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Fun With a Random Paragraph Generator

Here is the url:

Enter 2 Muse-related subjects and paste your goodies

My 2 Subjects were "Matt Bellamy" and "bananas"

Before the extreme manufacturer consents a touched scream. When can bananas enter throughout Matt Bellamy? A club decays. Within Matt Bellamy mutters bananas.

Bananas populates the exhaustive holy before a bay. His fired divine stalls under bananas. The rose arithmetic pretends around the pat major. Matt Bellamy proclaims a difficult hello past the irritated insult. How does Matt Bellamy sneak past bananas?

An inform clause chalks into the radio ax. Matt Bellamy marches beneath the native. Without bananas rages Matt Bellamy. Underneath a socialist crashes the mistake. A coffee disadvantages another keeper. Matt Bellamy swears the eccentric.

The grave sickens underneath this enough alert. Does bananas degenerate under Matt Bellamy? Matt Bellamy excites the magazine. When will Matt Bellamy dish the deterrent directive? Bananas perfects Matt Bellamy. Her largest endeavor cooperates with this strict diagonal.

Forever a Fan of Matt's Magenta Pants

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Black Absolution
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The broadcast dedicates Matt Bellamy. Matt Bellamy disputes the ash throughout the paid philosopher. Dom Howard delights whatever incompetent tour. Matt Bellamy hears Dom Howard opposite a bandwidth. Matt Bellamy staggers!

Fragile and stripped to the core
I can't hurt you anymore

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Dom Howard swears into the master. Dom Howard initiates rainbow pants underneath an episode. The dictator exempts rainbow pants. How does rainbow pants lather Dom Howard? Dom Howard cards rainbow pants. Dom Howard locates his waffle across the digest.

Outside rainbow pants scores a pitfall. Rainbow pants breathes. Rainbow pants labels your nature with the irresponsible view. Dom Howard bucks rainbow pants. The abandoned correspondent divorces rainbow pants. When will rainbow pants sugar a bed?

A spoilt fellow responds with a crossed journalist. Above Dom Howard farms rainbow pants. The dentist argues next to the maze. How does your pulled eater snack under a triangle? Your ideal migrates around a bone sin.

Forever a Fan of Matt's Magenta Pants

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blew blue bloom!
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This is a fantastic website!
Originally Posted by Pulled Apart By Horses
Hello Fin you total babe!
Originally Posted by Lizz24 View Post
spermonara pasta
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Horse With Pizazz
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A pad allocates Chris Wolstenholme. The variant premise sickens behind a satellite scum. The commentator twists! Manson grabs Chris Wolstenholme without the reward. Chris Wolstenholme authorizes Manson underneath an ownership.

o teh horrurz
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Pistol Star
Vale Decem
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Will Matt Bellamy degenerate into a persecuted newsletter? Matt Bellamy guts David Tennant in the hope. Matt Bellamy seals David Tennant. Matt Bellamy pops below David Tennant. The racist sells his pit. David Tennant pops.

David Tennant regards Matt Bellamy behind a voltage. David Tennant bars the abused libel without an evil ratio. The bomb triumphs over David Tennant. The heresy replaces David Tennant. The erased purple bridges David Tennant. Matt Bellamy grasps an operator around the complementary conflict.


The radio originator smiles against a python. A deputy tome reclaims Matt Bellamy. The pig pulps the promise next to the saddening custard. The same subway seasons each dogma. With the contained bed rails the tentative twist. Matt Bellamy hides David Tennant in the crystal.

LMAO@the last line.
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The catastrophic tale concentrates the year. The crowd mocks Chris Wolstenholme around the slogan. The appearance apologizes for beer after the threat. Beer burdens the noise. Chris Wolstenholme rips beer outside a helpful newcomer. The verbal opposite breaks.

When will beer arrive? Why does the muck persist into Chris Wolstenholme? Beer volunteers near a wet bookstore. Beer cheats throughout Chris Wolstenholme.

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aint nothin but a thang.
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How does the unavailable love emphasize the blasting instinct? Every powder bakes carrot. The topical cassette deals Chris wolstenholme. Carrot joins with Chris wolstenholme. Our duplicate captures carrot outside a day.

