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Join Date: 14 April 2011
Location: Belarus
I write poems, but unfortunately they are in Russian. Today I have translated one into English and want to share with you. Sorry for the absence of the rhythm, it's difficult to translate. I think the words, the sense are more important.

Around me shades flash
And dim light of passing by headlights.
I don't live. I'm doubtful.
Around me so much loving couples are...

And I'm alone in this soulless world
Among the crowd of cold eyes.
I will be dissolved in a bloody feast
Among the stupid, broken phrases.

Dreams of happiness are so trite.
There's no freedom. Everywhere is fear.
The hope and faith in us are killed.
After us only ashes will remain.

We stir these remains with ashes,
With a cheap smoke of cigarets.
We live only with a pale, gloomy light inside.
Or we do not live? – We don't exist?...

After all who we are? Only flesh and bones,
And a light inside the soul.
And it burns – burns with a malice!
We aren't able to suppress it...

In vain we trust each other.
The lie is all. You are anything.
To be someone's friend is a torture.
The beautiful has left us.

We couldn't notice stars in the sky,
The small river murmur grates upon the ears.
Mountains of money are important only –
Around them we are flying like wasps around jam.

What for to live? To be the goods –
For opium we've change our lives.
We are indulging nightmares.
And falling silent in gloom dark funeral feast.

To forget about everything is only one choice;
Not to be yourself – someone else.
To break off all connections with an external world.
To disappear from the sinful, malicious earth.
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Zala Russe
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Join Date: 13 September 2010
Black holes and revelations

She is drawn to the Darkness
While others run, She embraces its iciness
Cold touch of death’s finger
As I observe Her and shake the glass
Of Her cosmic case
Send snow flurries across
Her blackened permafrost sky
I stroke and savour its smoothness
As silky and sensuous as sin
Her nucleic acid burns
Entombed, She may never escape
In velvet thrall She is embalmed

Forever revolving upon the axis
Of Her supermassive ego
While lesser ones bow to her prescence
Illusory freedom behind the walls
In the cell of her cryogenic interment
Drawn down by the gravity of her own vanity
Whirling silently past the screen
Such perfection forever encased in amber
Fossilised beauty always
Spiralling in the sterility of her cell
Calling starship sailors to their death
Beckoning us to our doom

Oh how we longed to see Her fall
Burned our ears with her poetry and songs
Going ever in concentric circles
Deeper and darker and down
Every day She grows stronger
Cyberkinetic shrinking smaller
Heavy matter compressed
Vortex of matter drawn inward
Till concentrated mass of carbon
Atoms crushed under fusion fission
Pressurised to the laser facets of a diamond
Collapse under the weight of our hate for Her
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Join Date: 13 December 2010
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
You inspire me Matthew Bellamy!

Muser's Love Story

As soon you make your next Escape somewhere in the United States of Eurasia, I'm falling into Coma. And it seems that Time is Running Out, and Blackout come to me immediately, and I see Dark Shines instead of Starlight, and Shrinking Universe sucked into Supermassive Black Hole, and I want to scream Apocalypse Please, and in this moment I feel that my Hysteria go on so Endlessly, and my heart is broken into Micro Cuts, and no one can help me, even Knights of Cydonia. Because my Map of the Problematique lost somewhere in Muscles Museum In Your World. And I never find it without Map of Your Head, and I know it is Overdue. But like Screeneger, which has just one problem - Megalomania, I still wait for Neutron Star Collision because Love Is Forever. And I'm screaming Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. And I want Falling Away with You so much! But now I'm just Falling Down. And Space Dementia consumes everything. But I Belong to You and I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, because only you are my Shine. I say if you want to be forgiven Take a Bow and you answer me Yes, Please. And though you Eternally Missed and like Sunburn Jimmy Kane, you finally wakes up Con-Science and you say me that Cross Pollination is not MK Ultra, but Futurism. And it's just Showbiz and only I'm Uno for you and together we'll Invincible. If to say honestly you are my Fury Assassin. But to die in your arms is Bliss for me, because it's the way for Redemption. When you touch me I feel Butterflies And Hurricanes. But I understand that all my feeling is just Stockholm Syndrome that The Small Print prevent about it. Do We Need This? - I ask myself and feel not Ashamed but Crying Shame that in the fact looks like The Groove, even more like Spiral Static because Nature_1 leads us. And Ruled by Secrecy, Soaked and Sober we hide into Cave, that is forgotten by Host. We are Citizen Erased in this City of Delusion, where Hyper Hondriac Music sounds and it's the part of Exo-Politics. But we don't care about it. We listens only Hyper Music and we're Feeling Good, because Hoodoo streak is over in our relationship. You say me Hate This And I Love You and I now that it's Easily like Fillip. Time has come to make Recess in our Resistance, because this Uprising is not Unnatural Selection and even not Undisclosed Desires but just Thought Of A Dying Atheist, which sing Soldier's Poem, considering it like Sing For Absolution, which actually is Overture. At this moment I'm your Plug In Baby and you're my Unintended. And we're pure like New Born, because we're found our Guiding Light at last. Glorious!!!
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Chocolate E. Clare
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Join Date: 02 February 2010
When I met you, you were mad
The wide-eyed child
With patchwork clothes and hair like roses

