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Map of the Problematique a few years ago, accidentally, via youtube.
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Originally Posted by drawakangaroo View Post
Technically, I heard Supermassive Black Hole on the Twilight soundtrack first, but I hated it and never bothered to listen to Muse at all. But about two years after that, after a long story that I don't feel like telling, I got recommended a bunch of random Muse songs. I believe the first one I listened to was New Born. I loved it, and then after a while, I listened to SMBH again and ended up really liking that too.
By me

Mine was Starlight but it didn't make me look further into Muse's music. I just knew I loved that voice.

Then SMBH came along and within hours I'd downloaded about half of their discography. By the end of the week I had every song (excluding rare b-sides).
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Unintended, it was love on first sight.
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TIRO, with Hysteria and SS soon following, resistance was futile.
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Oh my

Originally Posted by LyraSilvertongue View Post
Then SMBH came along and within hours I'd downloaded about half of their discography. By the end of the week I had every song (excluding rare b-sides).
Kind of the same with me, only I was more drawn out, it took me SMBH and The Resistance as well as Starlight, and a recomendation of Absolution I saw before I decided to go for it. I saw the Absolution recomendation and decided what I'd heard so far was good enough for me to go crazy and that night I got all the albums, and by the end of the week their live albums. The more I listened the more I expanded and went after b-sides, rarities and bootlegs and such.
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I've probably posted in here before but oh well. Growing up I had heard bits of Plug In Baby, Hysteria (at Battle of the Bands people always played it) but I didn't know the band.

Around 2004-ish I started watching Kerrang and the song Time Is Running Out came on and I fucking loved everything about it (still do, studio version is immense) but it took me a while to remember the band, and even then I still didn't download any stuff (I was only like 10).

Couple of years later watching the same channel SMBH came on and I was like...wtf Muse have you done That year I got BH&R for my birthday (which is now 4 days away ) and Starlight came out as a single and I loved that. Around the time Invincible came out I started getting put off Muse because I thought Invincible and Matt Bellamy in that damn red jacket was cringeworthy (although I quite like Invincible now)...

...but yeah, my dad had got tickets to the June 17th Wembley show so we bought Abso and OoS to learn some stuff, and I went along to that, not knowing many songs, and after that I started collecting more stuff, until at one point I had all their albums, special editions and singles...only to sell it later on

And tada
Originally Posted by james90 View Post

(short pause)

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The first song I remember listening to, knowing it was Muse, must have been Apocalypse Please. My brother listened to Absolution on a daily basis for some time, and I just remember thinking that it was one of the most depressing things I'd ever heard. Then in 2005 I saw the broadcast from Live8 and even though I didn't really want to admit it I couldn't deny that TiRO was a pretty great song - and from that moment on... yeah, you get the picture
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TiRO and New Born in a running video. Loved TiRO and listened to it for a while, kinda ignored New Born though. A few months later I watched it again on youtube, saw SMBH, got freaked out because I thought they were Satanic, but got hooked on the song anyways. Slowly listened to other songs, Invincible, SFA, then as soon as I heard Butterflies and Hurricanes I realized I had just found the greatest band in history and promptly got every single album!
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Assassin, although it seems quite weird. I never even liked the song, but somehow after I listened to it I ended up asking my sister about Muse. She gave me H.A.A.R.P. and after hearing that I really started to like Muse.
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Thoughts of a Dying Atheist was first (saw a live version on YouTube). I ended jumping through related videos seeing CE, Sunburn, Butterflies, Stockholm.
I got Absolution and Black Holes soon after. I remember only like 3 people around me had even heard of Muse. After a few months I had all the albums up to date (2008).

Actually... looking at the list of songs I heard on my first day of hearing Muse, it's no wonder I got into them so quickly.
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Supermassive Black Hole
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Uh... Hysteria, on a Youtube video. I was there for the video, but after about 2 seconds of that bassline, I desperately had to know what this epic song was called.

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Time is running out, on the radio
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Originally Posted by StowBells View Post
Time is running out, on the radio
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first song muse

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