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In Rainbows > Muse
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Originally Posted by Kueller917 View Post
What a quality thread.
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Muse>Quality threads
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Muse>quality threads> Threads that are not of quality >SH
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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
In Rainbows > Muse
The Dark Side >> All I Need
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Completely different music so I don't see how it makes much sense to compare them at all, but In Rainbows is miles better than anything Muse have released since to be honest. The Dark Side is barely a solid 6/10 for me and it's the best song from the new album by a decent margin so far. Something Human might make 5/10 or so but I haven't cared at all about the others. Dig Down is terrible, and both Thought Contagion and Pressure are just really boring.
Originally Posted by james90 View Post
That was a bit anticlimactic. Can't you be a little more like Bs?
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