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Originally Posted by ManiaMuse View Post
Well I've been news free for 8 months now and I'm happier than I've been in a long time.
Why? How were you able to find happiness that way?
Originally Posted by LiT View Post
" Did you ever struggle in lessons at school and then feel annoyed at the kid next to you who was absolutely nailing everything?" - I was the one who nailed everything.
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Originally Posted by Bs View Post
It depends on the song though, I guess. I don't mind the occasional song like MK Ultra because I don't really take it seriously, but then there's simpler stuff like Uprising that just feels like there's hardly any depth to it. Maybe it's because I prefer songs that don't really feel like they're referring to a particular time or any political situation, so the lyrics for me would be more abstract. Matt's talked about wanting to make timeless music recently, but unfortunately his lyrics are going the other way. They're becoming more and more derivative of whatever he thinks he's seeing on the news, which lyrically then usually puts me off any band.
MK Ultra is a real thing that happened, though. And I think it's done pretty well.
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I want to second what Little Animal hinted at and extend what I mentioned before regarding the news and marginalized people, because I have mostly in the past few years drifted away from TV and a lot of their online counterparts in favor of something more curated to what I at least consider to be respectable quality.

Had I remained with the standard TV news cycle, which is still massively popular, I do think I would have a much different and more fearful view of the world. This is at least based off the times I do end up in front of a standard news program. There was the mention that ignoring problems is how Trump got elected, but I also remember how much attention Trump got back when he was just entering the race because his controversy got more views. I remember how every time I'd see a major station cover anything tech related it made me question how idiotic they could sound to topics I know less of. I remember how in the aftermath of Charlottesville I saw more features on antifa, because they're scary and masked despite having no centralization or major political influence.

Even recently I notice the nationwide shock as high schoolers ask politicians about their ties to the NRA while remembering the stations now covering this were then more interested in spamming the kids for photo credits while being shot at.

I don't discredit the field as the administration has done, because there's plenty of counter-examples to what I gave. But behind it all I don't get the feeling I'd really be informed. It feels more like the news is selling outrage and debate rather than properly engaging with it. It leaves the hard questions dumbed down, the biggest problems glossed over, and the final points made just digestible enough that you won't leave your couch.

In this regard I would agree more with the Muse song, but with the addition to engage yourself more instead of less. Maybe Bellamy would agree, but there's honestly not nearly enough out there to get a true stance out of him. Here I'm more replying to other users.
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