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Originally Posted by Clunge View Post
Burn this thread.
Pop a Gandalf
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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
OOS didn't come out over there for a fair few years tbf, so PIB was never really the huge song it is most other places. Black Holes and TR were what started to kick them into the US limelight as well so I guess it'd make sense for the crowd to mostly react to stuff from then onwards.
PIB was in Guitar Hero, and some of it's adverts, so a surprising amount of people in the US know it without really knowing anything else from OoS.

I know we like to subscribe to the "Muse got popular in the US with TR and Twilight" theory... but it's repeatedly surprised me the massive, MASSIVE reaction TIRO gets at US gigs, considering it wasn't exactly a big radio hit here or anything.

It's also hard to tell from the videos of it that aren't already blocked, but B&H at Red Rocks, a couple seconds after the song proper starts, the crowd goes mental. "Mental" in the US of course meaning just yelling, but we're not always terribly big on jumping around, and Muse crowds are getting a bit older.
There was also a ton of unprompted clapping along to BH and TaB, and not just from the "usual suspects" in the usual spots.
The US know a hell of a lot more songs than the band will ever give us credit for.
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Oh yeah, no, I was mostly just giving reasons for why that dude's specific crowd might've reacted that way. You can't paint every US crowd with that brush. Obvs PIB's hardly an unknown over there, just not the behemoth classic it is elsewhere through missing that initial wave when it first came out.

Other songs can defo get reactions too (I think B&H is a lot more popular than the band give it credit for everywhere tbh), I just meant that '06/'09 stuff onwards will naturally dominate. Not too dissimilar over here either tbf, those are some of their biggest hits. Just you're more likely to see stuff like Bliss/New Born/Stockholm or even Dead Star/Hyper Music get pretty close to that point as well. That has started to change a smidge the more the band's started to drop some of them though, particularly Stockholm from my experience.
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Recorded reactions are misleading. I remember someone posting that Showbiz got a bigger reaction in Reading than Supermassive, but that was because the audience microphones pick up the first few rows.
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Originally Posted by Kueller917 View Post
Recorded reactions are misleading. I remember someone posting that Showbiz got a bigger reaction in Reading than Supermassive, but that was because the audience microphones pick up the first few rows.
Somehow, the recent stream of the LIB Festival presented this problem, too. During TIRO, for example, the audience sounded literally dead while the images told otherwise. Obviously, it's because it wasn't picked up properly in the recordings.
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Lord Fusspot
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Originally Posted by Kueller917 View Post
Well then I guess it's settled.
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