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Originally Posted by muse s'amuse View Post
Muse songs performed 'live' on network television in the USA
Why do you think they didn't do any television promo at all for Drones in the US?
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Suq Madiq
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Because no one asked them to.

28th September, 2015 - Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo
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Believe Everything
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They did still get a #1 album for the first time in the USA without going on any of them tbf. But still a bit weird that the US has about 504 late night shows and they were booked for none of them, and as noted such a thing may well have helped shift tickets for the tour.
Frequently mistaken for DifferentPerson/Exo-Politik

Muse Shows Attended: 12/11/09 @ The O2 - 11/09/10 @ Wembley Stadium - 28/08/11 @ Reading Festival - 27/10/12 @ The O2 - 18/02/13 @ Shepherd's Bush Empire - 25/05/13 @ Emirates Stadium - 23/03/15 @ Brighton Dome - 12/04/16 @ The O2

Muse Shows Attending: 01/06/19 @ London Stadium
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muse s'amuse
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Muse Albums Ranked by Estimated # of Streams on Spotify which launched in October 2008:

Drones - 190.8 Million Listens
T2L - 261.2 Million Listens
TR - 286.9 Million Listens
BHaR - 245.2 Million Listens
Abso - 152.1 Million Listens
OoS - 108 Million Listens
Showbiz - 47.8 Million Listens

Total: 1.3 Billion*

YouTube global views of Muse videos (official artist and lyric videos plus user/fan uploads) are estimated in the 1.1 billion to 1.7 billion range. YouTube launched in 2005-07.

By comparison, Ed Sheeran's new album ÷ (Divide) had estimated first week global streaming numbers exceeding 635 million (265m on YouTube and 370m on Spotify).

*Does not include streaming numbers from other popular services such as Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, Pandora, Rhapsody, SoundCloud, Napster, and Tidal.
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muse s'amuse
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Muse>Ed Sheeran (in one market at least)

First week sales comparison in France:

Drones 78k - Debut #1
÷ 41k - Debut #2

Muse Trivia: Which B-side is probably the only instance of a Muse track where the majority of the song's performances (6) were in Canada? The other performances took place in the USA (3) and the UK (1).

'Rose-tinted view
And satellites that
Compromise the truth

But I wanted more
With the cuts and the bruises
Touch my face
A hopeless embrace

It drives me away
But it turns me on
Like a stranger's love

It rockets through the universe
It fuels the lies and feeds the curse
Believes we could be glorious...'

Live Performance of this rarity aka DES and Church of the SubGenius in Ottawa in 2004:


Bonus Track on BHaR Japan Edition and US iTunes:


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muse s'amuse
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Muse - The Resistance (Album) - Weeks spent on the album chart in various countries, peak position reached, and sales certification awarded:

France 220 wks, Peak #1, Diamond Certification
Italy 88 wks, #1, 2x Platinum
Belgium Wallonia 85 wks, #1, Platinum
Belgium Flanders 74 wks, #1, Platinum
Netherlands 72 wks, #1, -
UK 67 wks, #1, 2x Platinum
USA 67 wks, #3, Platinum
Switzerland 64 wks, #1, Platinum
Portugal 64 wks, #2, Gold
Germany 51 wks, #1, Platinum
Finland 50 wks, #3, Platinum
Austria 48 wks, #1, Gold
Spain 47 wks, #2, -
Australia 43 wks, #1, Platinum
Ireland 40 wks, #1, Platinum
Denmark 36 wks, #1, Platinum
Mexico 34 wks, #2, Gold
Sweden 32 wks, #8, -
New Zealand 29 wks, #1, Platinum
Norway 19 wks, #1, Gold
Greece 19 wks, -, -
Canada -, #1, Platinum
Russia -, #4, Platinum
Poland -, #15, Gold
Japan -, #11, -

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muse s'amuse
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The three longest charting Muse albums in the UK according to the Official Charts Company:

96 weeks - Black Holes and Revelations - 3x Platinum

85 weeks - Absolution - 3x Platinum

67 weeks - The Resistance - 2x Platinum

Excerpt from Out Of This World - The Story of Muse by Mark Beaumont

"It [Black Holes and Revelations] needed a sleeve of equally epic scope of course and so Storm Thorgerson was called on again, this time coming up with the concept of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse seated around the table on a barren red Martian landscape. Shot in Spain, half a mile from the Spanish Air Force's prime bombing test area, Storm represented the Horsemen by different coloured horses on the table in front of them, far too small for the Horsemen to ride, to signify that the sins of the riders had far outgrown their steeds. The pale horse represented death, the red one was war, the black horse was famine, and the white one was that of the Antichrist, and the Horsemen each wore a suit representing an ailment of humanity. For these, Storm envisioned a very modern Apocalypse, with the four Horsemen standing for greed, paranoia, religious intolerance, and narcissism; you'll note that greed has more horses than the others."

