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What was the toggle switch on the original animato identified as? I recall some sort of incredibly subtle upper octave effect?

I've attempted translating the manual again (with little success) and it seems like they're saying the right setting (highlighted with a dotted line in the manual) is basically a high boost?

And the description:

It is a distortion with a very comfortable rod. Animate is wild and smooth. In other words, it seems that the variable range is very wide and it can adapt to many songs. However, it is not a high hurdle. The highest hurdle is whether the beauty and attack of the tone will come out firmly. What kind of distortion is it? That will be the subject of the most interest. In short it is comfortable and summarized by not getting tired. Usually, the rat (OLD) called distortion has good distortion but the tone becomes thin. Also, animate is completely unrelated to muddy distortion seen in many things, distortion which Gusa and collapsed hearing, these things do not. Of course, these things have their own power in points that have unique things. Animate is no if it is asked whether it is unique but this tone can be said to be the ideal distortion sound for me. The variable range is wide, attack comes on and reacts reliably to the guitar's volume. If you change to Smooth Taper Volume, you can have a smoother intonation. Distortion Even if it is used at full throttle, the texture and contour are not lost while providing metallic but provide distortion with pitch without borrowing the power of the amplifier.
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