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Join Date: 05 April 2008
Location: Manchester, UK
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Earl's Court 2004.

I've seen less impressive sets in the 'Perfect Set List' thread!

Dracula Mountain (instrumental)
Intro + Apocalypse Please
The Small Print
Sing for Absolution
Micro Cuts
Citizen Erased
Take a Bow (instrumental)
Space Dementia
Ruled by Secrecy
Piano interlude + Sunburn (keyboard)
New Born
Butterflies & Hurricanes
Muscle Museum
Plug In Baby

Time Is Running Out

Stockholm Syndrome + Execution Commentary + Hyper Chondriac Music outro

....and V-fest '08, just for Dead Star.
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Join Date: 16 May 2011
Location: Denmark
Age: 29
Too many to choose from, but definitley these:

Astoria, 2000 (+ other early gigs)
Glastonbury, 2004
Reading, 2006
Wembley, both nights, 2007
Royal Albert Hall, 2008
Parken, 2009 (mostly because I've heard it was a great gig.. and it was in Denmark. Where was I?!

Also, some of the concerts in Japan, maybe Tokyo International Forum, 2007
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Get yer chebs oot!
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Join Date: 10 May 2009
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
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Astoria 2000
Le Zenith 2001
Montreux 2002
Glasgow 2003/04 coz the set was pretty good and i live there.
Earls Court 2004
Glasto 2004
Glasgow 2006, again coz i live there
Wembley 2007 2nd night
Birmingham 2009 coz they debuted MK Ultra after not playing it in Glasgow the night before

SECC GIG 9/11/09

SECC Glasgow 9/11/09, Wembley Stadium 11/09/10, Leeds Festival 26/08/11, Reading Festival 28/08/11, SECC Glasgow 24/10/12, Etihad Stadium 1/06/13, Glasgow Barrowlands 16/3/15
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Join Date: 12 June 2011
Location: greece
Age: 24
Glastonbury 2004 and 2010
Reading 2006
Wembley 2007
Athens 2007
I wish i could...
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and The Ladz
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Join Date: 30 December 2010
Location: Limerick/Waterford, Ireland
Age: 22
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Glasto '04
Royal Albert hall '08
Wembley '03
Rock am Ring '04
Glasto '10
Check out my new EP HERE!

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Join Date: 17 June 2011
Location: Downtown
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Earls Court 2004
Glasto 2010 and 2004
Reading & Leeds 2011 (because we know they're never doing that again)
LA rising (because I was so effing close to going)
Montreux 2002
Any Muse gig, really.
Originally Posted by CZSR View Post
Casuals? Casuals?? CASUALS??

You mean that people who listen Madness and Resistance in the place of Megalomania and Exogenesis? I pretend they don't exist.
Originally Posted by JJTheMuse View Post
Trust, it's "a fucking".


Dom's glitter sunnies

The way Dom says tacos
Do We Need This?
1-24-2013 Staples Center
The Panic Station video and Dom's PS outfit
This Picture

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Location: Birmingham UK
Age: 24
I would make sure I liked them more when they came to my city because I'd only just started listening to them when they did and I regret it so much. If they had left it 2 months later I would have seen them and wouldn't have to be sitting here crying that I'm not going to Reading tomorrow.
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Location: Where I end and you begin.
Leeds. How creative of me!
Shouting at the moon with Buzz Aldrin.
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He ate my Heart
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Location: Dublin :)
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Originally Posted by Lauren. View Post
Leeds. How creative of me!
I was going to say the same.
Originally Posted by Kanye West
Dude from Muse just gave a shout out to "His Beautiful Pregnant Girlfriend" sounds like a good album title!
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Location: Hannover, Germany
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I wanted to go to Bern 2010, but then I decided to wait if a gig in Germany would be announced. It wasn't, I didn't go to Bern and I regret it. So I'd go there if I could.
29/10/09 Berlin
15/12/12 Hamburg
14/07/13 Berlin
06/03/16 Cologne

Originally Posted by Kueller917 View Post
Matt uses the word "soul" too much to get ginger followers.
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Bailey Essrog
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Location: LA/NYC
Reading 2011. Now more than ever after the BBC debacle.
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The day Muse signed a contract with Warner, I could then go and warn them of their mistake and prevent them from signing it, then we would have amazing gigs all the time, with a decent broadcast to back it up!
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Location: letchworth garden city herts
Age: 46
Go back in time, that's the best thing ever, id see all the legends of the 50s , elvis , eddie cochrane,Billy fury,buddy Holly. Id also see muse at the battle of the bands, and at some pub gigs before they got famous. if I could go back id be so young. Why does time go so fast?
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Join Date: 15 February 2011
Location: UK
Age: 22
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Earls Court '04 (Both nights)
Montreux Jazz Festival '02
Eurockeennes '00
Royal Albert Hall '08
Le Zenith '01 (Both nights)
Shepherds Bush Empire '06
Manchester LCCC '09
Leeds Festival '11

That way I would have seen all of OOS and BHAR, most of Showbiz, Absolution and The Resistance, Glorious, In Your World, Dead Star and Agitated
Manchester (4.9.10) | Leeds (28.8.11) | Manchester (1.6.13) | Manchester (22.3.15) / Derby (13.6.15) / Manchester (9.4.16) / London (11.4.16) / London (12.4.16)
London (14.4.16) / London (15.4.16) / Paris (28.6.16)
| London (19.8.17) / Belfast (23.8.17) / Leeds (25.8.17) | London (3.12.18) / Prague (26.5.19) / London (1.6.19)
Bristol (5.6.19) / Manchester (8.6.19)
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Vagina Doom
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I would like to go back to Earls Court 2004 (first night) and experience that show through the eyes of a 22-year-old rather than a 15-year-old who had only been to one gig before that.
19/12/04 | 22/08/06 | 11/11/06 | 16/06/07 | 12/04/08 | 05/09/09 | 13/09/09 | 28/08/11 | 27/10/12 | 23/03/15 | 13/06/15 | 15/04/16 | 19/08/17
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astoria > wembley , ghost of gigs past , god loves tags , idea copyright mel , ninja assassins , please insert gig , showbiz tour , who ya gonna call? , woo time travel!

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