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How did you discover Muse?

Hello there. This thread might have been posted already and i did my best to check so, but couldn't find it. Anyway, i thought it would be interesting to ask around how you guys discovered the band we all like so much.

My story:

I was in London a few years ago. There happened to be riots somewhere in the city but i didn't see or hear anything from it, only on the news. And at the place where i stayed. Because there, they decided to play riot songs. One of them was Uprising.
I figured out what song it was, because it really got me and i couldn't get it out of my head. I had never heard something like it before as i only listened to pop and mainstream rock.
Have been listening to more Muse songs ever since and attended my first gig 2 years ago.
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Through watching Kerrang TV, and instantly liking SMBH and PIB.
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So I have left the board long enough to let the idiots have their fun.

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Seeing Bliss on some music channel around 12 years ago. To this day, it's still my favourite, out of nostalgia as much as anything else
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I used to hang out with Muse before the Showbiz era, when they were called Rocket Baby Dolls. Playing in my garage after sharing some beers. Good times.

All lies, i discovered Muse in the cinema when my girlfriend at the time made me watch Twilight
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Was doing an audit for my job in a retail store right before Abso came out in the US, and was just going through a real shit period of my life, and right as I was leaving, TiRO came on the TVs in the store.
It just instantly clicked with me and I stood there like a weirdo and watched the whole thing in the middle of the store, and I immediately picked up the CD when it came out a few weeks later.
Every song on the damn album spoke to me, and what I was going through, and was the soundtrack to my recovery.

Three months later, I met my boyfriend for the first time in the exact same spot, in the exact same store, and he shyly invited me over to play video games with him and a mutual friend of ours.
We will shortly be celebrating our 11th anniversary.
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I saw an ad on TV with Space Dementia on it when I was 14. I went to find the song and just out of curiosity and because I had nothing else to do I kept checking songs I then fell in love with them I remember being listening to just Plug in Baby for an entire week. And I remember that in that summer they were gonna play a festival here in Spain (they had done a stadium gig before I discovered them) and I wanted to go sooo badly knowing just 10 or so songs I didn't even ask my parents for permission because it was too far from home and I was only 14 and I only knew like 10 songs. There's no way they would've let me, but I still regret it
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I don't think I've ever heard Matt make the kind of scream he does before the riff into the 2nd Agitated verse before. Like a gremlin falling off a cliff!
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When my Dad showed my friend and I the Knights of Cydonia music video he had just discovered. I thought it was really comical and weird, but the music stuck to me. We proceeded to buy BH&R and Absolution and listened to them non-stop. This would have been 9 years ago? I was only 6 years old!
(yup I'm a young muser)

