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Not a perfect set but I really enjoyed playing along to this on guitar when I had some free time this weekend.

The Dark Side
{Drill Sergeant} Psycho
{Interlude} Hysteria {Back In Black Riff}
Thought Contagion
Map of the Problematique {Who Knows Who Riff}
Muscle Museum
The Groove
New Born {Microphone Fiend Riff}
Dead Star -> Yes Please -> Agitated

Assassin {ext.}
Stockholm Syndrome {Township Rebellion Riff + Execution Commentary Riff}
Knights of Cydonia
Allphones Arena, Sydney 10/12/2010
Allphones Arena, Sydney 13/12/2013
Shepherds Bush Empire, London 19/08/2017
Reading Festival, Reading 27/08/2017
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney 16/12/2017
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