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lost in the groove
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Aw that was a great interview. Good questions and interesting answers. Tom is nice to listen to both voice and content. Modest chap too, saying he's not the 4th member, Morgan is!

Muse. In. Spaaaaaaaaaaace! Awesome idea, but I really don't see it happening*. Well not in real life. Now - virtual reality/holograms - yes! All-inclusive 360 CGI "gig on the moon" ...now just where did I put those 3D glasses...

*The future is never what it is predicted to be. I am still waiting for my hovercar and my robot cleaner. Hmph.
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Thanks for sharing, Kirky is awesome
Suck It. <3

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Swedish scum
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I quite like the idea of streaming gigs.
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Originally Posted by vibrantXhearts View Post
Kirk = legend. Fact.
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Believe Everything
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It was a cool interview.

The idea of womb projection on the side of the UFO was completley mad.

I don't expect a new Muse album in 2011. Although I'm not scared about 'lovely melodies' - the melodies to Chili Peppers stuff like Scar Tissue and Californication are really good, but they fit well alongside their other stuff. But we'll see what happens
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is a Viking.
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Wow, great interview! Very good.

Yep, Kirk=Legend.
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Dina F.K.K.
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i'm sure Tom is a very kind person. it's nice to know he love Citizen Erased n they have started for the new album. hopefully at the end of this year or early next year the new album will be released. about the lovely melodies, i wish it doesn't mean some soft or poppy melodies.
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Originally Posted by Beata View Post
Cool interview!
Maybe we will have soon new album
good interview! nice find!
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flashing no color
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Lol, he tried to shave his beard off for a fan.

I really wish that, instead of "pretty melodies", he said that Matt is working on some "mind blowing guitar riffs"... but, what can you do?

Yay! His favorite song isn't cheesy!
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Originally Posted by CrimsonSmoke View Post
Lol, he tried to shave his beard off for a fan.

I really wish that, instead of "pretty melodies", he said that Matt is working on some "mind blowing guitar riffs"... but, what can you do?

Yay! His favorite song isn't cheesy!
Take heart. I'm sure he can do both.
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Blue hands and a torch
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They look terrifying in that picture.
I want it to be my own special fence that I can share with others over time
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Usually they have new songs, which they make while touring, for their next album but I have a feeling they didn't do anything of the sort this tour. So I think it'll be a while before we hear about the next album from them.
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That was a great interview! Thank you. A huge projector would be awesome on the moon for Muse! I hope the new album comes out in like December, so I can possibly get it for Christmas, but if not, then early next year.
Originally Posted by ninjabanana View Post
It could be wrong, could be wrong,

It could wrong, could be wrong
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The Resistance
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Can anyone dot-point info we found out?? CHeers big ears, dont want to listen to 11 minutes
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ken , kirk the legend , new album 2011 my ass , unborn spaceship babies

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