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Why don't Muse make great video's anymore? Also why don't they write great songs or give us good setlists or give us b-sides anymore?
15/11/06 / 16/06/07 / 07/08/08 / 13/08/08 / 05/09/09 / 10/11/09 / 12/11/09 / 09/07/10 /
04/09/10 / 11/09/10
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Bloody hell, I don't know
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Originally Posted by mai_taylor View Post
Why don't Muse make great video's anymore? Also why don't they write great songs or give us good setlists or give us b-sides anymore?

Prague sucked. And Resistance video is boring. And NSC is crap. And the video sucked.
The last decent B-Side was Glorious waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2007
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didn't need these things
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Originally Posted by gigapoodle View Post
My favorites are TIRO (American Cut), Sunburn, and Bliss.

The only Muse videos which I didn't like was SMBH (mainly because it creeped me out) and Muscle Museum (because of the weird shots of crying people eating cereal). Otherwise they're good.
*wipes tears*

I love the videos for Sunburn, Hysteria, and Invincible the most, but reading this thread reminded me how many cool ones they have. KOC, Uprising, SFA are all cheesy but fun; Bliss, Newborn, B&H, TIRO, Deadstar, Starlight are pretty cool; and even the weird ones aren't really bad, just weird.
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Welcome to you're 'doom'
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Originally Posted by Raining_Muses View Post
Because everyone's expecting too much.

Dead Star is my favorite, there's just something about it.
Cheap basement feel, its raw, just them playing, awesome music video
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remember who you were
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Cos they're too busy recording cheesy lurve songs

they've had some interesting ones... but not lately, lol! Uprising was funny, but Resistance was a total let down, and Undisclosed was okay... it looked good (the props, visuals etc.) but it was a tad boring and didn't make that much sense, lol. As for NSC ... it makes me want to everywhere cos of the ridiculous Twatlight cheese! Whyyyy did that crap have to be part of it!?! USoE should have had a video. That would've been epic!
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Originally Posted by MuseTheMuscleMuseum View Post
Also what's your favourites? The last great one in my mind was KoC. The videos for Uprising, Undisclosed and Resistance all sucked...wtf
Knights was good. Uprising was decent. Knights is in a league of its own though
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Found this one recently:

Originally Posted by shostakobitch View Post
I give you all the award of Lamest Fanbase 2015
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I like most of their videos. The KoC video is amazing though, that's definitely my favorite.
I guess I don't judge very harshly, I still think they make pretty good quality music and videos. I just like the band haha
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Revolt music video is actually great!
...Sorry for my bad english ..
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cos the music sucks

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