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Don't wanna jump to hyperbole too quickly in case I chill on it but that might end up being a turning point for me continuing to support them tbh. Matt's obvs made the odd shady comment towards fans over the years, usually in the heat of the moment at gigs, but that's the most open disdain and lack of regard for the people who support him he's shown imo.

I've been a massive fanboy/girl before, still am in a way, and I've looked past a lot of stuff myself but I genuinely don't understand how people can see 'lol matt bants' over the middle finger that's practically in their face with that tweet.
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This is the shit that was the turning point for me. I fucking loved their last album, even with the childishly bad lyrics.
Matt's disdain for the actual fans, even the ones that keep continually kissing his ass, just finally soured everything.
I mean, it's not Highly Suspect level of absolute disgustingness, but Matt seems to have just become a smarmy jackass who somehow believes he's rich and famous despite his fans, not because of them.
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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
Immediately followed up by

i almost wanna applaud
hahahha is this real
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