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When you finish recording an album, is there any special thing you always do to celebrate?

(Sorry for my English...)
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Could you do more small gigs (Accessible for money! That Cologne thing last year was cruel.), please? Club concerts are so much better than arena concerts, because it's more about the music than the theatrics.

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Do you really manage to not write any new songs between albums? Or do you write new songs in between, but they end up on the new album? I'm just wondering where the B-sides have gone.
Keeper of: Chris's goals | Eurasia flag | deliciously British pronunciation of 'disaster' in Nature_1 | 1st Muse Lolz thread | Doctor Who-ish sound at the end of Resistance (5:36-40)
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(Matt) Have you considered trying an alternate approach to your songwriting lyrically? For instance perhaps writing a narrative to fit the song? For instance like much of Nick Cave's music. Might be an interesting thing to explore.
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Which rarity do you most enjoy playing?
Manchester Arena 01/11/12
Manchester Etihad Stadium 01/06/13

Manchester Arena 08/04/16
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1) Wasn't The 2nd Law supposed to be your last album with Warner? What happened?

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Do you guys have any music recommendations for your fans?
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Does Dom still keep Lady Gaga's hat?
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How do you feel about playing 6 gigs in a week and how do you see it ? Like, will you play different setlists (i mean, not just 1 or 2 changes..) ?
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Would you even consider doing another elaborate treasure hunt like you did with the USB keys before The Resistance was released? It was fun, and really successful in getting the fans hyped up for the album. If so, what kind of ideas have you considered?
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And @Dee: Is it possible for you to argue/debate/discuss/etc without sounding like you got your cock stuck in a rose bush?
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Were there any songs from Drones that didn't make the album? If there are, will we ever hear them in any way?
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#2 Do you like Industrial-metal genre? I mean do you like bands like Rammstein (Lyrics, Music and their Live shows)?

Cheers heroes! Your old fan from Iran
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Claudia O.
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Hi Matt, Dom, Chris &Morgan!

1) Is there a song(s) you are tired of playing live and/or can't relate to today?

2) Would you do a Jazz-influenced album?
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northern scum
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Question 2: If you set up a basic camera at all gigs to capture the whole set (simple, one angle, no edit recording of the gig) and made the recording available for fans to download, say for 3-5 it might stop people recording at gigs. Would you think this a good idea? Not that much effort for a lot of reward.

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I'm curious to know more about David Bowie visiting you during the recording of Black Holes and Revelations! How did the visit come about, was he a fan of your music, what happened during his visit?

As a side note, it'd be cool to see a Muse tribute to the man on the upcoming arena tour!
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