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What does make you feel better when you're sad or depressed?
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#1 Recently you were at backstage with Roger Waters... How did you feel, guys? What were your thoughts at that moment? That was epic!

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Muse In Mexico 2015

Sorry if my english is very bad, i'm from Mexico.
In the shows of november in Mexico ¿Why you don't used the "Bigger Drone"? something like the Drone used in "The globalist" in Portland Show (13/12/2015)

Thanks Matt! November 20, you took from the hands my sister, I was behind her.
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Hi Guys!

I have a few smallish questions :3

1. At what point, if any, do you sit back and go 'That was utterly insane! Why did we do that? What were we thinking?!'
2. Is there anything that's essential for making music or touring that you resent and dread doing when you have to? There may not be but you probably get asked your favourite part of touring/recording a lot so hey, I thought I'd be different

I love you guys a lot and thanks to you, I've met some amazing people hope you have a nice day,
Matt :3
Don't be the arsehole who screams during the slow bit of Citizen Erased
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#1 How long does it take to plan your stage productions? Things like the towers from TR Tour and the stadium "power station" stage show from last tour must take a fair while![/B]

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You musicians have SUCH important jobs....giving the world music that feeds our souls, and recharges/sustains us all...what a gift you give us.

Matt---when you are writing and/or playing music do you ever feel as if you are channeling the music from the universe? I have spoken with other musicians who feel this way, and wondered if you had ever had that experience or felt that way? Thank you for all you do for us!!
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Does the band has a perception that many US Fans concert goers are more limited on their knowledge of the Band's back catalog? Chris, Is there any way to acquire the Blue-LED Signature Bass?

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Will we expect setlist changes in Europe? Will the more elusive songs like Assassin, Hyper Music, or anything from Showbiz return?

I'm travelling nearly 10000km to see you guys in June, I sure hope they will!
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For Chris: How did you face thousands of people to sing Liquid State and Save Me?
2nd question for all members: Choose one of your favorite Muse song (Including B-sides)
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Hello Matt, Dom and Chris. :)

Basically I would like to ask you two questions.

The first one: How was your expirience here in Mexico, how did you feel with the Mexican people?

The second one: Why you didn't make M&G here in Mexico, "after party" and there was not VIP access?

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For Matt:

-Have you ever been stuck writing the lyrics of a song?

For the band:

-What any of you do when you'r trying to find inspiration for part of a song?
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Map of Matt
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When you started your first composing, how did you do that?
Lately I try to compose a song with my poooor guitar skills
But l don't know HOW TO.
I only have passion. Don't know how to do that or what to do.
How was your first composing?
I think you didn't have any problem with that
Because you're PWOPER genius lol..

++did you read my thread on regular album?!

Ps. I always wanted to tell you I LOVE YOU, you guys.
that's all I want to say.

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How is your relationship with Morgan?
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For Muse

What motivates you to keep going during the song writing process?

Last edited by the aurora; 07-02-2016 at 06:04 PM. Reason: Q1 duplicate inspiration question
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What is your favorite anime?
2009/12/11 | 2010/04/14 | 2011/08/13 | 2013/01/28
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