

The five studio albums from Absolution to Drones each charted three tracks. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) from The Twilight Saga Soundtrack is the other MUSE track to make the alternative radio airplay list.


Five albums from Imagine Dragons, Lil Peep, Kane Brown, MUSE, and The Beatles scheduled to be released on 9 November could each debut with over 50,000 equivalent album units in the USA. The recently released Trench from twenty one pilots sold 135,000 copies in the States in its first week, while Pray for the Wicked from Panic! at the Disco sold a slightly higher total of 151,000 copies in its debut week in June. ST will also likely sell over 50k first week copies in both the UK and France.

The just announced MUSE 2019 Rock Werchter gig in Belgium will be the band's ninth performance at this festival dating back to 2000. They have played the Leeds and Reading festivals in the UK and the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals in Germany six times each.

This month October marks the 24th anniversary of MUSE's first gig at the Cavern Club in Exeter in 1994, the most played venue in the band's career with reportedly 32 performances. The second most played venue is Bercy Arena in Paris with a total of 12 performances dating back to 1999.

At what position will Simulation Theory debut on the album chart in España? TR and T2L both entered at #2 while Drones peaked at #3.

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muse s'amuse
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Two months after first becoming available for purchase at iTunes worldwide and one week before its official release, Simulation Theory still ranks among the Top 50 Bestselling Pre-order Albums in the following markets:

United Kingdom
United States


Algorithm, The Dark Side, Blockades, and The Void from ST are the Quintessence of MUSE

‘O for the Muse of fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention…’

'What a piece of work is a man. How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, in form and moving, how express and admirable, in action, how like an angel! in apprehension, how like a god—the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals! And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust?’

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muse s'amuse
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Simulation Theory has the best chance to debut at No. 1 in early November on the national album charts in the following countries:

United Kingdom
Italy (#1 or #2)
Netherlands (#1 or #2)
Germany (#2 or #3)
Austria (#2 or #3)
Ireland (#1 or #2)
Spain (#1 or #2 or #3)
Portugal (#1 or #2)
Russia (#1 or #2)
Denmark (#1 or #2)
Norway (#1 or #2)
Finland (#1 or #2)
Australia (#1 or #2)
New Zealand (#1 or #2)
Canada (#1 or #2)
Mexico (#1 or #2)
Israel (#1 or #2)
United States (#3 or #4)

Imagine Dragons will likely block it from hitting the summit in several markets including the United States because ID are massively popular at Top 40 radio and streaming platforms. In Germany and Austria, Herbert Grönemeyer's new album will provide stiff competition for the top spot to both ID and MUSE.

This week 'Pressure' climbs four spots to #25 at US Alternative (Billboard) getting plays at more than 50 rock radio stations including those in large markets in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Austin, and Nashville.

MUSE Pick the Records That Changed Their Lives/Forbes Interview


"There's a few that are jumping out, 'Grace,' by Jeff Buckley, 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.' Those two stand out for me."


"I think my early ventures into music were things like Queen, 'Don't Stop Me Now.' I'm probably the biggest Queen fan in the band. People probably think it's Matt because he's sung big harmonies in the past, but I've always really loved Queen because I've loved their diversity, their musical diversity has gone all over the place. I think it's inspiring."

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveba.../#51ba75ea5f49

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muse s'amuse
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Simulation Theory

#1 Switzerland and Belgium - Bestselling Pre-order Album on iTunes as official release date draws near

ST also currently ranks in the Top 10 on iTunes in the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Israel

'Pressure' enters the Top 20 (#18 Billboard) charts at US Alternative Radio Airplay with an increase of 200+ weekly spins

'Starlight' certified Gold last week by BPI in the United Kingdom for 400,000 units shipped (including streams) joining 'SMBH' and 'Uprising' to reach this award threshold

# of Career Gigs at Stade de France:

9 Johnny Halliday
7 U2
6 MUSE (Assuming a 2nd date is added in July 2019)
5 The Rolling Stones
5 Beyoncé
4 Coldplay
3 Madonna
3 Depeche Mode
3 The Black Eyed Peas
3 Indochine
2 Paul McCartney
2 Metallica
2 The Police
2 Bruce Springsteen
2 Ed Sheeran
2 Rihanna
2 Céline Dion
2 One Direction
2 Mylène Farmer
2 David Guetta
1 Roger Waters
1 Prince
1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
1 Guns N' Roses
1 George Michael
1 Lady Gaga
1 Tina Turner
1 Eminem
1 Justin Timberlake
1 Bruno Mars

