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muse s'amuse
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'Thought Contagion'

Over 10 million Spotify audio streams

Over 8 million YouTube views (Official Music Video) and over 550k YouTube views (Live at La Cigale/Paris)

YouTube total TC views ranked by city as of 13 April 2018:

209,204 Paris
79,744 London

07 April 2018 US Billboard Charts:

#5(-1) Rock Airplay with 9 million audience at all rock radio formats*

#5(+1) Alternative Songs with 2,100+ weekly plays

The only Muse tracks to rank higher on this tally: #1 Madness, #1 Dead Inside and #2 Uprising. Panic Station and Dig Down peaked at #6, Resistance and Undisclosed Desires reached #7, Mercy #12 and Reapers #16.

iTunes for TC as of 31 March 2018:

#109 Switzerland
#130 France (#106 on the latest SNEP singles download chart)
#160 Belgium
#192 Italy
#197 Netherlands

23 March 2018 UK Official Rock & Metal Singles Chart Top 40:

#26 'Supermassive Black Hole' with 400 weeks on chart

#37 'Thought Contagion' with 5 weeks on chart


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muse s'amuse
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Location: United States
A third Muse song just crossed the 100 million streams milestone on Spotify and a fourth is soon to follow:

175,839,705 Uprising
133,928,061 Madness
100,039,329 Starlight
98,013,268 Supermassive Black Hole

Revenue generated for rights holders (record label/artist/songwriter/publisher) by the above four tracks on Spotify - $2.5 million (500 million streams x $0.005) Est.

Most popular Muse live performance music video on YouTube for the first three months of 2018 is:

Starlight - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium - Averaging over 10,000 daily views


Muse videos with the current highest daily average views on YouTube:

80,000 Thought Contagion
65,000 Uprising
50,000 Starlight (Official Music Video)
40,000 Resistance
30,000 Undisclosed Desires

Corporate Transparency in the UK

Touring Profit Comparison - Drones 2015-16 vs BH&R 2006-08 (Source: Companies House)

Turnover/Revenue: 63m vs 21m
Profit after Tax: 24m vs 2m

Reason for the Higher Gross Profit Margin during the Drones Touring Era: Much lower ticket prices ($30-$60) and festival performance fees 10 years ago compared to the present and high stage production costs and administrative expenses in 2007 (e.g., the Wembley stadium shows)

High-profile touring artists (Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Guns N' Roses, et al) are now charging average ticket prices of $100-$200 per show (VIP seats are inflating the prices) while the average ticket price for Muse concerts during the last three album tours has generally been in the $50 to $90 range (except for shows in Asia and Australia where tickets averaged around $100).

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muse s'amuse
Join Date: 03 April 2010
Location: United States
'Thought Contagion'

France Top 200 Digital Singles Sales Chart Run (SNEP) - Eight weeks


USA Rock Radio Airplay:

#5(-) track at Alternative according to both Billboard and Mediabase with 2,200+ weekly spins and 7.4 million audience and 2,500+ weekly spins and 9 million audience, respectively

#16(+1) track at Mainstream Rock with 1 million-plus audience and 500+ weekly spins according to Billboard

#1 track on playlists at alt rock radio stations in Portland, OR; New Orleans, LA; St. Louis, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; Colorado Springs, CO; and Fayetteville, AR

Top 20 on playlists at 80+ rock radio stations in markets including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Detroit, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Diego, Tampa, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Norfolk, VA but surprisingly outside the Top 20 in major markets such as Los Angeles (both KROQ and KYSR), Washington DC, Boston and Denver.

