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Plug In Baby.
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Knights of Cydonia when I played Guitar Hero
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Uprising. Heard it on the radio, really enjoyed it, and checked out The Resistance.

(Don't hate me.)
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First I heard was Knights Of Cydonia on Guitar Hero, didn't like it then. Later I heard Uprising on Guitar Hero and did like it, but wasn't very interested in it. Then someone on another website suggested I try out Muse when I said I wanted to look into more modern music that I might like, noting they shared a lot with my favorite band Queen. He sent me youtube links to Survival, TiRO, Hysteria, and I think SS and B&H, TiRO especially I fell in love with and the rest was history.
The Cydonian Rhapsody of Rocinante
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Butterflies & Hurricanes in spring 2007.
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imaginary friend
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I guess I became a fan in 2013, but I've listened to them for years before that. The first song by Muse that I ever heard was Unintended. That was somewhere around 2004. Back then I wasn't huge into music, so I didn't think to check out artists. I just heard songs that I liked and downloaded them.

But then a few years later, I met someone who liked Muse, and who introduced me to them. She showed me a lot of songs and from there I became gradually more interested in them.

Then in 2013, I attended my first Muse concert and fell head over heels for them. Listened to all their albums and was obsessed for a while. And of course I fell in love with Matt. Then my obsession died down after a while. Until last year, that is.

In 2016, I went to another one. This time the whole experience was a lot different, for several reasons. Both good and bad, but mostly good. Since then I've gotten my enthusiasm back, but I wouldn't say I'm obsessed now. I have read a lot about the though, and come to respect them as people and artists.

Their music has helped and continues to help me through trying times. It's the only space where I can forget about my problems for a little while. And now I've bought some amazing IEMs, so I'm expecting to fall even more in love with the band.

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Intro! Really though, it was Apocalypse Please thanks to Napster back in the day. Muse was pretty much unheard of in Canada at the time... I came across the band name a few times on various other forums I was on at the time and downloaded the first song Apocalypse Please to see what they were about. After listening to it I HAD to download the other songs and the rest was history (and yes I did buy everything afterwards).

Finding them at the release of Absolution was great... it allowed me to see them live in small club venues here for years until The Resistance album hit big and they've been playing arenas ever since.
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Hysteria or Resistance, I was going through the originals that 2cellos covered and I discovered Muse!
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Dave Z
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Muscle Museum in 1999. Saw the music video on MTV's M2 channel (later renamed MTV2). Used to be a great place to discover weird and wonderful music.
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Vagina Doom
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Muse have been Plug In Baby I reckon, Kerrang circa 2001 - along with Bliss and New Born.

My friend sent me Sunburn and Muscle Museum too over MSN Messenger, iirc .
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Believe Everything
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Remixed version of Supermassive Black Hole used on FIFA 07, although it was a while before it lead to my curiosity leading me towards other tracks.
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The first full song I heard was Citizen Erased live when my family had dinner next to Cirkus in Stockholm 2003. (We arrived during the middle of Micro Cuts). The song that made me a fan though was Stockholm Syndrome when I downloaded it off Limewire in 2005.

EDIT: Made a back check and apparently the first song for me was Thoughts of a Dying Atheist... But CE is the one I properly remember
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I also like cookies.

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