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Big Grin Favourite song which isn't a single?

Hi my name is Dylan, I'm new here and this is my first thread. I just wanted to start an active thread so that i can get involved in the community.

So what I want to know is, What is your favourite Muse song that hasnt been released as a single, so for example no Dead Star, Time Is Running Out, New Born and so on.

I'd also like to know what is your favourite song to see the guys perform live, with all the special effects and everything?
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This will get locked soon I guess, but while I'm at it...

Take a Bow

and Take a Bow
Originally Posted by LiT View Post
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2,500 tons of awkward
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Fury or The Small Print, for my money.
Keeper of the Deftones homage on The Small Print and the guitar squeals on Butterflies and Hurricanes (heavy version)

I like to boat
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City Of Delusion
Ruled By Secrecy
Hyper Chondriac Music
Eternally Missed

That would be my top5, in no particular order.

TBH that is my top5 regardless of singles or no singles.
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Showbiz or The Small Print.

Special mention to Hyper Chondriac Music
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Originally Posted by maverickmak
I don't think I've ever heard Matt make the kind of scream he does before the riff into the 2nd Agitated verse before. Like a gremlin falling off a cliff!
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A subtle sense of absence
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Hands down, Glorious.
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Vagina Doom
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Showbiz, Hate This & I'll Love You, Space Dementia, Apocalypse Please, Ruled By Secrecy, Take A Bow, City Of Delusion, MK Ultra, Animals.
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well my favorite Muse songs aren't singles anyway (aside from BH).

Space Dementia
Apocalypse Please
Citizen Erased
Take a Bow

and Exogenesis, too... does it count as a single?
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Originally Posted by FabriPav View Post
Take a Bow

and Take a Bow

Take A Bow is my #1 by a country mile anyway, whether we're including singles or not.
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One of Glorious, HCM, TaB or The Groove, dunno which. Probably TaB.
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Take A Bow.

God, that was easy.
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space dementia
citizen erased
micro cuts
hyper chondriac music
Interlude lol
Ruled by Secrecy
Eternally Missed
Take a Bow
City of Delusion
Hoodoo live piano version maybe
Unnatural Selection
Isolated System

Sorry was it not plural?
Originally Posted by james90 View Post

(short pause)

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The Handler
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Either Micro Cuts, Fury or MK Ultra.
Previously known as: Exo-Politik (NOT forevermusic. Not Larry either.)
Keeper of: Unnatural Selection. Micro Cuts. Dead Star @ Etihad 2013

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It makes me wonder
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Originally Posted by DifferentPerson View Post
Either Micro Cuts, Fury or MK Ultra.
all three + TaB
May the force be with you.
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