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Originally Posted by Aaronacp15 View Post
The Muse delay and elimination of Phantogram was pretty terrible last night, but I had a blast once the show finally got rolling.

I was disappointed that the drones weren't working last night. Will be interesting to see if they are able to get them back in action for the rest of the tour.

The Globalist was easily the highlight of the night for me. Awesome time.
So Phantogram didn't play at all in Dallas?
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They didn't. There wasn't time.
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Did they have any new shirt designs, or was it just the same ones in the store?
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Originally Posted by frutiger75 View Post
long delay, no "weather balloons", but fewer mid-gig problems than what occurred in houston.

an area of growing concern, however, is the sound / mixing. just as in houston, matt's guitars are sounding muddled. his solos are not "cutting through" as they should.

levels are just "off" for matt's vocals -- across the board. he's barely audible half of the time, and when he goes into falsetto...he is completely inaudible. for example, during the second half of feeling good, people were asking, 'is he even singing?' ...during FG, a song heavily reliant on vocals! he was washed out during all of reapers, all of resistance, all of CE (all parts), the last half of dead inside, last half of madness, and all of revolt.

as crazy as it sounds, there is also a problem with the piano -- it's either that the the microphones are improperly placed (unlikely, though, given the experience of the crew), or just general, ongoing snafus at the board (also somewhat surprising). everything is, again, muddled.

also, dom appears to have continued problems with his in-ears in conjunction with the octopad. once again, he just threw in the towel on IS.

other issues popped up once again, but the ones i highlighted are the major ones that need immediate attention. will be interested to see what transpires this weekend...
I totally, totally agree with you. The sound and equipment were way off. At times you could not hear Matt singing and at times the guitar was out of whack...it really was unbelievable. I saw Muse in Ft Worth back in 2010 for the Resistance Tour and the sound quality of the songs was WAY WAY better (massive emphasis).

I guess they have their work cut out for them! Good luck! Just wish this crap had not happened on my show in Dallas.
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The show last night in Dallas totally blew me away. 3rd time seeing muse and while I do agree with others that the sound levels were a bit off on some of Matt's vocals I thought his guitar sounded great on mostly every song except maybe the slide guitar part of the globalist. During Psycho/Reapers/CE his guitar was PHENOMENAL! But either way its early in the NA tour. But moment of the night has to go to the moment Matt got handed the Citizen Erased guitar. I thought I recognized it but I wasn't sure at first. CANNOT believe they played that song in my home town of Dallas, TX. I can now die a happy happy man. :mussing:

And besides the slide guitar not being audible one of the other highlights of the show for me was The Globalist. His piano sounded great during the last part where I thought it sounded a little weak/muffled during feeling good. Also (don't shoot me) I thought Revolt was a truly awesome song live. Say what you want about the pre-chorus but i'll hear that song any night. I just hope the eventually rotate it out with Defector. And lastly the new songs got a really good reception in my section (207). The opening salvo of Psycho/Reapers was truly powerful.

Overall this was by far the best concert i've ever been too and beats the last two tours of Muse concerts in Dallas/FW for me. Yes it sucked no opening act, no drones and they ran late but the stage design being in the middle of the venue made MUSE that much more of a formidable live act as it was visually stunning. Beats any stage design they've had (as much as I loved the Resistance tour's towers this was better/more engaging). And Matt moved around a lot!
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I wonder if any of the tech problems happenedbecause they played in Houston the night before, and thus had little time to allocate for any difficulties transporting and setting up stage and sound. It's still not a good excuse, but it would be a valid reason.

Hopefully the band and production team get all the stuff worked out. It's a very ambitious tour, and I'm excited for the Phoenix show this Saturday.

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