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muse s'amuse
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Simulation Theory (Deluxe) - MUSE

64 Metascore Rating (Generally Favourable Reviews Based on 17 Critics)


Apple iTunes Top Albums Peak Chart Positions (Download Sales) in the following 68 Markets:

#1 United Kingdom
#1 France
#1 Switzerland
#1 Spain
#1 Belgium
#1 Netherlands
#1 Austria
#1 Hungary
#1 Ireland
#1 Portugal
#1 Greece
#1 Luxembourg
#1 Argentina
#1 Chile
#1 Finland
#1 Norway
#1 Sweden
#1 Israel
#1 Poland
#1 Belarus
#1 Romania
#1 Bulgaria
#1 Estonia
#1 Hong Kong
#1 Singapore
#1 United Arab Emirates
#1 Peru
#1 Nicaragua
#1 Kyrgyzstan

#2 Italy (#1 Alternative)
#2 Canada*
#2 Australia*
#2 New Zealand*
#2 Russia*
#2 Ukraine*
#2 Turkey*
#2 India*
#2 Denmark (#1 Alternative)
#2 Mexico (#1 Alternative)
#2 Colombia (#1 Alternative)
#2 Egypt (#1 Alternative)
#2 Slovakia*
#2 Indonesia
#2 Malaysia*
#2 Armenia (#1 Alternative)
#2 Latvia*
#2 Lebanon*
#2 Malta
#2 Fiji

#3 United States*
#3 Germany
#3 Brazil*
#3 Czech Republic*
#3 Moldova*
#3 South Africa
#3 Taiwan (#1 Alternative)
#3 Thailand*
#3 Vietnam*

#4 Japan (#1 Alternative)
#4 Qatar*
#6 Oman

#17 Mauritius
#17 Brunei Darussalam
#23 Botswana
#38 Honduras
#41 Lithuania
#92 Slovenia
#171 Costa Rica

#4 France (Standard)
#4 Estonia (Standard)
#5 Italy (Standard)
#5 Greece (Standard)
#6 Luxembourg (Standard)
#7 United Kingdom (Standard)
#7 Russia (Standard)
#7 Ukraine (Standard)
#7 Canada (Standard)
#8 Netherlands (Standard)
#8 Finland (Standard)
#9 Portugal (Standard)
#9 Czech Republic (Standard)
#10 Switzerland (Standard)
#11 Turkey (Standard)
#13 Australia (Standard)
#13 Denmark (Standard)
#13 Singapore (Standard)
#15 Sweden (Standard)
#16 Spain (Standard)
#17 Thailand (Standard)
#19 Austria (Standard)
#20 Mexico (Standard)
#25 United States (Standard)
#28 Germany (Standard)
#29 New Zealand (Standard)
#40 Belgium (Standard)

*Origins (Deluxe) Imagine Dragons occupies the #1 album chart position in these markets

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muse s'amuse
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Amazon USA Best Sellers:

#2 Simulation Theory (Top Albums) - #1 Origins Imagine Dragons
#10 Simulation Theory (CDs) - #1 White Album The Beatles

'Pressure' and 'The Dark Side' are currently the most streamed previously released tracks on both Spotify and Apple Music.

'Propaganda' is the new ST track with the most streams currently on Spotify:

#55 Portugal
#82 Latvia
#96 Finland
#101 United Kingdom
#106 Greece
#116 Switzerland
#123 Poland
#128 Belgium
#137 Netherlands
#148 Hungary
#170 France
#185 Norway
#195 Taiwan
#200 Austria

'Algorithm' is the new track from ST with the most streams currently on Apple Music:

#23 Finland
#74 Sweden
#76 Poland
#90 Portugal
#109 Romania
#139 Cyprus
#144 Spain
#146 Netherlands
#148 Hungary
#156 Romania
#159 Malta
#163 Norway
#171 Greece
#172 Denmark
#186 Slovenia
#199 Belgium

'Algorithm' is also the new track from ST with the most download sales at Apple iTunes:

#30 Switzerland
#39 Czech Republic
#68 France
#74 Austria
#113 Spain
#142 Denmark
#156 Italy
#172 Taiwan
#178 United Kingdom

