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It should be so easy
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Alright dudes? Showbiz, the album, was a detailed study of an individual response to capitalist structure in a microcosm.

Namely, that working class people are anathema to the creative soul. Your family will try to redirect you, schools will teach you to prefer to sit like a battery chicken in a call centre. And you're only ever as tall as your best friends. I've read studies about why working class people gravitate towards working class jobs.

Sunburn was about family, for example. Someone was burning Bellamy's horizons, because he wanted to please. If you have an imagination, you begin, quite naturally to question if your social situation is wrong. This is the root of metal illness in the modern age... what else is anxiety except the product of a frustrated question, constantly spiralling out of control?

Language is the very basis of thought. Try picturing something in your head without using words. Any success?

Returning to this idea of language, you now speak a different language from everyone else, if you have the bravery to follow. This (I would suggest) makes you potentially powerful, certainly if you break from the scriptures of the system that broke you in the first place.

I reckon Supermassive Black Hole is a tongue-in-cheek look at that original decision to seek out Showbiz. Bellamy can see that he is getting more distant from his original self, because of the effect of being in Showbiz for so long. And that, I would argue, is the reason for the decline in the quality of recent albums. I see that power that he had dwindling aand I wonder, does he too?

Resistance always starts from below. Did you know that the USA came very close to nukeing Vietnam? It did. Only popular dissent due to the civil rights movements of the 60s dissuaded the then administration of the USA from that reather horrible course of action. There are documents detailing the decison NOT to nuke Vietnam. I would suggest that the role of the truly imaginative in art is to nurture other imaginative artists so that more questions are asked. Not to pump cash into record executives' wallets.

Music is a vast record of every emotion ever felt. That is its power. Bellamy has the capacity to inspire a whole new generation of artists, but he is squandering that promise I think, by broadening the appeal of the Muse brand. I'm not saying this a conscious decision, just a matter of taking the wrong advice (for self-serving record industry pricks).

Go underground again Muse, please...
Love is the Law, Faith is the Key
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