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muse s'amuse
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Location: United States
Top 20 Most Popular Muse Videos on YouTube during CY 2018 as of 10 April:

Thought Contagion 8.0m worldwide views
Uprising 7.9m
Starlight 5.5m
Resistance 5.3m
Madness 4.8m
Knights of Cydonia 4.2m
Hysteria 4.1m
Time Is Running Out 3.9m
Undisclosed Desires 3.4m
Psycho 2.6m
Feeling Good 2.4m
Dead Inside 2.2m
Dig Down 2.1m
Unintended 1.8m
Supremacy 1.7m
Mercy 1.2m
Starlight (Live at Rome Olympic Stadium) 1.1m
Bliss 1.1m
Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) 1.1m
New Born 1.1m

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muse s'amuse
Join Date: 03 April 2010
Location: United States
Per Capita Video Streams of Muse Tracks Watched on YouTube During CY 2018 Ranked by Country Per 100,000 Inhabitants :

Iceland 14,100 [47k views; 334k population]
Malta 14,000
Portugal 13,800
France 12,100 [7.9m views; 65.2m population]
Greece 9,900
Belgium 9,800
Luxembourg 9,300
Mexico 9,200
Georgia 7,900
Switzerland 7,500
Italy 7,400
Netherlands 7,200
Latvia 7,200
Finland 6,900
United Kingdom 6,800 [4.5m views; 66.5m population]
Cyprus 6,400
Slovenia 6,300
Spain 6,100
Ireland 5,800
Chile 5,800
Estonia 5,700
Czech Republic 5,300
Canada 5,100
Austria 5,100
Lithuania 5,100
Israel 5,000
Croatia 5,000
Hungary 4,900
Poland 4,500
Malaysia 4,500
New Zealand 4,400
Denmark 4,100
United States 3,900 [12.7m views; 325m population]
Macedonia 3,900
Australia 3,800
Slovakia 3,800
Singapore 3,700
Norway 3,600
Costa Rica 3,600
Colombia 3,500
Argentina 3,400
Serbia 3,100
Peru 3,000
Romania 2,900
Bulgaria 2,500
Uruguay 2,500
Bolivia 2,400
Germany 2,300
Sweden 2,300
Ukraine 2,300
Ecuador 2,300
Indonesia 2,200
Armenia 2,200
South Korea 2,100
Mauritius 2,100
Trinidad & Tobago 1,800
Albania 1,600
Hong Kong SAR (China) 1,500
Bosnia & Herzegovina 1,500
El Salvador 1,500
Brazil 1,400
Belarus 1,400
Moldova 1,300
Turkey 1,200
Taiwan 1,200
Panama 1,000
Paraguay 1,000
United Arab Emirates 900
Russian Federation 900
Qatar 800
Guatemala 800
Tunisia 700
Kuwait 600
Nicaragua 600
Japan 500
Lebanon 500
Kazakhstan 500
Thailand 500
Dominican Republic 500
Azerbaijan 400
Morocco 300
Jordan 300
South Africa 300
Philippines 225
Saudi Arabia 200
Cambodia 200
Algeria 175
Vietnam 125
Nepal 100
Egypt 90
Syria 75
Iraq 55
India 45
Bangladesh 45
Kenya 40
Pakistan 35

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muse s'amuse
Join Date: 03 April 2010
Location: United States
Supermassive Black Hole recently certified Gold in Italy by FIMI.

Which two Muse songs have charted in Lebanon?


A new West End rock musical Knights of the Rose at the Arts Theatre in London running from 29 June to 26 August 2018 will feature five Bon Jovi songs, two songs from Bonnie Tyler and one song each from Muse ('Survival'), Mozart ('Marriage of Figaro') and several other artists including Black Sabbath and R.E.M.


The three albums featuring two Muse songs and one cover song to appear on the US Billboard 200 albums chart before studio album Absolution made its chart debut in 2004. Showbiz never charted in 1999-2000 and Origin of Symmetry was not released in 2001-02 in the USA.


Little Nicky (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - Peaked at #95 in December 2000

'New Born' - Paul Oakenfold Mix


Swordfish: The Album (Soundtrack) - Peaked at #102 in June 2001

'Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want' - The Smiths Cover [Never Performed Live]


Not Another Teen Movie (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - Peaked at #168 in January 2002

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christianzaheri boo , long live madness! , panicstation8400 boo , still madness------ , we <3 muse s'amuse!

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