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Anyone here like Endlessly?

When I first heard it, I felt it sounded amazing with lyrics that instantly grab.
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someone needs to do a cool dance remix of it
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anyone here like a muse song??? hmmmmm

no anyways, of course i like it!! fav. album, love the whole change of lyrics 'if the moment ever comes', then isn't it 'the moment never come' or something like that...idk
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^^ Yeah.....

But anyway it's one of my fave songs by Muse - definately should be a remix of it though.
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I like this song very muchso. It's one of my favorites

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I fucking love this song, in case my user name doesn't speak for itself, and this is the song I'm walking down the aisle with at my wedding. I even decorated my bra with the lyrics to it. Yes, I'm obsessed.
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Originally Posted by Nimpo46 View Post
someone needs to do a cool dance remix of it
yep! definatly
thats an awsome idea!

yeah its a great song....hopefully there will be another one like it in the new album
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My first impression of this song: atmospheric, sensitive tune for a moodiy indie French film. I donno why, but the general feel of the song sticks till this day.

Subsequently the raw lyrics dig into my heart. Woah, so emo
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So much better than Starlight.
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Originally Posted by EndlesslyMuse View Post
this is the song I'm walking down the aisle with at my wedding.
i love this song

well i am dancing to this song at my wedding, i think it's beautiful
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I always liked this song. Its a great change of pace from the rest of Abso, and very atmospheric. Matt's vocals here are superb, very clean and emotional, its just fantastic.
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I love it, for some reason it has a sort of spooky feel to it!
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Elle <3
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I just loove this song,its my favourite.. makes me relax
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Splee Prozack
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Question Help: Endlessly

Hello. I've got a quick question I'm hoping a Muse Guru can help me with.

Muse is my favourite band and I'm a guy soon to be married. I want a good wedding song and not the pulpy stuff my girl likes, and one of the few crossover tracks we both enjoy is 'Endlessly.' Now, in it's present form, it's not exactly the type of moody song you'd play for a first dance, but I am wondering if any of you know if there's any form of ACOUSTIC or PIANO version of this song. Something that keeps the beautiful melody and lyrics, but maybe tones down the gloom. If there is one, I would make it my objective to find it and play it for her and possibly get out of having to go with David Grey or Josh Grobin, heh.

Anyone help me out?

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Endlessly influenced by Liszt?


Definite similarities to the melody of Endlessly's chorus, more specifically at the "And I won't leave you falling, if the moment ever comes" part.

I love finding all these references to classical music
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acoustic , endlessly , live , near the end , piano , rare

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