To them you were mad too
And they wanted to make you sane
And did it with harsh words

You sob, drowned by the air
Heavy gasps rattling in your throat, echoing
No one to catch the sound

And when they do they throw it back
And it hits hard, stinging, biting the skin
A snowball full of pebbles
Distasteful mimicry shouted in your ears

Wide eyes turn blank
Clouded and dead, you’re only sleepwalking
You sigh until you fall silent
And end not with a bang, but with a whimper

I've got a tumblr where I post various (normally rubbish) things that I've written
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Location: letchworth garden city herts
Age: 45
I love poetry, but i think the best poetry comes from the heart, and John Keats, had this rare god given talent,where he could definatly express love and nature to perfection.
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I LOVE Keats as well This is my inspiration from reading KEATS
I watched a romantic movie called Bright Star about the love between John Keats and Fanny Brawne. He only lived to be 25 (died of TB) and never married the love of his life. It made me go back and read some of his love poems; my favorite being “When I Have Fears that I may Cease to Be.” I love to teach this to my students every spring when we start our unit on Romantic Poets. Reading his poetry inspired me to write a sonnet. I know sonnets are a thing of the past, but I like to challenge myself every once in a while to change my traditional form of poetry writing to fit a different mold. I guess I’m a bit cliched, but what the h***!

To Inexperience

Anger can ignite young passion’s flame

Spreading confusion with its power

Glowing rich in colors through its blame

Calculating plans at every hour.

Revenge is but a seed waiting to grow

It takes root and stretches across the heart

It blinds the mind and occupies the soul

Stopping up forgiveness before it starts.

Regret can weigh heavy on one’s life

When words reveal failings of the mind

Passing time may heal surface strife

But sorrow fills the emptiness inside.

So when in passion these three gain the upper hand

Think before you act and let compassion take command.
"Shame on you for thinking you're an exception. We're all to blame."-Dead Star
"Leave me alone. It's nothing serious."-Cave
"I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted."-Our Time is Running Out

keeper of:

Matt saying, "We should change muse.mu to citizenerased.com" at LCCC 2010
Matt saying, "We know you guys are the real fans." at Wembley 9/11/2010
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Join Date: 16 March 2011
Love and Roses are the same,
The wise now realise,
Patience is really the game,
Everybody hurrys it,
But what's the rush,
Leave love to grow,
Grow into something lush,
The rose is exactly alike,
Hurrying makes it gritty,
It dies all of a sudden,
But leave it to make it pretty,
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That Little Animal
Sexiest Male Muser of 2006 & 2005
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Age: 36
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Newlyweds, strolling the night
Confronted with a sudden fright
Their reckless joy replaced with fear
A voice, a man, a gun appear

Hand your cash to me kind sir
Or else I have to widow her
Please don't widow her, he said
Don't hurt my wife, kill me instead
Originally Posted by Museaddict74 View Post
I was screaming my happiness to see the band coming in front of me.
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Crazy welsh muser
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Twisted Romantiq

my love for you is not but new
the everlasting emotive hue
a rose within my heart of thornes
unto you forever i mourne
i victim of circumstance
guilty of a missed chance
still i cry
i don't know why
my feelings have not quite changed
but the attraction is gone

i can't escape the everlasting
the pull of twisted romance attracting
you are the warmth in my cold heart
but this love will tear us a part

you make me whole yet tear me up
complete my soul and break my spirit

what twisted road fate has paved
a romantic stone hath become engraved
the ghost of hate the ghost of love
a phantom of peace a gift from above

i burn alive yet none can know
a predicament finale my time to go
my time to leave these feelings aside
my time to take it in my stride
to rise above my selfish desire
to extinguish this romantic fire
for a companion to cherish and a friendship to last
i will bury my feelings of past...

Originally Posted by Sippe View Post
I think I love you.
Originally Posted by Dee3Dee View Post
I think it's amazing how Matt managed to turn cheese into beef. He must be the second coming of Jesus.

Keeper of:
'its our last chance to forgive ourselves'; 'eura sia! sia! sia! sia!'; USoE from teignmouth 5th september;
matt's: guitar strings, red and black coat from q mag cover and iphone;
chris' cowboy hat and doms copy of the resistance from the twitpic
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east coast steve
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Join Date: 10 August 2004

What do you believe?

What gets you through jet black days
and starless nights?

What quiets your fears when
chaos rages in your ears
and drowns out your world?

Will you put your fate in the hands of a god
you’ve never met,
and cross your fingers as you take your last breath,
hoping you’ve made the right choice?

Not me baby.

Ice cold beers will quench my fiery demons,
and a white hot piece of ass
will warm me on death’s bed.

