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i agree and disagree with everything thats posted here. basically i think matt has the talent to write really good, nuanced lyrics but also write simple stuff thats delivered in a fantastic way. as simple as the lyrics on drones may seem, there are actually some great references in them (from the top of my head: trance formation of america, the reaper drone, the hellfire missile, yellow belly, green mind, blue blood, the reversed phrases in the globalist, follow the yellow brick road at the end of reapers). along with this the message/story of drones is a lot deeper and complex than it lets on to be on the first few listens. this much is obvious in hearing them talk about it in interviews and reading about all these references. sure the lyrics could be better, more poetic i guess, but to me they do their job well. especially when the instrumentation on this album is so great.

but really, the reason i think you dont get the same kind of lyrics and content as from the older albums is simply because theyre not teenagers/young adults anymore who deal with the angsty feelings they used to sing about. theyve matured and moved past that stuff. thats basically talking for the first 2 albums but its well known that quality comes from hardship. the last 2 albums have had a more mature feel to them. everything matt writes about is relevant to whats on his mind at the moment. ill admit it, some of the songs in t2l sounded cheesy but that was mostly the stuff about love and being a parent (follow me) and in my mind that stuff is just naturally cheesy.

its like 4am and im losing my train of thought so maybe that didnt make much sense lol but basically i feel like the lyrics reflect different stages matt has been through and mindsets. its obvious that hes really passionate about what he writes about and is pretty well versed in those topics, which is seen through the emotion he delivers the lyrics with the and references in them.

but at the end of the day i think we should just think about this quote from matt "the lyrics give meaning to what the music is already saying"
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Exactly. I wrote that as one of the top reasons why I love Muse, they don't try and be pretentious with fancy-ass lyrics, it's just simple, the words are just another instrument and the music does the talking.
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The lyrics aren't supposed to mean that much.*

*Now go and buy Mansun's Attack of the Grey Lantern. You'll fucking love it.
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