Grouplove Groupie

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Dom Howard fevers a roof. The uncle rails. How can a nickname overcome outside your hip agony? Chris Wolstenholme solos! How can Dom Howard fool Chris Wolstenholme? Will Dom Howard err past the offending professional?

The specimen supports Dom Howard near the warming distress. When will Dom Howard jump Chris Wolstenholme? Why won't Dom Howard lust before Chris Wolstenholme? The limiting overview objects with the suspended identifier.

lol oh my!
Forever a Fan of Matt's Magenta Pants

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Her imposed liquor pencils Chris Wolstenholme beside an ancient. Chris Wolstenholme coppers Matt Bellamy near the bedroom. Why does the blurb code Chris Wolstenholme? How will Chris Wolstenholme dog Matt Bellamy? Matt Bellamy discovers Chris Wolstenholme with the mum.

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Believe Everything
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The analyst samples a water. Matt Bellamy causes your felt visible after the charmed fire. The smashed policeman runs outside piano. Inside piano nests Matt Bellamy. A nuisance lurks throughout piano.

A synthesis appalls Matt Bellamy against the competent prince. The licenced singer quibbles within the complaint. Piano accelerates an open mythology. The mum stereotype teams piano. A likelihood understands Matt Bellamy after a withdrawn flute.

Frequently mistaken for DifferentPerson/Exo-Politik

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Uhh, cause I'm a freak, I put my name and Matt's. Observe. Cause it's awesome, and slightly sexual...

Matt Bellamy leaks near the bathroom. Matt Bellamy bolts inside Rachel. Rachel flowers throughout Matt Bellamy. Matt Bellamy decides below the interactive stem. Why won't Matt Bellamy solo?

(Awww, he peed hisself.)

Matt Bellamy slides in Rachel. Will the associated sentient motor Matt Bellamy? Below a choice yard conforms Matt Bellamy. With a delayed acid succeeds a lethal wombat. Rachel bowls Matt Bellamy opposite the electorate. Matt Bellamy enters beside Rachel.

(See, sexual!)

How can Rachel rest near Matt Bellamy? A located ruler kisses Matt Bellamy. The sorry lens volunteers above Rachel. Matt Bellamy pounds the gnome inside the apple. Rachel changes across Matt Bellamy.

Matt Bellamy prosecutes Rachel behind a hog.

The academic archive taps Matt in the dubious trouble. Near Matt weds an inconsistent endeavor. Why won't Rachel participate? Rachel struggles underneath Matt. The trade moves Matt.

(Mmm, there would be no struggling.)

Why won't Matt work the world?

Oh and two other favorites of mine were something about Matt raving throughout me and singing into me. -sigh- how strange!
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The public spits opposite a synonym! A tea coasts against your mother. Why won't your mother coast near Chris Wolstenholme? Does Chris Wolstenholme rock outside the edited winter?

Dom administers to Matt with the chemical. Why does the lad screw the plagued valley? Outside a quantum interferes the article. A major crowds the dictatorship. Dom refers to Matt opposite the unsound code.

i lol.
And that's the way the cookie crumbles. .

There's so much more going on here than singer-guitarist Matthew Bellamy's Yorko-style "Oh no, I'm suffering from almost unbearable existential angst while simultaneously experiencing soul-destroying alienation as a result of late capitalism's ever-accelerating descent into the denatured abyss of mindless consumerism" falsetto. Much more.

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This thread=
Keeps: Saying “alles ok” at the end of USOE at Goffertpark | Piano in Nishe at Glastonbury 2010 | Matt thanking Michael Eavis for farming tips at NME
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shiny purple rock
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overall the paragraph makes zero sense... BUT there are some quite funny lines....

A soft detector flushes Matt under an outrage. The pacifier tails the breeze. Matt fails before Chris. Opposite a breeze defects Matt. Chris positions Matt.

Also I find this interesting.... I selected "Chris" and "Matt" as my subjects, but the generator didn't enter the word "Matt" like it was supposed to... it instead referenced him in a different way.

Chris waves. Chris shifts beside a paranoid. A sneaky operator withdraws the mercury underneath the appointed song. Chris frowns the antique. Why does Chris read under an explanatory river? The mystery tutors Chris across the sterling heroin.

Originally Posted by View Post
wehey! You're not just a pretty pair of tits!

Formerly Violet80s

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nanners , rainbow pants

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