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muse s'amuse
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Location: United States
USA Top Selling Albums for Week Ending 15 November 2018 (Early Estimates):

Experiment - Kane Brown >120k
Origins - Imagine Dragons > 60k
White Album - The Beatles > 45k
A Star Is Born Soundtrack - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper >35k
Simulation Theory - MUSE >30k
Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2 - Lil Peep >30k
Glory Sound Prep - Jon Bellion > 25k
Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack - Queen > 25k
Platinum Collection - Queen >25k
Greatest Hits - Queen >20k

The UK top selling album next week will likely be from one of the following artists:

MUSE, Imagine Dragons, Olly Murs, The Spice Girls (Greatest Hits), Architects, The Beatles (White Album), Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born Soundtrack), Queen

Check back on Monday for the midweek chart update from the Official Charts Company to see which album has sold the most units for the first three days of the tracking period.

In a recent BBC Radio 2 interview Matt revealed he had an interesting encounter with Prince at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in early July 2010.

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muse s'amuse
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Simulation Theory - MUSE

Apple Music - Top Albums (All Genres) Chart as of 12 November 2018

Below are the 86 markets streaming the ST Deluxe Version and where the album ranks. The ST Super Deluxe Version also ranks among the top 200 albums streamed in 61 of these markets.

#1 Finland
#1 Portugal
#2 Netherlands
#4 Spain
#4 Belarus
#4 Latvia
#4 Sweden
#5 Denmark
#5 Poland
#5 Mauritius
#6 Mexico
#6 Nicaragua
#6 Paraguay
#6 Uzbekistan
#7 Hungary
#7 Italy
#7 Norway
#7 Romania
#8 Cyprus
#9 Belgium
#9 Chile
#9 Estonia
#9 Greece
#9 Switzerland
#11 Argentina
#11 Austria
#11 Czech Republic
#12 Russia
#12 Moldova
#13 United Kingdom
#13 Armenia
#13 Luxembourg
#13 Slovenia
#14 Malta
#14 Ukraine
#14 Lithuania
#15 Hong Kong
#15 Peru
#16 Bolivia
#16 Ireland
#17 Bulgaria
#18 Colombia
#18 Israel
#18 New Zealand
#19 France
#21 Ecuador
#22 Guatemala
#22 Panama
#23 Germany
#24 China
#24 Kazakhstan
#24 Thailand
#25 Australia
#25 Honduras
#26 Egypt
#26 Singapore
#27 Costa Rica
#29 Macau
#30 El Salvador
#30 Slovakia
#31 India
#33 Lebanon
#33 Turkey
#34 Brazil
#34 Indonesia
#37 Canada
#39 Taiwan
#41 Malaysia
#43 Bahrain
#46 Cayman Islands
#46 Kyrgyzstan
#48 Azerbaijan
#50 Belize
#60 United Arab Emirates
#63 Vietnam
#68 Trinidad and Tobago
#71 Sri Lanka
#75 Saudi Arabia
#80 Dominican Republic
#88 South Africa
#92 Philippines
#112 United States
#116 Grenada
#124 South Korea
#134 Jordan
#163 Cambodia

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muse s'amuse
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UK Official Albums Chart Update Top 100 (Friday-Sunday)

1 Muse - Simulation Theory (34,038)
2 Olly Murs - You Know I Know (23,866)
3 The Beatles - The Beatles ("The White Album") (14,874)

UK Official Singles Chart Update Top 100 (Friday-Sunday)

83 Algorithm
87 The Dark Side



"Olly Murs and Muse are battling it out for the Number 1 spot on this week's UK Official Albums Chart.

Both acts are regulars at the top of the chart, with Muse having scored five [consecutive] chart-topping albums and Olly with four [consecutive] to date.

Muse are currently leading the way in today's Official Chart Update (Nov 12) with their eighth studio record Simulation Theory, while Olly is at Number 2 with You Know I Know - his sixth album combined with a greatest hits collection.

It could be an all-new Top 3 on this Friday's Official Chart; behind Olly is a 50th anniversary reissue of The Beatles' self-titled album, also known as The White Album. The record comes with new mixes and previously unreleased demos and follows last year's chart-topping re-release of their Sgt. Pepper's album."

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christianzaheri boo , long live madness! , panicstation8400 boo , still madness------ , we <3 muse s'amuse!

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