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Take off your disguise
I know that underneath it's me
Who are you oooh
21/08/2010 23/11/2012 14/06/2015 03/06/2016 13/08/2016 21/08/2016 23/08/2017
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Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
Ah yes, that classic Muse song, Black Star.
They never play it live though do they
"Don't be afraid, I will take the blow for you"

Keeper of:
What the reporter says in Unsustainable
Animals Outro
Panic Station Chorus

Manchester - 1/11/12
Nice - 26/6/13

Download - 13/6/15
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Muse - Explorers

Once I hoped
To seek the new and unknown
This planet's overrun
There's nothing left for you or for me
Don't give in, we can
Walk through the fields
And feeling nature's glow
But all the land is owned
There's none left for you or for me

Free me
Free me from this world
I don't belong here
It was a mistake imprisoning my soul
Can you free me
Free me from this world
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Watching/listening/reading any political discussion over the past few years, MK Ultra just plays in my head;

How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
Your mind's about to fall

People are so adamant that there's only this one reliable source of information, all people are either good or bad and others opinions are just results of brainwash. No doubt some of my views have been manipulated, but I still try to be doubtful and/or find alternative sources about almost everything that I find important and is said in public.
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Space Dementia

"I'd cut your name in my heart" is probably something I see myself saying in my toxic relationship
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'cause you've seen, seen
Too much, too young, young
Soulless is everywhere
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Originally Posted by Aeterna View Post
Dead Inside and Time is Running Out, I think. Or Panic Station. That's relatable :P
Expanding on this:

Dead Inside only for the last verse and chorus, and Time is Running Out for sompletely different reasons to when I last said it. Before, I meant it based on how I feel about a girl, and to all my crushes to a certain extent, but recently I found that I have an addictive personality, and the lyrics work with pretty much everything I get into. So Time is Running Out just speaks to me.
"Don't waste your time or time will waste you"
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Controlling my feelings far too long, controlling my feelings far too long, forcing our darkest souls to unfold...

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Minor error/nitpick but it's "for too long".
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New Born Lee
I have a human face too.
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Can I be that guy and ask...can you even say 'What lyrics can relate to you?'
I mean, lyrics are inanimate, they can't relate to anything in that way.

Is the proper grammar not, ""What lyrics can you relate to?"
if the right drop the anchor, and the wrong have set sail...i'm a whale, i'm a whale, i'm a whale...
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Exo Politics and Mercy... because i know the dark cloaked beings are out there, watching, silently, running their conspiracies. They must be stopped.
No ExoPolitics - No Party
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Are you personally doing anything to stop them though?
Originally Posted by LiT View Post
" Did you ever struggle in lessons at school and then feel annoyed at the kid next to you who was absolutely nailing everything?" - I was the one who nailed everything.
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I spiritually relate to the lyric: "You're a fucking motherfucker."
Originally Posted by shostakobitch View Post
I give you all the award of Lamest Fanbase 2015
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The lyrics to Endlessly. It seems nothing is ever gonna happen, but I'll still love them all the same.
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Many songs are relatable for me right now, but one that feels as though it was written for me is Host.

"I’ve read you well
I just wanna get away
Cos' you used my love
I just need to get away
My trust in you has been abused
My trust in you has been overused
Sick of this space
Wish we could be far away
Cos' I wasted all my youth
I’ll never see it again
My trust in you has been abused
My trust in you has been overused
I will welcome you to everything
Because you've bled me dry now
I just wanna run away
Because you've bled me dry now
I just wanna run away
I just wanted too much
I wish we could be far away
And if my wish comes true
You’ll never see me again"

This describes my current relationship with my partner. Or rather, my feelings about it. I strongly relate to many of their songs, but this one hit me real hard.

Another one I can relate to a lot Is Explorers. I love that song to death. I relate to it because I'm so tired of the world and the people in it. "Free me from this world" indeed!

Then there's *gasps*

Songs that are descriptive of my romantic relationship:
Dead Inside, Hate This And I'll Love You, Muscle Museum, Time Is Running Out, Nature_1, Guiding Light, Showbiz, Falling Away With You, Uno,

Songs that describe the relation to my mother:
The Handler and Escape,

Songs that fit my most valued friendship:
Invincible, Endlessly, Unintended, Screenager,

and Bliss, which I think really fits my aunt.

And even though I don't relate to them per se, Follow Me and Hoodoo hold a special place in my heart because they describe my current emotional state to a fucking tee.

So yeah. Lots of Muse songs.

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