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The Deliverer
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Album 8 Discussion Thread (Pt.1): The Deliverer Delivers, But Did Muse With 'Drones'?

Now that we've all heard Drones, what are your hopes and expectations for the new album?
Originally Posted by kc2rxo View Post
His Holiness must be honored with love and praise.
Set forth your sacrifices for The Deliverer and he will bestow his Deliverance upon you so may we all live without sin.
For glory of Muse.
Praise him!
Originally Posted by shostakobitch View Post
Why don't you ban me at the boards while you're at it, because I don't want to be a member of this fucking loser's club anymore.
Originally Posted by Aquifa View Post
Everything is so obvious!!!
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Can we have a sequel to The Globalist?
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My hopeful tracklisting

1) The Handler 2
2) The Handler Continues
3) The Handler Keeps Handling
4) The Handler Is Confused About Revolt Too
5) [Handler: The Interlude]
6) Handle More
7) Can't Handle Anymore
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Considering the band likes The Handler the best, I just hope they continue in that direction
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Irn Bru
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They need a new songwriter.
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I want an album of Defectors and The Handlers. That would be sweet.
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A subtle sense of absence
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I said this before: acoustic album, or something reeeeaaaallly poppy and catchy.

And mostly: no giant bullshit stage show.
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Rare Pepe Merchant
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We need better lyrics. Seriously, the album might be ok but the lyrics are fucking terrible
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Originally Posted by HolySheep View Post
Can we have a sequel to The Globalist?
Proud fan of Unintended, Screenager, Soldier's Poem, Invincible, .

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Matt said in the Q interview he's always wanted to do an acoustic album. I think that could work. City of Delusion, Nature_1 style..

If they're gonna experiment I'd like to see them write some dance tracks. Not even trolling , after hearing The Handler solo I think they could pull it off. Imagine hearing Muse in a clubs!
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Take The Handler and Reapers. mix them together and create variants. That will do
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Originally Posted by SpideyMTL View Post
We need better lyrics. Seriously, the album might be ok but the lyrics are fucking terrible
This is a fucking must, the lyrics on the last 2 album have been abysmal. I'm glad Matt got the concept album thing out of his system, but now we need a producer different to Mutt. I'd like someone to come in with a more modern perspective. Take the basis of tracks like Reapers and The Handler and see where they could take that. Aftermath was good in terms of experimentation, i'd love more atmospheric stuff such as that to make an appearance. I like The Globalist's approach as well, make more progressive tracks like that(just more of the heavy bit). There is a really good basis here on Drone to bounce off of, they just have to take it the right direction.
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More of Psycho (minus the lyrics), Reapers, The Handler, and The Globalist up until the piano kicks in after the metal riff.
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Closed Thread

bit soon? , hopes and expectations , lp8 hype , lp8: srsly just revolt , more globalist riff , more handler , more handler base pls , muse reborn , tag 1 , tag 2 , the deliverer delivers , the end of muse? , the handler 2

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