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get a grip..
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Contribute to the Programme - Ask Muse a Question...

Earlier on this month we asked you to send us your Muse memorabilia to be added to the programme for the forthcoming European stadium shows. Now we'd like to ask for your input once again...

The band will be doing an interview for this programme and we'd like YOU to ask the questions! Send us an email at programme.questions@muse.mu with the ONE question you'd most like answered, which band member you'd like to answer it and (most importantly) your name so we can credit you in the programme! Please get your questions in to us by Thursday morning.

And while we're talking programmes... Thank you to everyone who has already sent us pictures of your Muse memorabilia, we've had loads of awesome submissions! What we really need now are more old ticket stubs and set lists so if you've got any in an old shoe box under the bed, please do take a few minutes to scan them in and send them our way.

Here's that list of email addresses for your image submissions...


Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/656/cont...se-a-question/
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Does Ireland fall under UK or what?
I want it to be my own special fence that I can share with others over time
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and Germany?

(NO Russian porn-star!)
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Wembley 10th + 11th Sept 2010

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lost in the groove
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OoooOOOoooh. Niiice.

Right people, how about asking "good" questions only - no pointless whining about "why didn't you come to xxxx" or about the setlist - we'll only get boring answers back!!

Of course now I have to come up with the most amazing question EVER. Oh dear.
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psittacine devotee
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Originally Posted by Bellamy'sSocket View Post
Does Ireland fall under UK or what?
Originally Posted by sokkadis View Post
and Germany?
Aren't they festivals though?
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how you doin'?
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If we all work together than all of our questions shall be answered!
so...who wants to ask what?
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flashing no color
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Yellow Regret
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We should all submit the same question like "Why don't you play long setlists with songs from Showbiz" and see if they get the picture.
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Will have to get my thinking cap on! It's currently under the piles of paperwork on my dining room table.
My peeps by my side. Oh and a man called Matt.
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Rhinestone Eyes
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muse porn?
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remember who you were
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I feel horribly stupid for not knowing there was a 'submit your memorabilia' thingy... which isn't actually in the news section on .mu site... have I missed something? .

Gahh I hate having to think up some profound question, lol. I'll have to give this tons of thought, and I've got LOTS on before (and on) Thursday, so I'll have to come up with something good before then.

Just to check - 'programme' is referring to the tour programmes that you buy for like Ģ15 at the show, oui?

Edit: 'Earlier this month' was actually 16 April ... just a tad off the mark
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how you doin'?
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I was thinking:
-if you could tour with one band from the present or past who would it be?
-have you considered your long-term fans when agreeing to write songs for Twilight?
-what's your favorite album Muse has made?
-Matt: since you've almost mastered every instrument known to man, is there an instrument in particular you'd like to learn how to play next?
-what's your favorite country/place to visit?
-Dom: where do you get all your clothes?
-do you guys ever go on the boards?
-have you even kept in touch with a fan?
-Chris: do you know how to play all of your songs on the drums as well?

and the one I really want to ask Matt if I ever meet him:
-what's your favorite theory about December 21 2012? (that's my birthday )

can we send multiple emails with different questions? or are we only allowed one email/question?
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Pistol Star
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I submitted my question, hopefully Matt will finally answer it. It's the one about him smelling like shit.

Keeper of: Matt's brain vein in the middle of his forehead, Dom's drumming during Butterflies and Hurricanes at Glastonbury 2004, Chris' bass slapping during Micro Cuts at Wembley 2007, and the Gig in Los Angeles on the 26th of September 2010
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In Ryanbows
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Do you think that America has been covertly supporting conflict in geostrategic flash points across the Eurasian landmass in order to stop unification and subsequently safeguard its aspiration toward global hegemony?

He said he wanted to be asked that.
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So Matt, when are you gonna get a red glitter double necked Keytar?
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daniwerehere , god loves tags , vegetarian stuff , what's for dinner?

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