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Originally Posted by beatlesmaniac98 View Post
actually sober was in gran turismo 3 i believe
You know, that's a game my roommate seems like she would've played...and she downloads songs from the games she plays, but she didn't seem to recognize the song when I was screaming/dancing/singing along Sober in my room last night.

I'm not doubting you, I just think it's strange. I'll have to ask her about that when she gets back.
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Originally Posted by Death_of_Me View Post
Alright, fixed!

I didn't think the grammar police would mind capitalization of the band's name (considering that their logo is in all capital letters).
Yes well it annoys me.
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Hello there! Woofmix here (If you couldn't tell by the user name) Anyway, people on the RB Muse forum and I started a facebook page to try and get more Muse songs into Rock Band! The link is here if anyone is interested!
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This thread is not going at all the way I intended it.

I wanted to talk about how Muse's music (and in Matt's case, image) are used in video games.

I mean, some would think it's negative in that they start getting known as "the band from that game" and people only know those particular songs and don't give others a chance.

For example, look at what has happened to "Supermassive Black Hole" as a result of it's inclusion on the "Twilight" soundtrack.

I can see both sides of the coin here.
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On the guitar Hero website, http://hub.guitarhero.com/music , you can suggest a song at the bottom of the page. I suggested 'Unnatural Selection' since it has strong guitar in it.


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Originally Posted by Death_of_Me View Post

Wow. I'll have to look into that.

Funny to think, I own that game (it came with my PS2). I might have heard the song (at the time) and found it annoying.
yeah it was actually....
Yeah, I´ll admit it, I hate Twilight too. They told me it was gonna be a movie about vampires, and I was like ´Fuck yeah, we´re in a horror movie with this shitty pop song I wrote!´. Then I found out it´s not a horror movie, it´s some stupid fucking romance novel shit with a creepy stalker. And they play baseball to our song. What the hell?- Matt Bellamy
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Muse rocks! I have all their release and it was really tight! My brother introduced their music to me, It was pretty ,loud but really fun to listen to. What's up with them lately?
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Originally Posted by mshane View Post
Muse rocks! I have all their release and it was really tight! My brother introduced their music to me, It was pretty ,loud but really fun to listen to. What's up with them lately?
The Muse are great, I'm not here at al to advertice a website...
*insert website link here*
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