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I wish i could...
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Saw Bliss on Kerrang in 2002, hated it, mainly cos my older cousin hated it too haha, 8 years later and we're both standing side by side screaming the lyrics at Wembley... my how times change.
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I can't remember where I heard it, but I heard TIRO and that sort of got me into the band...Absolution at least. I wasn't a huge fan at that time, but when The Resistance came out, my gf at the time wanted to go to the show. I figured "hell, why not, Absolution is good". I thought I had seen bands that were good live.....and then I saw Muse on the Absolution tour...blew my mind.
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I saw some American Idol guy cover Uprising. It was so unlike anything I had heard. I checked out their Youtube videos. I really got hooked when I was going through their Wembly gig and the Hysteria bass line hit me like a ton of bricks.
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I give you all the award of Lamest Fanbase 2015
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I had really seriously gotten into classic rock and some other music just a few years earlier. In fact I'd bought my first three or four real albums on iTunes the previous summer almost as soon as I'd gotten my own iPad. It was the beginning of my Freshman year of high school and at the time I still had the totally ignorant mentality that all modern music is awful and classic rock reigns supreme (this mentality plus my Dad have continued to cause me never to really look into Nirvana, the band that "destroyed" classic rock, though I'm sure someday I will).
My favorite band was (and still is) Queen ever since I had finally discovered Bohemian Rhapsody and spent a week at least listening to it at every possible moment, unless I was listening to other Queen music I'd never discovered before (really just a bunch of their greatest hits).
My second favorite band was quickly becoming Rush after my dad, who used to play a few Rush songs in some late eighties garage bands and only knew the big hits and the albums 2112 and A Farewell To Kings, managed to record Closer To The Heart off of the radio and made it his cell phone's ringtone, eventually prompting me to ask if it was a girl singing that song on his cell phone. My first four albums were Queen, Queen II, 2112, and Clockwork Angels in that order.
With private high school just having started an hour and twenty minutes away from home (and I'd gone to a public junior high, basically meaning I fell out of touch with all but my dearest, closest friends), music quickly becoming a more and more important aspect of my life (as if it hadn't already been important since I joined band on a whim in sixth grade and wound up being great at saxophone), and my views on everything in life being in a state of constant growth and reformation, I'm sure it was somewhat inevitable I would eventually stumble across some modern music that could really compare to the classics, eventually leading me to discover I'd misjudged new music entirely all along. However, instead of having to find anything on my own, I was chatting in the general music discussion thread on this site called nationstates.net (an online nation maker/simulator with great forums) when someone finally got tired of my ignorance and very kindly suggested something to the extent of "you know, I can see how much you like Queen, and there's this great modern band I think you should check out that has a lot of similarities with them." That band, of course, was the one and only Muse. I asked him to send me some songs, said I was skeptical but interested. He said they may or may not be for me but they were worth a shot. He sent me a number of their biggest hits, including Time Is Running Out, Hysteria, Survival, Butterflies and Hurricanes, and some others I don't quite recall. These four still stick out to me as the songs which really made me do a double take looking at modern music. It was awesome, nothing like I'd ever heard before, and every bit as great as the classics. TiRO is still my favorite Muse song because of this. I bought The Resistance on iTunes a few months later early in the second semester, and I realized I'd found one of my new favorite albums, and my third favorite band.

You can probably tell from the length of all of that how important of a time in my life that was, so if you don't want to read it all, basically, some dude who knew I loved Queen mentioned on a forum that I should check these guys out called Muse. I was skeptical, he sent me some songs, I was blown away, and the rest is history.
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Lol, Twilight.
Originally Posted by bumpypotato View Post
And @Dee: Is it possible for you to argue/debate/discuss/etc without sounding like you got your cock stuck in a rose bush?
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*something witty*
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My sister's ex-boyfriend was really into them and got her somewhat interested too. We're five years apart and shared a bedroom. I came in to play some PlayStation and she had some tunes on whilst doing her homework/study. It was TiRO. For me, it was the most incredible shit I'd ever heard at the age of 12. I was hooked. But, being the annoying little sister, my sister was like, "oi nah, that's my music" and I pretty much wasn't allowed to listen to it.

Thankfully when BH&R was due for release, she remembered I had enjoyed TiRO so much and told me their new album was gonna be coming out soon. We even stayed up late one night to watch the SMBH video debut on Rage. I also remember playing Spyro the Dragon and listening to BH&R in full, age 14. The rest is, as they say, history!

Interestingly enough, in the interim between T2L and Drones coming out, I got wicked obsessed with Placebo (I did always like them back in the day but now I'm reeeaaally hooked) which also happened to be this aforementioned ex-boyfriend's favourite band, his number one in fact. I owe that guy.

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It was 13 years ago. My aunt was spending the night with me and my brothers cause my parents went out. We watched MTV2 all the night. I remember all of us being amazed when the Dead Star video was played . That was my first contact with Muse.
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Nice stories here. It seems like Muse's music is really captivating and has something magical about it that makes you want to hear more.
I forgot to say that i already knew Supermassive Blackhole from a FIFA game i had been playing. I thought it was quite weird because it was different from any music i knew but i liked it anyway.
And i think i must have seen the Starlight video on MTV when i was younger.
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