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If there was ever going to be a Muse Musical...

Which one of their songs would actually work as a title? The Abba musical had Mamma Mia, the Queen one had We Will Rock You and the Take That one had..erm..Never Forget (that's not running anymore right? At least I hope not ) but Muse songs don't give themselves so easily as titles...so what do you think?

(also I know there was a musical thread loooong ago but I can't find it anymore anyway)
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It should be called
Matt Bellamy's Pwoper Fish (featuring the music of Muse)
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Let's Nightdrive.
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Knights of Cydonia of course

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I know someone who's actually written one and it's pretty good. Not sure if it will ever go into production though.
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Depends what it's about.
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That's a really good idea, OP.
It could be of an impending apocalypse of the earth, and how humans prepare for it and what happens after it. Put a love story inside, and POOF we have a musical.

Just a suggestion anyways, since Muse's music has a really good theme for a musical.
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Originally Posted by Futurellama View Post
Knights of Cydonia of course
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