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I'd just found rock music in general and a friend of mine walked up to me with a portable cd player (remember those things??).

He shoved an earphone in my ear and just said "listen." It was newborn and the riff blew my head apart. I went to his house that same day and listened through all of OoS and then he burnt me a copy. I listened twice then brought the album. This happened 3 weeks before abso was released so I brought that after.

Because of Chris's bass riff on hysteria I took lessons and ended up learning every muse track up until the end of T2L.
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First discovery was when my Dad purchased Origin of Symmetry. Pretty sure he just randomly bought the album from Andy's Records (anyone remember that store?) and said something like, "this band are meant to be good".

Didn't get into them properly (obsessed with them) until their Absolution era though. It influenced me to play guitar, which I suck at now.
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Because God forbid a legitimate opinion question is asked around here.
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I discovered Muse when my brother got Black Holes and Revelations as a birthday present in 2007, I remember the first song I heard was Take A Bow and hearing "you will burn in hell" and just saying to him "these are a cheery bunch!" And then I didn't get into them until late 2011.
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Miss Candied
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Hello! Greetings to all newbies. I came to this site by merely browsing because I want to learn different things, I'm a mom but I'm still curious though. Anyway, I believe this is a great site and I wish we could all have a fresh start and see more new topics soon! Thanks for making me a part of this forum!
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I played lots of Fifa 07 back in the day, liked SMBH(that had a different mix in the game), but never seeked them until I heard Knights on GH3. Flashfoward a few years and here I am.

Also I saw the debut of Uprising on MTV VMA's on 2009(and months later the whole gig on a weekend).

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my friend gave me the song unintended & I liked it and I heard other songs that weren't from showbiz and I didn't like them back then.
what made me a fan was showbiz since i'm already a radiohead fan
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In an AOL chat (1999 or 2000?)

Yep I'm a longtime fan.

I was 17 years old and I was in a music chat room. Someone private messaged me and told me about Showbiz. I was stateside and hadn't ever heard of Muse, so I went to Tower Records to get a copy (old school much?).

And I've been a fan ever since. It was pretty awesome to be listening to them over here in the States before they were big. I'd play Showbiz around friends and they were like, "wtf is this?" Haha. But it was crazy and different and I loved it. And every album Muse has turned out since has captured my interest in a different way. I've been hooked on how they make me examine ideas and music and I'm pretty amazed that they've done so consistently for the past 15 years; I can't say that about many bands at all...I'm one who gets bored easily.

I finally saw them live at Madison Square Garden in 2010! AMAZINGGG.

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when i was younger me and my brother and dad played a lot of guitar hero. i remember assassin was the only song my brother couldnt beat on expert on the guitar (however i can beat it on expert singing). i wish i had gotten into muse at that age but it took up until before t2l was released for me to get into them.

i was watching a radio show and they played time is running out. i had known a bit about muse before this since the radio show hosts love muse a lot. but hearing tiro really just did it for me.

then it came to a really dark time in my life while my parents were getting divorced and i just submerged myself in muse. i remember listening to showbiz and the resistance a lot for some reason and then t2l when it came out (i actually like this album okay). i think it was because i related to a lot of songs on showbiz (*cough cough* escape) and i liked the classical influences on the resistance.

and now its 2015 and ive completely immersed myself in muse again. drones is pretty great. i recently listened to showbiz all the way through again and cried from thinking about all the memories. definitely my favorite muse album for that reason.
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In 2005, an older kid at school gave me a copy of Absolution - got hooked, bought the rest and here I am today!
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Hi! It was last summer when i searched a book to read from the library. I didn' t know what i was looking for. Then i saw Ben Myers Muse book and for some reason i took it. I knew muse but i didn' t really like their music (only heard a few hit songs). From then i had some kind of anarchist period and maybe for that reason the book got my interest.

I started to read it and listened all the songs which Myers mention at time order. i kind of started to like them. But not so much yet. I remember how Myers praise them so much in the book and i was wondering why so much. i listened all their albums and after that find my self praising them a lot for everyone = hooked
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Claudia O.
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I heard Bliss on the radio, and then downloaded Bliss, Falling down and Coma at Napster (when it was free...), then bought OOS and Abso...
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I discovered Muse by hearing "Knights Of Cydonia" on Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock (which is very fitting)
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I discovered Muse really recently, in March. I've always loved music, but I didn't really like the one on the radio... I went on YouTube (like every day ^^) and I saw the Psycho video on the home page. I had already heard about Muse and I listened to this, and then I watched other Muse videos thanks to the suggestions of YouTube ! And I loved them
So I'm a recent fan, but I guess it's gonna last ^^
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Youtube. Just flicking around and came across 'time is running out' followed by 'plug in baby'. I was hooked ever since.
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most useless Muser alive
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Oh danggity. I might as well copypaste from my introduction.

one online music contest from another forum made me know that "Undisclosed Desires" was playing all along in the ads of Elementary (voiced over in Lithuanian channels!), another online music contest on the same forum contained "Uprising", and the latter song is which got me into Muse slightly more. I can also relate to "Panic Station" a lot as THE song that made me love Muse better
hope I made myself clear at least once ever. ^_^

e (2017/09/28): I would also like to thank that one online friend from that second contest because "Uprising" was an entry he sent, also to Watchmojo because I watched their top 10 Muse songs top comprised out of fans' opinions (and it had "New Born" and "Citizen Erased" in honourable mentions along with "Madness" lol) and this was why I started liking "Panic Station" a lot and got stunned by the fact Muse debuted in the 90s and their first album came out after I was born.
Why be such a monster?

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