I will walk my crooked path
strong and unafraid,
knowing that the weakest souls
and strongest structures will all
return to earth.

I will join them one day,

but if you are reading these words,
I will not be

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east coast steve
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Join Date: 10 August 2004
longan suggested I post these here...hope they click for some of you.


I can feel the
in her subtle movements.
Hear the
beneath her smoky whispers.
See the
behind her ivory smile.

I can not look away,

Blackness wrapped in purest silk.
Skin, smooth like bullet proof glass
that warms to my touch.

She knows my

I’ve chosen my poison,
and drink deep

No regrets.
No turning back.
Only desire

Until the end
of my

The Well

When the words won’t come
most guys stare at a blank page and wait for it to happen.

There’s no inspiration on an empty page for me.

But the hands that hold the pen and pad are my salvation.

Worn and scarred.
Days of dirt, and nights of blood.

Dipped in oceans
and calloused by fire.

Smooth against the small of her back
or clenched tight
on her ass.

First to fight, and aching to create,
they speak to me in the


Are there colors that we fail to see?
Hidden in the dark places,
shadows in our minds.

and all their spawn
fill the world.

But is that all there is?

I hope not.

Others have used this palette for far too long,
and while beautiful things have been created,
I am bored with society’s rainbow.

Give me a chance to bleach it from the sky,
and I will paint in hues
that have yet to see the sun.

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Just threw this one together, the rhythm I wrote it to made sense but I think it could easily be lost in translation.


Well, hello, sir
Would you like me to sing to you?
No? A dance perhaps?
Well, I'd need a cane and my fine top hat
And I hope you can find a suit to fit my crooked back

"The truth!", they ask, "The truth!"
Well I hope you know it comes packaged with a slight injection of rage
But I can't help but notice that I appear to be a dog
Locked in a rather ill-fitting cage
Grease stricken
Left for scrap-pickin's

Well, you scrape my bars everyday and come begging for more
Oh, don't you think it's sad when a dog feels like a whore?
But I guess I missed the fine print when I became a performer
The little bit that warned me I'd be trapped in a corner
But I suppose you're not a dog and we're not on the same page
When I'm stuck in this straw floor, rat-riddled, claustrophobic, sleep robbing, piss-flooded, god-forsaken cage

Jolly, I know
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Princess of Promise
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Short story. I've been told this girl needs to grow a pair or something, but it was just something that jumped out of my head onto paper onto the computer
Originally Posted by futurophy View Post
It's like going to a car dealership for condoms. You will wait a long time, not many people will come in and it will be awkward
(get my loveboat to 10k. i don't care how you do it just...dO IT please)

sunburn, gloriousassassin, darkshines, 22.02.2013, this photo
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Chocolate E. Clare
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I already feel the autumn
In the dog days of summer
Red round berries like tiny hearts sprout on the trees
Tasting sour
I don’t think you’re supposed to eat them.

The hot and foggy, close and clammy air
Is blown away, and now it’s cool and sweet
And smells of bonfires

I dig out scarves from the bottom of my wardrobe
Musty around my neck as I walk through tunnels of fire-orange and weak sunlight
Until it rains leaves, it snows leaves
That build up in drifts by the side of the road
And rot and mulch and smell like change

The ghosts
Seem closer in autumn.
They stalk behind the trees, in darkened passageways
In grey curling bonfire smoke and breath from lungs on early mornings
Their voices carry on the wind
And their claws bite ears red

We scare them away
With faces cut in orange fruit
And orange candles flickering inside
And hide ourselves as one of them
Under sheets and black and white and orange
For one day every year

Or maybe the flickering orange faces
Are used to call them back
Lights to guide what we have lost
Back into the party
Nobody remembers anymore.

We fall back into winter
The warm-cold of autumn replaced by biting chill
But in the last few blue-dark nights
When the light fades outside viewed from the warmth behind yellow windows.
The last few leaves crunch and squelch underfoot
Ending the best and strangest of seasons.

more of the same here, mainly poems and short stories and stuff
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Princess of Promise
♫ if i've got yoouuuu ♫
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Clare: I am suddenly in love with that poem. <3

So today was my first REAL, non-school related attempt at poetry. It's meant to be read by two people.

Who is he?
The one who haunts my dreams?
The one who keeps me fast asleep?
Who is he?

Who is he?
The one I pass by every day?
The one I try to get to look my way?
Who is he?

Who is she?
The one who tries to walk by my side?
The one whose smile goes far and wide?
Who is she?

Who is she?
The one who I see day and night?
The one I cannot keep out of my sight?
Who is she?

I feel that (s)he cannot see me,
Yet (s)he is right in front of me.

I am her,
And he is me.
Originally Posted by futurophy View Post
It's like going to a car dealership for condoms. You will wait a long time, not many people will come in and it will be awkward
(get my loveboat to 10k. i don't care how you do it just...dO IT please)

sunburn, gloriousassassin, darkshines, 22.02.2013, this photo
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