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muse s'amuse
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Muse and Beatles trivia

Most career club venue performances:

Muse - 14+ at the Cavern Club (Exeter) including Battle of the Bands

The Beatles - 292 at the Cavern Club (Liverpool)

First performance in Germany:

Muse - Logo Club (Hamburg) - 19 January 1999

The Beatles - Indra Club (Hamburg) - 17 August 1960

# of Gigs at the Kaiserkeller/Grosse Freiheit 36 in Hamburg:

Muse - 5 (1999-2003)

The Beatles - 56 (1960)

Ray Charles song performed by The Beatles multiple times in Hamburg in 1961 and by Matt Bellamy at the Teignmouth Community College in 1991:

'What'd I Say'

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muse s'amuse
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Muse Stats 2017 Updates

Spotify Most Listeners by City Rankings

1. Mexico City
2. London
3. São Paulo
4. Santiago
5. Los Angeles
6. Madrid
7. Paris

YouTube Most Views by City Rankings


Los Angeles
New York City
San Francisco
Washington, DC
Las Vegas





Россия (Rossiya):

Москва (Moskva)
Санкт-Петербург (Sankt-Peterburg)

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muse s'amuse
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# of Muse shows played in the following cities which will be hosting UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final matches in April 2017:

15 Munich (includes festival gig at Neubiberg in 1999)
15 Madrid (includes 4 TV/Radio studio performances)
7 Leicester
6 Barcelona
5 Torino
1 Dortmund
1 Monaco

Teams: Bayern München, Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid CF, Leicester City, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, and AS Monaco

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Lollapalooza 2017 Lineup:

Of the 170+ acts scheduled to perform at this year's festival at Chicago's Grant Park on August 3-6 drawing an estimated 400,000 music fans over the four days:

The artists winning the most career GRAMMY Awards

3 Chance the Rapper (Best New Artist/Rap Album/Rap Performance 2017)
2 Muse (Best Rock Albums 2016/2011)
2 Lorde (Song of the Year/Best Pop Solo Performance 2014)
1 Arcade Fire (Album of the Year 2011)
1 Cage the Elephant (Best Rock Album 2017)

The artists with the most No. 1 songs on the Billboard Alternative Rock Songs airplay chart

7 Cage the Elephant
4 Muse
3 Blink-182
3 Live
2 Liam Gallagher (w/Oasis)
1 The Killers
1 Lorde
1 Rag'n'Bone Man
1 Vance Joy
1 Foster the People
1 Grouplove
1 Capital Cities
1 The Head and the Heart
1 Kaleo
1 Milky Chance

The artists with the most no. 1 songs on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay chart

4 The Pretty Reckless
1 Royal Blood
1 Highly Suspect

Note: Perry Farrell, the co-founder of Lollapalooza, has a total of 3 songs with Jane's Addiction and 1 with Porno for Pyros which have topped the Billboard Alternative Songs/Modern Rock airplay chart.

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Longest Charting Muse Titles on the UK Official Rock & Metal Albums/Singles Top 40 Charts (as of March 2017):


391 weeks - Origin of Symmetry
386 weeks - Absolution
346 weeks - Black Holes & Revelations
145 weeks - The Resistance
95 weeks - Showbiz
80 weeks - HAARP
72 weeks - The 2nd Law
71 weeks - Drones
7 weeks - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium
0 weeks - Hullabaloo

Longest Charting Rock Artist (Non-Muse) Albums

1026 weeks - Nevermind by Nirvana
803 weeks - Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses
707 weeks - Metallica by Metallica
661 weeks - Greatest Hits by Guns N' Roses
657 weeks - Rage Against the Machine by RATM
630 weeks - Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park
527 weeks - American Idiot by Green Day
521 weeks - Unplugged in New York by Nirvana
413 weeks - Back in Black by AC/DC
384 weeks - Crossroad by Bon Jovi
382 weeks - Greatest Hits by Foo Fighters
378 weeks - Ten by Pearl Jam
350 weeks - Mothership by Led Zeppelin
340 weeks - The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
334 weeks - Dookie by Green Day
334 weeks - Nirvana by Nirvana
303 weeks - Meteora by Linkin Park
269 weeks - Blood Sugar Sex Majik by Red Hot Chili Peppers
235 weeks - Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd


373 weeks - Supermassive Black Hole
227 weeks - Starlight
226 weeks - Feeling Good
145 weeks - Knights of Cydonia
44 weeks - Undisclosed Desires
41 weeks - Resistance
37 weeks - Psycho
23 weeks - Time Is Running Out

Note: Uprising and Madness did spend 25 weeks and 11 weeks, respectively, on the official UK Top 100 pop singles chart but were inexplicably excluded from entering the Rock & Metal genre singles chart.

Longest Charting Rock Artist (Non-Muse) Singles

524 weeks - Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
483 weeks - Basket Case by Green Day
477 weeks - Rockstar by Nickelback
468 weeks - Numb by Linkin Park
435 weeks - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
432 weeks - Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses
432 weeks - Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
432 weeks - Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
429 weeks - Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
425 weeks - Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day
403 weeks - Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
389 weeks - Paradise City by Guns N' Roses
359 weeks - American Idiot by Green Day
362 weeks - Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
352 weeks - Enter Sandman by Metallica
346 weeks - Best Of You by Foo Fighters


Source: Official Charts Company

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muse s'amuse
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Recent Praise from Two Notable Artists:

tylerrjoseph of twenty øne piløts posting on Instagram:

'i've learned a lot from this guy [Matt Bellamy] and he never even knew it. first time meeting him and we seamlessly rolled in to a discussion about in-ear monitors, floor wedges, and mic stand preferences. this was the best photo we got. the other ones we had our heads really close together for some reason. like, almost touching. i don't know why we did that.'


