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Does Anyone Else Get Hate For Liking Muse?

I've been getting so much hate at school right now for being a Muse fan, from friends and chavs alike! Does anyone else experience this at school, home, college, work etc. ?

How can there be so much Muse hate around at the moment from people who have never even heard their music? Just wondering if I'm alone...

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No I do too, but you're going to get hate for any band you might like.

I'n the words of the Offspring: "It's cool to hate"

PS. I quite dislike the offspring but my brother is obsessed -.-' and that song was just on about a min ago
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People are rude. They don't care what band you might like. My friend absolutely hates them, but has only listened to Uprising and SMBH.
She would love them if she had a more open mind. She likes just about anything (Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, etc.) and the only reason why she hates them is because "The lead singer sings like a girl."
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My coworker likes to slag me off for liking Muse so much, but it's more to do with him teasing me about something than him hating Muse.

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most times people hate it just to get a reaction.

but if people want to listen to crap music, i won't stop them because at least i have some good music. besides, you've got the board if you want to scream/rave about muse awesomeness.

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haha yeah I do all the time from my friends but it dosent really bother me so much - I get most of the bad comments from my friends who like brokencyde... Oh dear me!
Originally Posted by CharlotteC94 View Post
and I'm sorry to do this but... It's charv mate! Sorry.

Shut up and let me see your jazz-hands!
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God yes. I get so much abuse for them being so 'emo ' . Most of my mates don't even bother listening to them, they just hate on them to piss me off, but I have managed to convert one of them (from Radiohead, lol).

Victory Fanfare!
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Originally Posted by notyounaanbread View Post

and I'm sorry to do this but... It's charv mate! Sorry.
i think its either chav or charv, depending on where you come from.

ontopic/ yeah but theres always someone who hates what youre into, so it dosnt matter really.
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Originally Posted by malice-illyria;
i think its either chav or charv, depending on where you come from
ahh but the word comes from
Newcastle! It's charv up here... Sorry for going on a rant!

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Not at all, tbh. I don't know anyone that outright dislikes Muse. People that are disinterested, yes, but not like "OMG MUSE SUCKK" and stuff like.
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I was wearing Muse shirts everyday I could before the concerts I went to, and people were like "Okay, do you own any shirts besides Muse shirts?"

And then these same people went into long rants about how Matt's voice sucks and how their music sucks and everything.

I get all sorts of grief for liking Muse.
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Half of my friends I converted to Muse obsessors, the other half I converted to haters.

At school in general though, when I'm wearing my muse shirt people are usually pretty complimentary, "hey man, awesome band" or "they're pretty damn good".

Then I say "wait until you've seen what they do live!"
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Does self-loathing count?

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Nah. There aren't really haters, except for this one kid who only listened to SMBH and Uprising, but he hasn't really bugged me about it except one time. There's a couple of Muse fans at my school, and most of the time people are busy hating against the (sadly, somewhat numerous) Justin Beaver fans.
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But I hope I'll know people who know them once I get to university this september. Then I can form a Muse-club if it doesn't already exist!! whoopeee!

I wouldn't mind getting hated on, though haha. Muse is fowevah.
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