Cumulative weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs airplay chart:

45 Muse (Madness 19; Uprising 17; Dead Inside 5; and Resistance 4)
30 twenty øne piløts (Stressed Out 12; Heathens 11; and Ride 7)

Top Global Artists of 2016:

6. twenty øne piløts

Top Global Songs of 2016 (based on SPS):

10. Stressed Out, twenty øne piløts

Top Global Albums of 2016 (based on Pure Sales):

8. Blurryface, twenty øne piløts

Source: IFPI Global Music Report 2017

Blondie’s Debbie Harry: ‘I wish I’d written a Muse song’

[NME] asked frontwoman Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein which song by another artist they wished they’d written.

'Something from Muse I guess,' Harry told NME. 'They have a marvellous sound that’s so distinctive, and beautiful songs.'


No. of career charting songs on the UK Official Singles charts:

23 Blondie (Including six No. 1 songs and six remixes of previously released singles)

40 Muse (Including 29 songs which charted in the Top 100, 5 additional songs which charted in the Top 200, and 6 songs from BH&R which appeared on the Top 200 Track Downloads chart during 2006-07)

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¡Vamos España!

Muse Gigs in Spain (2000-2016): Total of 27

By Region:

Madrid 11 (5 Palacio de Deportes; 1 Estadio Vicente Calderon; 1 Palacio Vistalegre; 1 Salah Arena; 2 clubs; and 1 festival)
Catalonia 6 (Barcelona) including 1 stadium show and 2 arena gigs
Basque Country 3 (Bilbao, San Sebastian)
Valencia 3 (Benicassim Festival)
Galicia 2 (Santiago de Compostela)
Andalusia 1 (Granada)
Asturias 1 (Llanera) - First Muse show in Spain in July 2000

Total Attendance: > 225k at concerts in 2 stadiums, 12 arenas and 5 clubs and > 200k at 8 festival concerts

Longest charting Muse singles and albums in Spain:

7 weeks - Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) - Peak #26

57 weeks - The 2nd Law - Peak #2
50 weeks - Drones - Peak #3
47 weeks - The Resistance - Peak #2

Real Madrid vs. Muse - Matches/Gigs attended by muse s'amuse

Real Madrid CF 11:10 Muse

Muse will draw level with RM when I attend Lollapalooza in Chicago in August 2017. Last month I saw Cristiano Ronaldo score a hat trick vs. Bayern Munich in the UEFA CL match at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid and Lionel Messi score a brace against RM in the La Liga El Clasico match at the same venue.


Hollywood Oscar-winning actress and soccer mom Julia Roberts was spotted at the RM-Barca match and took pics with some of the players after the game. She was also at Old Trafford to watch a Manchester United match last year.

Matt recently attended an LA Galaxy match at StubHub field and several years ago went to Stamford Bridge to cheer on Chelsea. Chris is a supporter of the Rotherham Millers and last year was at the Bernabeu to watch the Real Madrid vs. Manchester City UCL semi-final second leg match.

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muse s'amuse
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Drones has re-entered the France Top 200 Albums Physiques chart the past two weeks according to SNEP:

#183 Week ending 4 May 2017
#127 Week ending 11 May 2017

Prior to the re-appearancce this month, the album's last appearance (67th week) on the French album physical (CD+Vinyl) sales chart was in September 2016.

Billboard US Alternative Songs chart history:

Muse have spent a total of 377 (and counting) charted weeks on this list with a total of 17 songs, 13 of which have hit the Top 10 and spent 20 weeks or longer on the Top 40 tally. 'Uprising' has spent the longest (53 weeks) time on the chart and 'Psycho' the shortest (1 week).

During the 2010s, songs from the following bands have spent the longest cumulative weeks at the Alternative Songs chart summit:

37 weeks - The Black Keys
30 weeks - Muse*
30 weeks - twenty one pilots
30 weeks - Cage the Elephant
29 weeks - Foo Fighters
26 weeks - Imagine Dragons

*'Uprising' logged an additional 15 weeks at the top in the latter half of 2009.

Sunday Times Rich List for 2017: Notable UK Musicians Aged 40 or Under

£125m Adele
£120m Calvin Harris
£102m Chris Martin (£90m each for Jonny, Guy and Will)
£52m Ed Sheeran
£40m Harry Styles (Same for Niall, Liam and Louis; £35m for Zayn)
£30m MJB (£25m each for DJH and CTW)*

*Estimates based on Forbes' annual Celebrity 100 earnings lists from 2011-2016. Also, the GBP has depreciated about 10% since the Brexit vote in June 2016 and many artists own USD assets such as real estate.

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christianzaheri boo , long live madness! , panicstation8400 boo , still madness------ , we <3 muse s'amuse!

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